Thursday, February 19, 2009


Monica told me the next day at work that Laura wanted to make "girls night" a weekly thing. I agreed whole heartily. So Saturday's became our night to get together. Fridays were reserved for boyfriends or dates. I was struggling in my chemistry class so Isigned up for a tutoring session one afternoon a week. Luckily it was held at the library so it was very convenient for me. Monica was like another sister to me. She was always after me to "push the envelope", so to speak. I was already wearing subtle makeup to work everyday. If people noticed they didn't say anything probably assuming I was a girl anyway. I did get referred to as "miss" allot. That would give Monica the giggles but it was music to my ears. "Wear nail polish tomorrow and pad your bra out more", she would tell me. Our evenings always ended up in the ladies room together for a quick fix up or a kissie session. One evening, when things were quiet I slipped into the ladies room and put my hair in an up do. When Monica saw it she was ecstatic. "Wear it like that all day tomorrow"! Well, I didn't but the next day I wore a satiny blouse with a slightly padded bra underneath. When Monica came in she found me sitting at my desk with my legs crossed at the knee shaping my nails. Her response was that I should have worn heels! She's so tough to please. I did however, after much coaxing, put my hair up again. Everyday I tried something else to get a reaction out of her. Friday's were best because I would really glam it up to meet with Danny. Since it was so dead at work I had extra time. One time I slipped into a tight red dress with matching pumps. As I was putting the finishing touches to my face Monica came in. "Girl, you look so hot in that dress you'll give him a heart attack"! "Thanks, hon, I just wanted to feel extra sexy tonight. It's been a long week and besides, I'm horny as hell". Monica came up behind me as I was leaning over applying my lipstick. She placed her hands on my hips and thrust her groin against my ass. "Hmmmm...somebodies pussy is getting plowed tonight", she whispered. Her hand came up and fondled my right breast. I looked in the mirror, lipstick poised at my red lips. It was a very erotic sight. I was getting very aroused. "You love his cock, don't you? You just can't wait to get those luscious red lips of yours wrapped around it". It was true. I was thinking about little else that entire day. I straightened up and turned around. "Monica, darling, please.....", was all I got out before she clamped her lips onto mine. "Stop", I breathed, "your smearing my lipst.....". "Don't be such a sissy", she said as she once again gave me a heart wrenching tongue kiss. As I was repairing the damage she told me she just wanted to get my engines started.

While driving her home I asked if we were still on for the next night. She told me that unfortunately she had to attend an exhibition that one of her instructors was having in the city. "It's just you and Laura tomorrow, sweety". Just me and Laura. My new mentor! "I'll miss you", I pouted. "Of course you will. Who else is going to show you two sissy's the ropes?", she replied. "Now go and get your pretty little behind fucked to pieces". Well, you know me, I always do what I'm told. I couldn't get enough of him that night and fortunately he couldn't get enough of me!

I arrived at Laura's apartment around 8 the next night. I brought the fixings to make us a pizza. She was delighted to see that we were both dressed in denim. Her in a tight pair of shorts and me in a short skirt. She also noticed I was walking kind of funny. "Oh", she said, "you must have had a lot of fun last night". I just smiled and told her that, yes I did have fun. "You're very fortunate, Rita, to have such a great guy in your life at such a young age". I agreed and told her I was also very fortunate to have two wonderful girlfriends as well. She gave me a sisterly hug and a little kiss. We looked into each other's eyes. "Later",she said, let's eat and talk first". So we did.

She recounted her story of how Monica and she would dress up and sing to old Madonna songs. "I idolized her", she told me. "Most other "guys" at 14, she said, wanted to fuck her. I wanted to be her. I knew I was different". She told me of the times that her parents would catch her wearing makeup and punish her. "They just couldn't or didn't want to understand me. But I just couldn't help myself. They sent me to different doctors. It was very humiliating." She told me she had a very strained relationship with most of her family. Only Monica's family would speak to her. I remarked that Monica seemed to really enjoy feminizing people. "Oh, she certainly does. She had me in skirts when we were just 10. I loved it from the beginning. We would spend hours in her room trying on different dresses. My favorite was a flower girl dress she'd worn to a wedding. I was in heaven every time I wore it". I told her about my first dress. My sister's communion dress. We chatted for over two hours about growing up and being girly. I was sort of glad Monica wasn't there that night. I could tell Laura and I were bonding. We had just so much in common. We had just opened a second bottle of wine when Laura suggested changing into something more comfortable. Laura slipped into a frilly little pink number while I opted for something in a seductive black. We cuddled with our wine in front of her fireplace. It was pure bliss. The mingling fragrance of our perfumed bodies in the soft glow of the fire. We continued to talk and sip and exchange tender kisses. It was so different than just 24 hours earlier when Danny and I were making love. There was an undeniable tenderness between Laura and I. We adjourned to her bedroom for some sweet sissy lovemaking. That night I learned so much about giving another t-girl pleasure. We took it slow and easy. We were in a 69 embrace for what seemed like hours. At one point the phone rang. Laura never bothered to answer. We were just so focused in on each other's clitty. There was no pussy play that night. Just sweet, sweet sissy lovemaking. I know I came twice but that wasn't important. Laura and I were sharing a bond that only girls like us will ever know. My orgasms came directly from her tenderly sucking on my nipples. We would doze occasionally only to waken to sensual lip play. By morning the sheets were a mess of cum and lipstick. The true proof of a night of t-girl lovemaking.

The next morning after showering (together) we sat for a nice breakfast. Laura told me she had to drive into Princeton to check on a few properties. She asked if I'd like to join her and maybe browse the shops in Palmer Square. I agreed and suggested we collect Monica on the way. Laura lent me a cute dress and a pair of heels telling me it would be nice to wear something girly since it was such a nice day. She didn't have to twist my arm. Soon the three of us, resplendent in our Sunday dresses were on our way. We checked out the houses. All huge. You could smell the money in the air. Monica was all questions about our night together. We gave her only the basics. Both Laura and I knew we had spent a very special night together. We had a certain chemistry that we could never entirely share with anyone else. It was a delightful day capped off by attending a charity fashion show. On the way back we decided that next week we'd have to make plans for our night in the city for Halloween. When I got home I prepared my Mom a delicious meal and chatted about my weekend with my two girlfriends. She was happy for me. "You're blossoming into womanhood so easy. Easier than most women I know", she told me. I blushed at that but I felt a tremendous amount of love for her at that moment. "It's easy when you have such wonderful role models, Mom". We both got a little weepy at that. When she left for the hospital I phoned Danny and then my sister, Denise. I was so happy I wanted to share with everyone I cared about. I relaxed in a nice warm bubble bath going over the past 48 hours. Everything from Danny's cock to Laura's sweet lips. A girl couldn't ask for more I thought. Well, maybe a passing grade in chemistry!