Friday, May 8, 2009

Making Butterflys!

On Thursday of the following week I met with Paolo at the restaurant. The first thing he wanted to know was if I had put in for the final semester work study program. I told him I didn't because at the time (early October) I didn't see any need to. He told me I would be needed in the kitchen from early afternoon until service began for training. I was crestfallen at this news. How was I going to get out of school at that time of day? He thought for a minute and told me he would make some calls. "I know the Superintendent of Schools", he said. "I'll call him and make him an offer he can't refuse". I just looked at him with my mouth hanging open. "Huh?", I said. He gave a big laugh. "Nothing so drastic, Rita! He's a regular customer here and we sometimes cater his meetings. One of his daughter's even had her wedding catered by us. He owes me. He will pull some strings. "Oh!", I said with a sigh of relief. He explained that my initial duties would be prepping for the other chefs. "I'm not talking about chopping vegetables and fruit, although you will do that. You will be expected to prepare fish, meats, and poultry as well as making pasta dough. We then toured the kitchen. It was bigger than I expected. Work stations were sectioned off. Towards the back were four huge ovens where I was told all the baking was done. This was the sole domain of the pastry chef, Martina, who I later found out would be the only other woman working in the kitchen. I was introduced to Roman who I was told was sous chef under Paolo. "Rita, you will take all direction from Roman. He will instruct and oversee your work. Understood"? I nodded . We then went back to his office and I filled out some paperwork. Paolo handed me a package. It was a set of chef's whites. The uniform I would be wearing in the kitchen. They were sparkling white with "Cafe Roma" in red script over my right breast. I was as thrilled as if he had given me a pair of Prada shoes! (I really was!) I thanked him again for the opportunity and told him he would not regret it. "Joe and I are well aware of your situation. Rest assured you will be judged, but only on the quality of your work. You may not have known this but Laura is, ah was, my godson. Now she is like a daughter to me", he said. I didn't know that. "Well, Chef, she is like a sister to me", I replied. He smiled at me. "Bene, bene! You begin your duties in two weeks. We will supply the necessary cutlery if you don't have your own but I advise you to get the proper tools for the job". I told him I had a complete set of Henkels that I was sure would be fine. "Very good! I will make some calls and you will be set to go. Caio, Rita".

I couldn't believe this was happening. I went home on cloud 9. I sat in my bedroom and lay my chef's whites on my bed. I was a bit disappointed that my name wasn't also on the coat but I knew I'd have to earn that privilege.

Tonight was our last night at the library. I decided to go out in style. After showering and a relaxing douche I lay out my outfit for my last day at work. A conservative knee lenght skirt with a matching blazer, white satin blouse and a pair of three inch heels. Fixing my hair in a neat pony tail I sat to do my makeup. Nothing over the top. Just the kind of look you'd expect from a librarian or school teacher. I packed a purse with the essentials, kissed my Mom goodbye and headed out the door. As I was pulling out of the garage I saw Danny pulling in. He saw me and smiled. I waved and blew him a kiss. He called out to call him later. When I got there Monica was already at work. She too was dressed casually but feminine. I noticed she was dressing a bit more femmy these days. I guess Stephanie was rubbing off on her as well as the other way around. It was an uneventful night. I filled her in on my meeting with Paolo. Laura was really Paolo's godson", I asked. "Well, Larry was anyway", she told me. She went on to tell me that when Laura was first kicked out of the house her father and Paolo took her in. This caused big problems in the family. But as in all things Nona had the final word. "Laura lived with us until she finished school and got her real estate licence. She started making good commissions and got her own place. That girl was born to sell houses. High end stuff, too"! I thought about how funny families can be. Mine were supportive from the very start. Laura was lucky to have a safety net. I dreaded to think what would have become of her if she didn't. Just the thought of that angel in any distress was unthinkable to me.

At the end of our shift I was feeling kind of melancholy. As always,almost from the beginning Monica and I were in the ladies room. "Shit!", I heard her say. "What's wrong?", I asked. "I have a run in my stocking"! "Well, we can't have that". I opened my purse and took out a spare pair of pantyhose I keep for just such an emergency. "Here, these should fit", I said. "Pantyhose?", she said with a bit of distaste. I laughed. "Beggars can't be choosers", I told her. She smiled. "Thanks, honey. I'll change and meet you at the mirror". We fixed our lipstick together for the final time in our little oasis. We didn't say a word. When we were done we gave each other a sisterly hug. "End of an era", I whispered. "Yes, but the beginning of alot of new things. Let's go get a cup of tea, okay"? I agreed.

We were both in a pensive mood as we sipped our tea. I tried to brighten things up by bringing up our previous "girl's night". "Stephanie is so sweet. I'm so glad the two of you found each other", I gushed. Monica didn't reply. "What's wrong?", I asked. "Not having second thoughts are you"? "Of course not", she replied. "It's just that......" "Monica, tell me what's on your mind", I demanded. "You're going to think I'm being foolish"she said, looking away. "I'm waiting", I said. Then it all came pouring out. "It just came too easy. She just did anything I asked her to do. From the first time she put on my panties it was like I created a Frankenstein"! "Bride of Frankenstein", I corrected her. She smiled at that. "Yes, very good, Rita"! She went on and on about not being a challenge enough. I listened patiently and ordered another round of tea. "Let her get it all out", I thought. When she was through I took her hands in mine looking her in the eyes. "Do you love her?", I whispered. "With all my heart, Rita, with all my heart!", she said with tears in her voice. I was shocked. I'd never seen this side of Monica before. I had to put her back on track. "Listen to me, Monica. Forget all about this "challenge" stuff for a second and think. It's not all about you but it is about what you do. You know what you do"? She just sat silently. "You save lives is what you do. You enhance them and bring out the beauty. What you did for Laura, what you did for me and now what you're doing for Stephanie is a godsend. Who else would do that and with so much love? She was silent for a minute. "When I was in high school, this is right after Laura moved in, I was seeing this guy and I tried to get him to dress up. He wanted no part of it and eventually we split up. He bad mouthed me all over school. I was referred to as weird and a dyke. Luckily I had Laura's shoulder to cry on. I decided I probably was a lesbian. In my first year at college I made it with my roommate, Leah. Beautiful girl from Hawaii. We had some nights, let me tell you", she chuckled. In the end she returned home and I realized I still wanted a relationship with a person with a penis. It's just that the guys I attracted were just to damn macho for my taste. I remember reading a book called "Regiment Of Women" and it changed my perspective". I told her I had read that book as well. "I did alot of research about the dominant female. I didn't want to be a dominatrix or anything. I don't like giving pain or humiliation. It's more like taking a caterpillar and turning it into a beautiful butterfly". She was smiling again. I moved back home and spent most nights with Laura. My first butterfly. It was so fulfilling for me to bring out the woman that was buried in her soul". "I'd say you did a pretty good job", I said. "Yes, I guess I did. I continued to date but I felt nothing. I was always drawn to feminine things. "Well, my saving grace after Laura moved out was meeting you". I blushed. "No, really Rita, you were such a saving grace for me. Although", she smirked, "you weren't much of a challenge either"! I laughed. "I bet you say that to all the girls!", I said, batting my eyelashes at her. "I so wanted us to be a couple after we met but I realized that you and Danny would never part company so I poured cold water on that idea". I was flattered. "Well", I said, "we do have our moments don't we"! I gave her a flirty wink. "I do so love you, Rita. That's what I meant the other night when I thanked you for all you've done for me. You were the bridge between Laura and Stephanie. Without you I might have drowned". "Thank you, Monica. You were my bridge as well. I guess we are all soul mates. Now, are you feeling a little better"? Monica smiled and took out her cellphone. "Princess", she said, Mommy will be home soon and I'd like to see you in that black lace Teddie tonight okay, pumpkin? Yes, the matching hair bow is a nice thought. Oh, and Rita says hello. Okay, baby girl, see you in a few. Love you, bye"! Hanging up she smiled and looked at me. "Is that answer enough?", she sighed. We stood and hugged. As we walked to the car I told her not to put me in that position again. "I'm the one who's suppose to get guidance from you", I told her. We drove in silence for a bit. When I pulled up to Stephanie's apartment we hugged again and kissed. "Thank you, Rita". "No, Monica, thank you. Now go in there and work on that beautiful butterfly".
What a night! I called Danny when I got home and filled him in on my day. I persuaded him to come over. When he did he found me in our bedroom just wearing my new chef whites. Less than five minutes later we began to cook.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soul Mates!

On "Girl's Night" Laura and I were about to open a bottle of Pinot Noir while waiting for Monica and Stephanie to arrive. "Oh, Laura honey, I brought you a little gift for being such a wonderful hostess", I said. She let out a little gasp as she opened the package. Inside were a set of wine and martini glasses all hand painted with little lipsticks and kiss prints. "Oh, Rita, they are just perfect! I love them! Let's break them in"! We toasted to a fun evening with just the girls. When Monica and Stephanie arrived we hugged and kissed. Stephanie was sent off to the guest room to change and do her makeup. Periodically Monica would excuse herself to check on her progress. "She doesn't really need to much supervision anymore. She's been spending hours in front of her vanity prettying up her face. She's a very quick learner", Monica told us. With that she left to check on her "wife to be". When Stephanie made her appearance both Laura and I were amazed. She was dressed in the most adorably sissy French maids outfit. Her face was beautifully made up and her blond tresses were piled on top of her head. I later learned that she had added extensions for more volume. She greeted us with a sweet little curtsy. Her short skirt held out by tiers of lacy petticoat. Monica was beaming. Laura was the first to say something. "Stephanie, honey, you look absolutely adorable in that outfit"! "Thank you Ma'am. It will be my pleasure to serve you ladies this evening"! We both looked at Monica who was still all smiles. She shrugged her shoulders and told us it was Stephanie's idea. "It's always been a secret fantasy of hers to wear an outfit like this so I thought that since she's been such a good girl we could indulge her a little". Laura and I both agreed. I was a bit envious. I'd love to wear an outfit like that as well. I'd have to look into it. I thought Danny would love it as I imagined myself getting fucked in it!

Stephanie was the perfect little ladies maid that evening. She made sure our wine glasses were topped off, served us snacks and straightened up the apartment. I marveled at how quickly she became adept at walking in stiletto heels. They had to be over 5 inches! She never lost her smile all evening. She would even hum little tunes every now and then. I turned to Monica. "I just have to have an outfit like that. Where did you get it"? Monica let out a little laugh. "Still playing dress up? Don't worry, sissy-girl, I'll hook you up". Monica then told Stephanie that she was off duty and could change into something comfy. "I suggest we all get comfortable, ladies", she told us. While Stephanie changed in the guest room the three of us went to the master bedroom to change into our bedroom attire. I opted for a wispy red babydoll. As I sat at the vanity applying my lipstick Laura came over and took the tube from my hand. She lowered my babydoll and, exposing my breasts, proceeded to coat my nipples with my creamy red lipstick. Monica watched with that wicked smile on her face. "How sexy", I thought, "I wish they were bigger though". I returned the favor by making Laura's nipples a bright fuchsia. "I'm getting a boob job", I announced. "When?", Laura asked. "If I can, the day after graduation", I told her. She told me she would get me all the information I would need from the surgeon that did her breasts. Monica said, "Rita, with big tits you will be awesome"! Big tits. Yeah, I want big tits! There was a light knock on the door and Stephanie came in. She was wearing a very sheer, short, white nightgown with oodles of lace around her midriff. It had the cutest pink bow above her huge cock which was standing at full attention. Laura was standing behind me and I heard her give a soft moan as she rubbed my shoulder. "Oh, Stephanie, she said, "you're so manly"! We all laughed at that including Stephanie. Her hair was now down around her shoulders and she had obviously freshened up her makeup with smoky bedroom shades for her eyes. I noted that her lipstick perfectly matched the pink bow. Monica, dressed in a stunning white corset style foundation, stood proudly next to her fiance softly stroking her cock. "Princess, she whispered, "lie on the bed and let the girls have some fun while Mommy watches". Within seconds Stephanie's cock was coated with a mixture of red and fuchsia lipstick. Laura and I worked it over expertly. With both of us licking our way to the top and kissing when we got there. We could hear Monica as she fingered her dripping pussy. "Hmmmmmm...oh yeah....such pretty sissies.....pretty, pretty girls," she moaned. She joined us on the bed and I took my mouth off Stephanie's cock, giving Laura sole possession and buried my face between Monica's thighs. She moaned louder and I heard her say my name and something about big tits. I looked up and saw Laura's head bobbing up and down. I marveled at the way she could almost take it's full length in her throat. Monica screeched out an orgasm. "I need it, I need it now", she cried. With that she pushed Laura aside and impaled herself on Stephanie's throbbing prick. Laura jumped on me and began feeding on my breasts. I cupped her stiff clitty and gently rubbed it. She squealed and came on my hand. I took her cum and rubbed it over my breasts. She happily lapped it all up. Glancing over at Monica she was steadily riding Stephanie. Laura and I sat silently as we watched them fuck. Laura gently rubbed my clitty and we shared a few lingering kisses as I fondled her breasts. "Big tits", I thought again, "I want big tits"! Monica was talking gently to Stephanie calling her "my babydoll", "princess", "Mommy's sweet girl", things like that. It was very touching. Stephanie just had her head back with her pretty eyes closed sweetly smiling. Monica must have came a dozen times it seemed before Stephanie's false eyelashes fluttered open with a look of pure ecstasy. She moaned and mewed and we knew she was cumming hard and fast. Monica abruptly got off of her and lay on her back. Stephanie buried her face in Monica's dripping cunt and licked up all the oozing cum. Laura nudged me and we got under Stephanie and cleaned her still hard cock clean. She has such stamina! I heard Monica's gentle breathing and realized she had fallen asleep! We left her to rest while the three of us did some major repairs to our faces.
Back in the living room over brandy and a much needed cigarette we asked Stephanie about herself. She admitted being born into wealth, living in Europe for much of her early life. She was raised by a governess mostly as her parents were both bankers who traveled quite frequently. "Did you have a feminine streak as a child?", Laura asked. "In some ways", she admitted. "I always admired women and the beautiful clothes they are able to wear and often had dreams of dressing that way too. At one point, not knowing any better, I thought I might be gay although I never had any sexual attraction towards men. I just adored femininity and I guess, until recently, I expressed it in my art work. Growing up I loved pinup art. It made feel tingly inside. I was always good at art and it was natural for me to pursue that profession as money was never a problem. Well one thing lead to another and I found myself stateside in a teaching situation. That's how I met Monica and thank God I did! She saw the real me". "And me", Laura said. "Ditto", I chimed in. We all laughed. "I feel so much happier now, more complete", she continued. "Monica's the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm proud of being her sissy-girl and letting her be the dominant one in our relationship. And, of course, I met the two of you. Which reminds me. How about the next time we have girl's night we do it at my place in the city?" "Excellent idea, princess", we heard Monica say. "I"m so glad to see all my little sissies getting along so well," she said while stroking Stephanie's long blond hair. She sat down and patted her knee. "You were amazing tonight, darling! Wasn't she girls"? We all agreed. "I'm just so happy to be a part of this little group. It's such a dream come true", she said, tearing up. "Shhhh...shhhh, pumpkin, Mommy will keep her pretty little girl happy". It was so loving and touching to see the affection they had for each other. You could tell they were soul mates. In a way we are all soul mates to each other. And I was sure that both Danny and I were as well. We chatted about the upcoming wedding and when we would begin the hunt for gowns and shoes and stuff. The Vegas half of the wedding would take place in mid-summer. The first wedding would be in early June in Switzerland. "Two June brides. How perfect!", Laura said. I brought up the topic of not being as endowed in the chest department as the other girls. "Don't worry, Rita, I have a feeling the tit fairy will be paying you a visit before the wedding", Monica smiled. Stephanie nodded in agreement. "Oh, and by the way, give Paolo a call tomorrow. He wants to talk to you. I said I would. We finished the brandy and Laura told Monica and Stephanie to stay the night and use her room. "Rita and I will sleep in the guest room". As we were preparing for bed Laura asked me if I was tired. "Not really, why?, I responded. "Because", she smiled, "I have this terrible itch and I can't seem to get rid of it"! With that she lay down, opened her arms and spread her legs giving me the view of one angry little clitty! "Well", I said, "You scratch mine and I'll scratch yours"! Oh, girls, we scratched all night!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Eye Candy: Part 2

More pretty pictures to see!! Kisses!!!!


Having the opportunity to spend time with my sister Denise was the icing on the cake for me at Christmas. Being pregnant suited her. She was showing a bit of belly and she seemed to glow. When we arrived my Mom and I took over the kitchen duties. Roast turkey and all the trimmings. I could do it in my sleep. Both ladies dressed casual for dinner but I just had to wear my red dress and pumps. I just couldn't help myself! As long as I had long feminine nails I was determined that everything else about my appearance would just scream out...GIRL! My sister would tease me but I just took it in stride. "Oh, Rita, you're such a fem"! My simple response was just to smile and say thank you. She was thrilled when I told her about the offer that Paolo and Joe made me about working in their restaurant. I still couldn't believe it myself. We talked about what the summer would bring. Denise agreed with Mom about her moving in for her final trimester. "So, Rita, will we have to call you "Blondy" this summer?", she asked. I blushed at that because her husband, Michael, was there at the time. When we were alone together she told me it was a great idea. I told her that I also decided to get a boob job as well. "Who would have ever believed all these years after I first put you in a dress that we would be talking about you getting a boob job!", she said. I sipped my wine and said, "Life's funny that way, isn't it"? "You really are a woman aren't you Rita? I wonder if I didn't put you in that dress what we would be talking about now"? I told her we would be talking about the same thing. Somehow I would have realized I was a girl and not a boy. It might have happened years later but it would certainly have happened. I also decided I'd ask Laura if I could move in with her during my "transition". We talked about Danny as well and the likelihood that our relationship could come out of the closet, so to speak. That brought up the subject of sex. I had had a few glasses of wine so I opened up a bit to her. In graphic detail I described his cock and how he would fuck me in the shower. I also talked about my relationship with Monica, Laura. "Wow!, she said, you are such a little slut"! We both giggled like schoolgirls!

All that sex talk had me missing my man. There was nothing I wanted more right then but a good long drawn out fucking! Screw making love..too ambitious! As Mom and I drove home it was all I could think about. I was fidgety all the way home. My Mom asked me what was wrong. "Oh, alot on my mind", I told her. She just smiled and told me to call him when I got home. That night when I had the house to myself I prettied up and begged him to come over. When he came to our bedroom I was just wearing my pearl. Without a word I got on all fours and swished my pussy back and forth fingering myself. As he entered me I let out a sigh of relief. It was slow and steady and oh so fine! As the pace picked up I was panting like a bitch in heat. "Oh, baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me........", I repeated over and over. I could feel my pearl necklace swinging back and forth around my neck. He called me his hot little slut, his whore, his cum dump, his cunt. It drove me over the edge and I had a huge orgasm. I think I almost passed out from the intensity. Still he continued to plow into me. I could hear his breathing getting harder and knew he was close to blowing his load. I wanted his cum in me and on me like never before. The first blast of his hot man juice went deep into my belly. He then pulled out of me and I took the second shot on my tits. I grabbed his throbbing prick and put it in my mouth to receive the rest of his cum. In me and on me. Perfect! After I swallowed his load I wrapped myself in his embrace and we clung to each other for dear life. His kisses were burning and intense. We cooled down to a cuddle with my hand possessively on his softening cock. "Oh, God, that was sooooo good", I purred. "It was", he said. "Who taught you how to fuck like that, baby?", he asked. "You did, darling"! We then chatted about our Christmas. I filled him in on everything that had happened. He wanted to know more about the restaurant and I told him I would have to meet with Paolo soon to go over the details. Satisfied he began to suckle my breasts. That got the fire started again and soon he was on top of me with his beautiful, beautiful cock buried in me once again. This time it was tender and loving and oh so good! Later we talked about New Year Eve. "I just want to do what we're doing now but I want to wake up in your arms", I told him. He said that that suited him as his parents were going to the shore house. I walked him to the front door and wrapped my arms around his neck. He held me by my waist and tenderly kissed me goodnight. "I love you", I whispered. "I love you, too", he replied. I slept well that night and did not fidget!