Monday, January 4, 2010

Girl's Night In!

The day after our girly-girl orgy we all slept in fairly late. I was still out like a light sleeping on my back when I felt fingers tweaking one of my nipples. I awoke to see Stacy leaning over me with a smile on her face. Her hair was up in a towel and her face was totally without makeup. I smiled back at her and closed my eyes again. I realized I still had on my ultra-long eyelashes. That meant I never took off my own makeup from the night before. Shame on me! I never do that! (Well, hardly ever!) My observations were reconfirmed when I felt her lips cover mine in a long searing kiss. When I looked at her again I saw evidence of my lipstick smeared on her lips. Giggling, I jumped out of bed and headed for my vanity mirror. "Holy, crap! I look like hell", I moaned. I immediately went in to the bathroom and creamed my face as clean as I could. Stacy followed me in and told me she was going to go and pick up Chrissy so we could all try our gowns on for the wedding the next day. After she left I jumped in the shower and let the warm water do it's magic on my sore muscles. I dressed in a skimpy pair of white shorts and one of Danny's white t-shirts. (Just to feel close to him.) Braless and shoeless I padded downstairs to see what was going on. Monica and Stephanie were nowhere to be found but I found Laura curled up on a love seat reading. Her face was covered in a green exfoliating mask. She also had a towel wrapped around her head. "You look pretty in green!", I commented. Without looking up she told me there was more in her bathroom if I wanted it. "Do I need it?", I enquired. "I think so, your eyes look a little puffy this afternoon". I checked and she was right so I ponied up my hair and spread the soothing green stuff all over my face. I sat opposite her and asked how she was feeling. "I'm a little sore and I'm spotting a little. That Stephanie almost tore me in two!", she moaned. "Do you regret it, honey?", I asked. She looked at me with a glazed expression. "Oh my God, Rita, I've never been fucked like that in my life. I could almost feel her cock in the back of my throat. And she can go on and on for hours"! I laughed at that. "Well, it is what you wanted ever since you laid eyes on that monster. You have to be more careful what you wish for"! We both giggled at that. I got up to put on the tea kettle feeling the green paste on my face firming up. After serving Laura a hot cup of Lady Gray we heard voices coming down the stairs. We looked up to see Monica and Stephanie walk in wearing matching white sundresses. The only exception was that Stephanie had on a matching wide brimmed hat and an elegant pair of sun glasses. "Oh look Princess, the martians have landed!", Monica said. "Well, don't you two look stunning this morning...I mean afternoon!", I smirked. Monica told us that they were going to walk the back garden and stake out where they wanted things set up. As she passed by Laura she gave her a little pat on the head. "Surprised you can sit down today, sweety"! Laura just moaned but reached out and gave Stephanie's hand a gentle squeeze. After we finished our tea Laura and I shared another soothing shower with some gentle fondling. We dressed and did a minimal of makeup magic to, at least, feel pretty.

The newlyweds were still in the back garden walking around and taking notes when we came back down. I started on putting together a late lunch. I made a few quiche and a pitcher full of mimosa. Just as I was about ready the doorbell rang and Laura let Stacy and a very excited Chrissy in. She looked so cute in her short denim skirt and lilac halter top. I noticed something a bit different though. Her hair was longer! "Chrissy, your's so long now!", I exclaimed. She just gave me a sweet smile and flicked it girlishly over her shoulder. "I had one of the girls at the salon weave in some extensions for the big day!", Stacy gushed. I ran my fingers through it and could not tell were her real hair left off and her extensions began. When I was her age wishing for longer hair to style pretty I didn't have that option.
It looked simply divine on her and I could tell she was just over the moon about it. I called out to Monica and Stephanie that lunch was ready. Before we took our seats Monica came over to Chrissy. "And who is this pretty little girl?", she asked gazing at a wide eyed Christine. Stacy made the introductions. "Monica? Stephanie? This is my niece for the summer, Christeen". With that Chrissy gave them a deep, perfect curtsy. Monica was beaming! "Oh, Chrissy, honey, I'm so thrilled you want to be a flower girl for me and Stephanie. I've seen your gown and it's gorgeous and you're going to look so gorgeous in it. After lunch we are all going to try our gowns on for a final fitting". (That was news to me!) "And both Stephanie and I have a little surprise for you"! I was confused but everyone else was grinning ear to ear. So after lunch it was time to, yet again, play dressup!

As Laura and I helped each other into our long red strapless gowns I asked her how far we were going with this. "Just the dresses for now. No need to go all out with hair and makeup. We'll save that for tomorrow", she replied. I had to admit, as did Laura, that the gowns were simply a dream. Floor length, hip hugging organza with pretty ruffles below the knee. The heels were a bit high but since this was an over the top feminine ceremony it seemed more than appropriate for the occasion. As we minced down the stairs, feeling ever so glamorous, we were surprised to see that both Monica and Stephanie were still in their sundresses. "I thought we would all be wearing our gowns for fitting?", I asked Monica. "The brides gowns are perfect. I just wanted to make sure my bridesmaids, and of course our little flower girl's, gowns are the same way", she replied. That was fine with me. Any excuse to wear a stunning gown was always appreciated. We all gasped when Stacy led Chrissy down the stairs. She was simply gorgeous in her magenta dress. Her hair was brushed straight back and ended in the middle of her back. Her eyes beamed as she walked into the room perched on three inch sling-back high heels. She was artfully made up to look like a little princess. We all made a fuss over her as Stacy stood by smiling at the scene. Monica knelt down and hugged her whispering something in her ear. I noticed she was wearing small dangling pearl earrings. Chrissy's eyes lit up as she vigorously nodded her head. Monica stood and Stephanie handed her a package wrapped in thin pink paper. Monica handed her the package which Chrissy gently excepted in her pink polished fingertips. She swayed in her heels over to the couch and slowly pulled open the silky pink bow on top. When she had it open she let out a small gasp. She reached in and pulled out a pair of wispy pink stockings followed by a lacy pink garter belt. We all ohhhed and ahhhed. Then she drew out a pink platform sandal with a five inch heel. She gave a cry of utter delight as she ran to both Monica and Stephanie giving them both very enthusiastic hugs. Her first pair of big girl heels! My heart leapt with joy for her. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!", she gushed over and over. "She's never going back to being a boy", I thought to myself. I looked at Stacy and she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders giving me a wink. Chrissy grabbed the package and ran upstairs. She couldn't wait to try them on. "Need any help, baby?", Stacy called after her. "Nooooooo.....!", she called back, her voice disappearing down the hall way. "How appropriate", I thought", that Monica should be the one to do this for her. The final nail in her feminization!" After about ten minutes one totally confident 13 year old girl expertly walked down the stairs in her new stilettos. She walked up and down like a runway model swishing her skirts all around. It was a delightful sight to see. She demurely perched herself on the arm of a chair, sweeping her full skirt under her in a most ladylike manner, opened her little purse and, to delight of us all, reapplied her lipstick. "So what do we do now, ladies?", she innocently asked. We all applauded our little Miss. Most of us with tears in our eyes.
We all sat at the dinning room table to finish off our drinks. (Apple juice for Chrissy!) Stacy suggested getting our manicures out of the way so all she had to do was concentrate on hairdos in the morning. Sounded like a good idea to us so over the next few hours we all sat as Stacy gave our nails a professional shiny look. It was such a fun girly time we spent that evening chatting about clothes, makeup, hairstyles and our men. Chrissy was soaking it all in, often giving us her opinions. When her nails were finished with a gleaming top coat she excused herself saying she wanted to hang up her dress so it would be perfect for the next day. Stacy gave me a knowing look. We both knew that the excitement of the day had taken it's toll on the poor girl and she was taking matters into her own hand, so to speak. When she came back down she was in a frilly pink nightie. I noticed, but was not surprised to see, she was still in her stockings, garter belt and heels. I know that Monica had certainly taken notice.
We all called it an early night and Laura and I retired to my room while Stacy and Chrissy shared Laura's room. To say that Laura and I were intimate that night would be and understatement. When the two of us shared a bed it was inevitable that something would happen. Although there was no pussy play that night (Poor Laura!) we did give each other's clittys a good going over. We did it quietly and discreetly. We needed our beauty rest for the big day ahead. No puffy eyes in the morning!