Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm Not Dead!

Really I'm not. Just losing interest but not for long. I hope! Kisses, Rita

Friday, February 14, 2014

Yet Again Another Test!

This is a test. I'm having trouble posting. Pay no attention!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Status Report!

I do hope you all enjoy the latest installment of "The New Girlfriends". The story was originaly meant to be a "one-off" but I've become quite fond of the "girls" and wanted to see how their budding, or should I say flowering, femininity developed. For awhile I considered abandoning the story but when you see the vast amount of unfinished stories out there, particularly in this genre, it made me adement to carry on. I hope you agree. As for me and my life everything is hunky dory. Work continues to be busy, as I hope it always will be. I still travel alot but that's what i signed up for in my profession. Danny and I are still together and very happy. Monica and the girls are still very much a part of my life even though Laura now lives in Boston and is very successful in her own right. We cherish the time that we can spend together. I now live alone (well not all the time) at Laurita and am very happy. I have the company of two cats that I can vent to when needed. (Yeah, I've become that crazy cat lady who lives down the block!) My sister and mom are well and doing fine and so on and so on and scooby dooby do. I've mentioned that I'd be interested in starting a story about a young T-girl coming to grips with her life and coming out to friends and family in a period that lasts one summer. If there is any interest please let me know. Or.....if there is something else you'd think might be fun to write about please let me know! The lines are open! Kisses, Rita

The New Girlfriends: Part 8 - "The Internet Never Lies"!

Let's see if we can get this thing going again! Kisses, Rita The next morning as my mom and I sat and had our breakfast, with me resplendent in my new white satin babydoll nightie, we talked about the events from the night before. "Jessica, dear, I want you to keep what we discussed last night our little secret until I let you know when the time is right, okay"? "Sure, mom, but when will that be"? She gave me a sly smile and told me when "all the pieces were in place" and gave me a little wink. She then explanined that most of her day would be taken up with lawyers and contracts and other stuff that would be nessesary to get the ball rolling on her new ventures. Whe she left I cleaned up and later took a nice warm bubble bath in the same opulant tub that Karen and I had used a few days earlier. Such a nice memory. I wondered how Karen was doing and when she would tell her sister, Sharon, about what had happened. Exiting the tub and feeling my soft silky skin I decided to just slip on the panties that came with the babydoll. I went up to my loft and put on a little makeup just to keep all my girly energy flowing. I studied my lean torso in my full length mirror. I looked with dismay at my flat chest and missed my breast forms but I took delight in my girlish appearance. I noted my eyes with their long full lashes and my pouty red lips. I smiled to myself thinking about being a model! A REAL MODEL!! How are we ever going to pull this off? What about school? What about Sharon? "Oh, well", I thought, "Raven(my Mom) will take care of everything as she always managed to do". I sat at my computer to check if Karen had sent me any e-mails. Most of my mail was ads from various cosmetic companies advertising new makeup. I checked them all out especially the new lipstick shades! I can't help myself. I'm such a girl! It always amazes me just how may e-mails I get from Victoria's Secret! I spent some time drolling over all the assorted bras, panties, nighties and the shoes. Oh, how I love shoes! The higher the heel the better! I heard a little beep and noticed that I was getting an IM on my Yahoo account. When I clicked I found to my delight that Karen was trying to contact me! "Good morning, girlfriend. How's my dollface this morning"? "Just dreamy, Jess, can you go on cam"? "Sure thing hon, give me a sec, okay"? When we were finally "face to face" I gasped at the sight of my little cutie! She wasted no time putting my little girly kit I gave her the night before to good use! "Don't we look pretty this morning, honey"! A little heavy on the eyeshadow, I thought, but she'll get better and better with practice...LOT'S of practice! "Are you alone, baby? Where's Sharon"? "She's locked up in her office on a conference call with you mom and a bunch of other people. She'll be in there for hours so I just had to take a chance and feel good again. Know what I mean, Jess"? "I do, honey, I do!" We chatted about our weekend, about Shane, and all the lovely "girl-on-girl" we practiced. "Did you use any of the dildoes"?, I asked a little slyly. "I have one in me now!", she smirked. "Really, wow honey, that is sooo hot"! "It's only the little one but it really feels good in there like it's where it should be". I nodded, understanding exactly what she meant. I could feel "little Jessica" twitching in my panties at the thought of my little dollface stretching out her little pussy for the real thing. The thought made me harder than advanced calculus. Karen, the little slut, knew she was getting to me. "Wanna see something"?, she smiled. Without waiting she removed her cam and dropped her panties to expose her cute cock. I gasped and moaned as I saw her lovely clitty framed by a black lace garter belt pointing directly at the camera. Pointing directly at me. I began to slowly stroke my own girly cock. The little tease was not done yet. Without seeing her pretty face she goaded me to frustrated ecstacy. "You wanna suck this, don't you Jessica"?, she whispered. "You little bitch"!, I moaned as I remembered the taste and texture of her lovely cock and my ruby red lips wrapped around it coaxing out all her creamy, delicious girly cum into my mouth and into my tummy. I knew I'd need a good reaming from my own dildoe soon. I was panting with lust and desire for her cock. Suddenly the camera was back on her pretty, if not overly made up, smiling face. "You like"?, sne giggled. "Oh, God, Karen, you little teasing bitch, you better get that pussy of yours ready quick because I am gonna fuck you so hard you'll be walking funny for a month"! "Are you stroking, Jess? Are you gonna cum"? "Yes..yesss...oh honey..cum with me baby. I arranged my cam so she could see my denuded body stroking my cock. We both came within seconds of each other. It was fantastic the way this girl and I could have great sex together even when we weren't together. I created a monster. After we were face to face again we both made a show of licking our cummies off our fingers in a slow sexy fashion. "Karen, honey, we just have to...." At that precise moment I saw a pair of hands come down on her shoulders. Karen flinched and stiffened in responce. Here eyes went as wide as sausers as we both realized that her sister, Sharon, had witnessed what had just transpired. A second later Sharon's smiling face was in the cam. "That was quite a show, girls! Oh, Jessica you're even prettier than your Mom said you were I can't wait to see you in one of your special little designer gowns, sweety"! I couldn't speak as I saw the blood drain from Karen's cute face. "Well, I'll see you soon but right now Karen and I have to have a little chat"! With that the screen went black!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well, Hello Again!

Long time no see! I hope you didn't think I'd quit on you. It was probably a mix of things. Hurricane and lack of responce will probably do it for a bit. What brought me back was the tragedy and the devistation in the midwest over the last few days. My Danny is depolyed. (how I hate that word!) But anyway...what shall I do? At this point you really have to tell me. Should I continue with MY story, write fiction, or go in another direction. I really want to know.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Lapse In Time!

I had all good intensions. I really did. Then nature took it's course. Lorita is damaged but not destroyed. Sandy did so much damage that I can't begin to explaine. Danny's family beach house...gone. We don't pity ourselves. It's not about that. There are so many on the East Coast that did not have a Thanksgiving meal and will probably not have a Happy Christmas or even a Happy New Year. But this is New Jersey. We survive. Forget all the bullshit about "Jersey Shore". That's all hype and "they" do not represent "us". Luckily the election went right. I dread to see how "Mittens" would have responded to this mess. We all were relocated for a time. Danny and I went to my Mom's place which wasn't to much better. Danny was away for twenty days, spending all his time on the Jersey Shore. I must say that the American Armed Forces were so crucial to our survival. That can not go untold. Members of the Air Force especillay. It was a humble experiance to work a food line againand to feed people a healthy meal. I'm tired . I'm done. I'll continue when I can. Kisses, Rita

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coming Soon To "A Girly Place" Near You!

I know it's been a long, long summer and nothing from me. It's just life going on at a rapid pace. A new short story is coming in a few weeks. I think I'll call it "Summer Of My Re-birth". Just need to iron out the details. It will be in the same vein as some of my previous endevors. Please stay tuned! Kisses, Rita