Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a safe, healthy and a very happy new year! If you're staying in tonight with the one you love I hope you do what I do! Hopefully I will be able to contribute more in the up-coming year. I really feel the need for self expression more than anything. I'm still toying with a fiction series that I think about when my head hits the pillow at night. In the mean time I love you all......kisses......Rita!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OMG! Today Is The First Day Of Winter!

I think it's going to be a bad one......hope I'm wrong!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fashback: Realization!

I had just turned fifteen. I remember it was a warm spring evening. Friday night. My mom had just left for work and Denise was away at school. At this time I was, of course, dressing as the girl I felt I was in front of my family with not a second thought but what they didn't know was what I got myself up to when I had the house to myself for the night. Dressing in my "age appropriate attire" was fine but I wanted much more. Like any other transvestite I also had my secret stash that I kept hidden. At this time I was just awaking to the fact that I was seriously smitten with my boyhood friend and neighbor Danny. My fantasies always involved him. I saw myself as a sensual beauty dressed in the sexiest of lingerie and my most alluring makeup hoping to attract his eye. Therefore, on this night, I began my preparations to turn myself into a sex goddess. I began with a nice warm bubble bath with scented jasmine crystals. I could feel the femininity soaking into my body with every passing second. Gliding a pink razor over my legs as I stared at my red polished little toenails. After rinsing off and patting myself dry I slipped into a long satin dressing gown that belonged to mom. I glided into my sisters room where I had lain out my makeup at her vanity. For the next hour I was in another world as I slowly transformed my slightly boyish face into a picture of sensual beauty. I practiced alot back in those days. After slipping on my long brunette wig and brushing it out I applied my stick-on nail extensions polished to match my toe nails. I opened the little trunk that held my secrets a strapped myself into a sexy lacy bustier, adorned my smooth legs in nylon stockings and slipped my little feet into my 5 inch spiked heels. My clitty was throbbing and oozing as I was thinking about my lover. I added earrings and picked up my lipstick. As I slowly made up my lips to a creamy red perfection I felt a tingling in my tummy. Without even touching "little Rita" she began to spurt out her cream. That was the first time that had ever happened. It was a true feminine orgasm. I just leaned back and let it flow over me. When I caught my breath I stared into the mirror twirling a lock of hair in my long nailed finger. It was at that moment that it really hit me. I was a young girl destined to grow into a woman. I felt like a woman. I was a woman and I needed a man. Danny was going to be that man and I would make damn sure of it. I felt so mature at that moment. I wasn't a fifteen year old boy that night. I was a mature, beautiful and sexually aroused woman. I put on a slinky black cocktail dress and went down and poured myself a glass of wine. I had just started sneaking my mom's cigarettes and taking them and the wine I left the safety of my house and steeped out into the night air. This was also a first. I sat at our patio table and crossed my legs at the knee feeling the cool breeze blow up my dress. I could see Danny's house next door. Suddenly the back porch light came on and he emerged from the house. I was frozen in place. He was just probably taking out the trash because as quick as he came out he went right back in. He never saw me although if he had just turned his head he was sure to see a young woman sitting outside across the fence. That young woman was me. The same woman that earlier that day walked home from school with him although at the time she was wearing jeans a sweatshirt and sneakers. I remained outside for about an hour prying he would come out again and see me. It never happened. That night in bed I fantisised that it did and that we made passionate love through the night. I realized that I truely was that woman. Well it all sort of worked out but you know that! Kisses.......Rita.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...And Don't Call Me Shirley!

I was taking a short business trip and was out of touch with what was going on. I drive a lot instead of flying. (Boston) sorry to hear about his passing. He made us laugh. I think I'll hit a local Blockbuster tonight. See you soon....kisses!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here Again!

The weather outside is frightful. Cloudy, and dank..chilly. I'm looking forward to another Christmas Eve with Monica's family. It's always been tradition since I first wrote about it in a previous post. After eight years of this gathering...(people coming ...people going)...Nona decided that I would be "chef". She is very frail now but still in control. She sits with her glass of Gavi and conducts me like an orchestra. I really fear she will not be with us much longer but I treasure what she has taught me and I will pass it on in the tradition of a true chef. Just a thought on a cold rainy night. Kisses...Rita

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have plenty to be thankful for this year. I know I do. As you can quite imagine this is a very busy time. (Just when isn't it?) I've cut way back this year and I'm only preparing dinner for ten people. That's my smallest holiday get together ever. It should be fun with just me, Danny and the girls along with both Laura's and Chrissie's boyfriends. (Oh yes Chrissie is dating now....she all growed up!) Anyway, make the day special however you can!.....Kisses....Rita

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Date To Remember!

An important day for us to reflect and treasure those who came before us.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


The next full update should be coming real soon. Probably on Monday, November 15th. I was planning on doing one today but I just had too many other things to get done. If I can't put my full attention to it I just won't do it. Just so you is important....but as I've stated previously...I'm basically writing for myself and a few select followers who bother to comment. I'm not sure yet what I'll be writing but I think I will continue with my immediate close group of friends. Probably Stephanie. I'll get around to all of them eventually. If you want more detail on any of the others then just let me know. If my tone sounds kind of is! Not in a very good mood today. I feel better when I write and I feel much better when I know my work is appreciated!! Yes I can be a Bitch! Kisses.....Rita!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Globe!

I recently added an ap (! is that what it is!) to my blog that lets me know where my hits are coming from. It seems to be popular so if you are checking me out at least say HELLO!!!! Let's try to at least come together as a world community! (Thru me!)......Kisses...Rita

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have A Happy Halloween!

It's a little early I do admit but it may be the only chance I get. I hope you are all doing something exciting this year and plan on dressing up in a pretty or sexy little outfit. Laura, Monica, Stephanie, Stacy and, for the first year, Chrissy and I will be hosting a get together. I'll fill you in on everything early next month! In case you are wondering Chrissy turned 21 last August. Kisses....Rita.

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Electric!

Earlier this summer the girls and I were lounging in the hot tub wearing our skimpy bikinis. It was cramped but comfortable. Laura brought up the idea to get a bigger one so we'd have more room to play with each other. I thought that would be a good idea so Laura and I agreed to pool some of our commissions and do it. We figured we could save a bundle by installing it ourselves. And by "ourselves" we meant Danny would do the actual work. I would see to it that he would be well compensated for his efforts. We hadn't had many opportunities to be together at that time due to conflicting work schedules. I was feeling sort of neglected in the sex department. Oh, not that the fun I had with the girls wasn't always a blast. It certainly was. I just missed having his big cock hammering away at my pussy. A few weeks later a large crate was sitting on our back patio with our new tub. Danny arranged some vacation time and I rearranged a few things so we could spend most of the week together all alone. Laura was going to a conference in Atlanta. I planned on making alot of my man's fantasies come to well as some of my own!!

The night before Danny came to the house I made my plans. I would be his sex slave for the week wearing the prettiest and skimpiest clothes I owned. I had just had my hair done by Stacy and it looked golden and gorgeous. My nails were also done to perfection. Long and shiny red! As I sat before my vanity brushing out my locks I just couldn't help admiring the woman I had become. (I guess they don't call it a vanity for nothing!) I cupped my breasts tweaking my puffy nipples with my nails. They felt so sensitive. I dreamed of having Danny take each nipple in turn and suck on them. I was tempted to relieve the tension in my clitty which was tenting out my panties but decided to save all my cummies for my man. Instead I took a soothing bubble bath and went to bed early. In the morning I showered, douched and dressed very casually in a pair of shorty shorts and a halter top. I ponied up my hair and applied a modest amount of makeup. Just a bit of liner and mascara. As I was fixing breakfast I heard his truck pull in. As always when I know he is coming my pulse quickens. "Hey, babe you look good enough to eat", he greeted me. I flashed him a smile and melted into his arms for a searing kiss. "Ummmm...honey, please stay hungry!", I purred in his ear. Taking the opportunity to nibble it a bit. He brought his hands up and gave my tits a squeeze. It felt so nice but I had to get his mind on other things. "I'll make us a quick breakfast before you start. Why don't you check out the tub on the patio while I finish up?", I said. Another quick squeeze and a peck on the lips and he vanished out the back door.

We had a very pleasant breakfast together catching up on things and playing footsie under the table. I told him while he was working that I would take a shower before making lunch. When he left to begin I dashed upstairs and stripped naked. I quickly donned a lacy black satin garterbelt and ran dark seamed stockings up my soft, smooth legs. A lacy bit of nothing of a thong followed. I then strapped my torso into a satin merry widow which did wonders for my waist line while putting my girls on prominent display. I sat at my vanity to put on my face. I started with a soft beige foundation which made my skin look like it was glowing. It was glowing from my building lust. A dusting of loose powder and I was ready to do my eyes. I attached some flirty long false eyelashes and filled them in with copious amounts of black mascara. Black eyeliner gave them the feline definition I was looking for. I went for a sultry bedroom look with eyeshadow. Various plum shades that were sure to really make him hard as a rock. They sure were making me hard! I sculpted my cheek bones to perfection with a nice rosy blusher. Now to finish getting dressed!! I stepped into a short white petticoat and slid on my very sexy French Maid's dress making sure I was spilling plenty of cleavage. I adored the white lace around the short hem as I quickly tied the bow at the base of my back. I clipped on the white lacy cap to my brushed out hair. Added a short pearl necklace and some matching dangly earrings. I admired my look in the mirror as I uncapped my lipstick. Slowly winding up the bright red confection I was transfixed as I filled in my pouty lips making them up to cock sucking perfection. "Oh", I thought, "there will be cock sucking"! I slipped into a pair of five inch "come-fuck-me pumps" spritzed on some Chanel #5 and wiggled into the guest room which overlook the patio. Danny was hard at work hooking up the tub. In the warmth of the early afternoon he had taken his shirt off revealing his lean muscular torso. I groaned inward and felt a stirring in my panties as I watched him. It brought back memories from when I was a young teen watching him mow the lawn with his shirt off. He really filled out since those days but, then again, so had I. I grabbed a small clutch purse and put in my lipstick, perfume and a couple of tampons. I knew I probably wouldn't be making it out of the kitchen before I was thoroughly fucked. I went down to the kitchen and busied myself preparing lunch all the time very aware of the nylons caressing my legs and the swish of my short little petticoat. After about twenty minutes I heard the door slide back. With my back to him I said..."Darling, would you like a panini or", turning to face him...."a blowjob for lunch"?

His jaw dropped. I giggled and batted my long lashes at him. Even though I knew his eyes were bulging out of his head my eyes were locked in on another bulge. He didn't say a word as he unbuttoned his jeans. I could almost feel the heat radiating off his cock as it poked through his fly. Not the kind of girl to ever let an opportunity go by I sauntered over to him and slid his pants down as I knelt before him. I looked up into his eyes as I slowly slipped his cock between my red shiny lips. Oh, it felt so delicious to have him back in my mouth again. Time seemed to stand still as I slowly drew his full length into my mouth. I was moaning like a bitch in heat as I gobbled down his hunk of man meat. He suddenly pulled out and lifted me up, spun me around, bent me over and impaled me with one long thrust. "Oh, yeah, honey fuck me....oh baby, that feels soooo fuckin' good....harder, Daddy....oh yeah fuck that's been too long, Daddy....fuck your little girl....oh, yeah..oh, yeah....cum in my baby...fill me with your hot cum....!" I couldn't keep my mouth shut. It just felt so damn good. He fucked me for a good twenty minuets. He had to hold me up because my knees were buckling and I was losing my footing in my spiky stilettos. When he came I swear I could taste it in the back of my throat it was so strong! When he pulled out of me and I deftly inserted a tampon. I was still shaking. He staggered over and sat on a kitchen chair. "Wow...was that ever a surprise, babe", he moaned. I went down between his legs and began licking off the cum from his, still hard, cock and balls. He reached down and pinched my hard nipples. I felt electric shocks from my tits down to my hard clitty. I came in my panties and I thought I would pass out from the sheer pleasure of it all. "I'm yours to do with as you wish, Daddy. We've got some catching up to do. It's been almost a month since we had time together. I just want to be your sexy fuck doll and your wife for the next few days. I just want us to cum, eat and sleep, in that order, darling. I'll dress sexy for you, any way you want me. I love you so much"! "That sounds great, babe, but I still have work to do", he replied. "I know, darling, but just say the word and I'll bend over or kneel down any time you say". "You are one horny little bitch, you know that"? "Yes....I am"!

We shared lunch and he went back to work. I straightened up the kitchen, fixed my lipstick and basically performed my maid duties for the rest of the afternoon. I was having a ball swishing around doing mundane tasks. Occasionally I would bring him out a cold drink always careful to bend over giving him a good glimpse of paradise. After getting dinner in the oven I went up to change. I slipped into a tight leather, leopard skinned dress and, as Danny was showering set the table. I opened a bottle of Chateauneuf-Du-Pape and plated a nice dinner of roasted red snapper. With candles lit we just enjoyed each others company as we ate, drank and flirted. We cuddled on the couch trying to concentrate on a Yankee game but our lust for each other was winning the day. I went upstairs and changed into a long pink satin robe with intricate lace work. I slipped into a pair of matching pink bedroom pumps with the cute fuzzy frou-frou. The nights were getting chilly so Danny lit a fire . I sauntered as sexily as I could and reclined on a rug in front of the fire. My eyes spoke volumes about what I wanted. He stripped down, eased me on my back and slowly entered me. We made passionate love until the early morning hours. The electricity we generated for each other could have powered the whole town. Or certainly our new hot tub!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bringing You Up To Date!

I was told in the past that I apologize too much so, just this once, I'll say it again! Sorry for the delay. This has been one of my busiest summers as far as my workload was concerned. Without boring you with the details it was very frustrating both professionally and sexually. Because of our individual schedule's it was difficult for any of us to really get together. Oh we saw each other sometimes. (Laura and I still do live together!) It was just hard to get into a grove. (Pun intended!) The most frustrating for me was not being with Danny for awhile. Not just in a sexual way. That was hard enough on both of us. I just missed HIM! I never feel complete without him.

Anyway, between work and my family I was kept quite busy. I also had a little facial surgery done on my chin and nose. I guess I could have updated while recuperating but just wasn't in the mood. All better now, though!
Last week Danny and I spent a few days together all on our own here at Lorita. The next blog will go into more detail of how we rekindled our appetites for each other. It was quite electric!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer's Almost Gone....!

Labor Day is almost here and I'm just itching to begin writing again. I miss it so much! After our annual cookout and one short trip I will pretty myself up for you and get it going again!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting Closer!

Has it it been a busy summer? You bet! I'm dying for a few peaceful weeks at home to just sit and sip and write. (Tea, and maybe the odd glass of wine or two!) I just want to get back into the swing of things. A couple of more trips and a few articles to write and then I'm done for a bit. This is worse than last year. I guess it's a good sign as the economy seems, at least by my point of view, to be getting better. Never the less....things are going great here in Lorita. Laura's cool, Danny is still the man, and Monica and Steph are just ...well if you read you know!
I still want to write some fiction I have in the back of my mind but I also want to carry on. Let me know what you want and think. I've been away for awhile and I'd appreciate the input.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Having Some Fun In The Sun!

Hi, girls! Danny and I are taking some time off in the Virgin (!) Islands for a little R&R. I can't wait to start writing again about my friends and me. Hopefully I'll throw a few fiction stories in as well. As I really want to do my best for you all, it'll probably be when the leaves start turning and we break out the sweater dresses! Til then I thank you for reading my story! Kisses to all....Rita!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some Day, Some Way

This has been a very busy time. If I had a choice of writing or making money, well what would you do? I will post a bunch of picture stories this summer, as time allows. Keep the faith with me...I still have much to say.



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back Soon!

I've been super busy lately. On the road. Sorry girls! I do apologize for the last post. So disappointing! I can do better and I promise I will soon. Welcome to the new ahhh..joiners! Please play catch up and read from the beginning...if you have the patience! Love ya...



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Interlude:Monica And Me,A Sex Story

It was about two years after Laura and I had settled into Laurita. Danny was away on assignment, Laura was in Denver at a conference and Stephanie was overseas visiting "her" parents. It was just Monica and me. She was staying with me for a few days, as most friends do when the others are gone. I was just finishing up a wine review article for a local paper when I felt a finger go down my back. I turned. "What's up, honey?", I asked her. "Hmmm...I dunno....just feeling nostalgic tonight, I guess. I was thinking about us working in the library together and those fun nights in the ladies room when we....'' I cut her off. "You're horny, aren't you". She just gave me "here look". "I miss my Fluffy", she whispered. "Fluffy?", I replied. She filled me in on her "pet" name for her Stephanie, her "Barbie Doll wife". "She confessed to me that she'd adore being a fluff girl". "What's a fluff girl?", I replied. She rolled her eyes. "A fluff girl, silly, is a girl who gets those great big hunks in porno movies hard and erect to fuck the bimbos in the film. They suck them off, getting them to a full erection". Ohhhh"...I sighed. I was still quite naive. I must mention at this point that I had a pristine face (no makeup), my hair ponied back low and just dressed in a pair of cutoffs and one of Danny's T-shirts. ( I love wearing his stuff...not in a guy way!) Well, I knew what she was after. Monica just loved dressing up "boys" to look like prissy girls. I thought, "Well what the fuck! I'm done anyway". I did have plans to watch the Yankees try to beat up on the Angels but her plans were...interesting.

Monica told me to take a long shower while she got ready. I guess she was planing this all day. After I was pristine clean and after a long very pleasurable douche I felt ready for whatever she had planned. I wrapped myself up in a fluffy (that word again!) towel and entered my bedroom. My eyes popped! There was my mentor sitting on my bed in a satin basque, full length stockings, 6 inch platform heels, her hair pulled back in an high pony of dark brown tresses. Full, and I mean full makeup! I felt.....on my own. "Very pretty", she said. Hairless and big tits are a major turn on for me"she whispered. I just demurely glanced to the floor. I knew where this scenario was going. And I was totally into it. "Sit", she commanded. And I did. She began by rolling my hair in big curlers. When she was satisfied she began my makeup. To say she went extreme would be an understatement. I looked like a total whore. (I LOVED IT!) " What next"? I thought. Well, she left the room. When she returned she was sporting a very large dildo that i recognized as the the replica of Stephanie's rather large cock. I was a aghast. I never had something as shall I say...manly as that plunging my pussy. But I was up for it. After all, Laura had had the real thing, although it made her walk funny for a couple of days. I gritted my teeth. "Yeah, baby fuck me..go ahead", I screamed. She did. She fucked me for about a half hour. I came and I came. I'm not ashamed to say I sucked her cock and ...oh god... Monica's my queen! Stay tuned....Kisses...Rita

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


(Hi! It's Rita. Sorry for the long delay. I had a number of projects to finish off as well as a much needed vacation on Cape Cod with Danny. I decided that instead of working on a fictional piece I'd continue with relating to you the lives of those nearest and dearest to me. This is Laura's story. Again, as with Monica's story it will be told in the first person. Enjoy! Kisses!!!)
My name was Larry. I wasn't very happy as a child. I had a very domineering father. Oh, he wasn't physically abusive or anything but I never felt that I could live up to his expectations. I was rather petite for a boy. He was an avid sports fan and actually lettered in a number of sports in school. I, on the other hand, was dismal at everything he tried to get me to do. I remember a time when he was tossing a football to me and it hit me in the stomach. I must have been about 8 or 9 at the time. I fell to the ground and cried like a baby. I could feel waves of disgust coming from him. After that he just sort of distanced himself from me. My mom was very sweet to me though. She tried to defend me but her words were just wasted on his ears. I remember laying in bed one night and I could hear a heated conversation coming from their bedroom. She was sticking up for me or trying to when I heard my father say..." I wanted a son but all I got is a pathetic sissy"! I cried myself to sleep. Not being very good a sports also had it's effect on me at school. I didn't mix well with alot of the other boys having nothing really in common with them. I did, however, excel in academics. Most of my grades were "A's". Especially math. I loved working with numbers. I was so good, in fact, that often my teacher would ask me to assist the other students who were struggling with it. This didn't exactly endear me with some of the boys. I found some of the girls more receptive, though. So, in a nut shell, my early years were not so good.
Having so much time to myself I became an avid reader. My taste in literature was unusual for a young teen. By the age of thirteen I had devoured most of the classics of 19th century English lit. I loved the descriptions of the women in their beautiful gowns. That was something I kept to myself. I also would, when no one was a home, pour over my mom's magazines. Especially Vouge. I was so drawn to women's fashions for some odd reason I couldn't fathom. This led me to looking through my mothers closets and drawers. I became enamoured of soft silky materials. At this point it never entered my head to try them on. Just the feel excited me in ways I never felt before. Only in my deepest fantasies would I dream of wearing such clothes. I was very confused about these feelings but I didn't care. After all, my father thought I was a sissy anyway.

My parents would sometimes vacation without me. At those times I was shipped off to my grandmother. It wasn't so bad because I enjoyed being with my cousin, Monica. She was fun and she was also very pretty. Sometimes she was a bit bossy but I usually enjoyed whatever it was she wanted to do. I remember on rainy afternoon while I had my nose in a book and she was busy drawing in a sketch pad. I asked if I could see her work. She showed me what appeared to be fashion sketches. The clothes were meticulously drawn. What was odd was that the models all had boyish hair. I asked her about it. "That's because they are boys, silly!", she giggled. I was dumbstruck. "But boys don't wear dresses!", I replied. "Some do", she said. I let it drop but I would catch her eyeing me over for the rest of the day. It was later that week that she lent me one of her swimsuits since I hadn't brought one of my own. She convinced me to wear the top as well. It was the first time I ever wore a female garment in my life. It made me feel all fuzzy inside but I didn't let on for fear she would think I was some sort of sissy. Well, if you read Monica's story you already know that I willingly let her dress me up in her flower girl dress the very next day. I was chock full of conflicting emotions seeing myself dressed and made up like a girl. It felt right somehow. I was never more at peace with myself. I was Laura!

Monica and I became very tight after that. We talked everyday on the phone and I managed to spend most weekends at her house so I could dress and practice being a girl. She would tease me and call me her little sissy. Coming from her I took it as a compliment. I would sometimes practice my makeup skills at home always with the fear of being caught. Eventually I was. I had just turned 18 and was just excepted into college. My parents were going out to visit friends and I though I had plenty of time to be the real me. I don't know why I didn't hear them come in but as I walked out of the bathroom to get a new lipstick I had bought that day there they were, standing there! I was wearing just a matching pantie and cami set with my face all made up (except my lipstick, of course!). There was that moment when time seemed to stand still. And then, pardon my language, the shit hit the fan. I won't go into detail but as you can imagine it was a pretty ugly scene. I was kicked out of the house. Right then and there. I wasn't allowed to even remove my makeup. I was one scared little t-girl, let me tell you! I quickly packed and left. I had only one place to go. I called Monica and told her what happened. When I got there I was greeted by her as well as her father. My Uncle Joe. He knew about me and didn't have a problem with it. He's a very understanding man. I love him to death. I was so happy to finally have everything out in the open. It was a night of tears from both Monica and me. We talked all night. I had come to the decision that I would go all the way and become the woman I felt I was meant to be.

As time went on I attended school during the day as Larry and live as my true self in every other way. I found a doctor and began a ridged hormone therapy. Not the most fun thing to do but I felt it was essential. I even worked as a girl. Both Monica and I became waitresses at her father's restaurant. It was so cool! I poured myself, as usual, into my schoolwork and graduated with honors. I set my sights on being a successful business woman. It was very important to me to be successful. I had to prove to my parents that I was better off being a woman and that the world didn't see things as narrow mindedly as they did. Well, my father really. I still had a relationship with my mom. After I had my breast implants there was no turning back. I began getting plenty of notice from men and decided to start dating. I was very selective and never went with a guy who didn't know what I was packing in my panties. I guess I went through my little "whore" period. I learned to love getting fucked and honed my skills as a cock sucker. Some might say that I fucked myself to the top and maybe I did but I always made money for whoever I was working with. A little afternoon "nookie" with a client was just a fringe benefit that we both enjoyed. After I was able to set myself up in my own place and start making good money I sort of settled down. It was about that time when Monica introduced me to Rita. I was immediately drawn to her as we both had a similar upbringing. Although she had much more support. I still crave a good man but being in the sack with her is one of my life's great joys. We're still together and living happily here in Lorita! Thank you Rita. Thank you Monica! And thank you for reading about my life!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Walking Back!

I thought I'd be able to write as much as I could with the time I had off from work. Life happens. I have been writing but only in a professional manner. Chalk it up to a growing economy and the absolutely weird weather we've been having on the east coast. As soon as I get my thoughts together I will be walking back! I love you all,


Friday, March 19, 2010

My Tits Are Itchy!

I don't know why, but my tits are itchy tonight! I've been working outside getting rid of downed tree limbs. (Danny is busy on Long Island bringing back power to people who suffered through all the rain we had recently!) Maybe it's allergies, but....i just thought I'd share.

I'm thinking of doing a fictional piece about two boys who grew up to be Vegas Showgirls. I wanted to write it and submit it to the usual sources, (Fictionmania, Nifty, etc.) but I am to ignorant about how to do that. I will write the story on this blog and I know you will enjoy it! It's been a long night in the kitchen but I'm ready to get back to work on this blog! Look for "Showgirls" coming soon! I didn't forget doing Laura's Story either....Love ya , hang in!

Kisses, Rita

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Paddy Day!

A bit late but , well , maybe a too much Bushmills....not really! Stay tuned!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Even On A Bad Day There Is Always Lipstick!

I just can't help it! I adore the taste and feel of lipstick on my lips! I know alot of you feel the same as I do. Here are some images for my "lipstick" girls!