Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life Is Funny That Way!

No, I'm not gone but it's not like anybody noticed. I hope I'm being a bit sarcastic. It's been a very trying few months. Some health issues for some who are near and dear but I won't go into that. Laura and I are thinking of giving up Lorita and moving to a bit mor "cosmopolitan" environment. That will take awhile to determine. Maybe next year. Since I started this blog a few years ago so many changes have happened. I love writing it because I feel it's very theraputic and I also think (forgive the ego) it's pretty damn well written. We are all, as I'm sure that most of you are, in transition. But my basic philosophy remains constant. I'm not really a religious person and I believe the Bible can be edited down to just two things in order to live a good life. Old Testemant: The Ten Commandments... New Testament: Sermon On The Mount. Everything else is filler. I don't wish to offend if you don't see things my way but that was all I ever needed. You know me. I'm not a bad person. I have so much tolerence for those who are shunned by "normal" society. I just want to cook them a good meal and tell the to be themselves and everything will be alright. Give me some space to adjust and I will be here for you. Kisses...Rita! P.S......Yes, Danny and I are still making "the beast with the two backs"!