Friday, April 17, 2009

Memories And Mones!

The library didn't fire me but I was reprimanded. Andrea was sympathetic when I gave her my two week notice. Monica soon followed suit. That night as we were primping in the ladies room I lamented to her that I was going to miss the room. So many firsts happened for me in that room. Monica just smiled and said, "The world is full of women's restrooms, Missy". I had off from school the next day so she asked me to meet her at the mall to do a little holiday shopping. Being true to my vow to be a girl everywhere but school I dressed to the nines. I spent the morning with my hair in rollers to give myself a very wavy hairdo. I wore a black suede skirt with three inch heels even though I knew I'd be on my feet for most of the day. As I drove to the mall I thought about my driver's licence. I'd have to change that as well. So many little details! When I spotted Monica in the food court I was surprised to see she had company. She greeted me with an air kiss and introduced me to her companion. "Rita, honey, this is Stephan." Stephan stood and extended his hand. I extended mine and was greeted with, what can only be described as, a very girly handshake. You know, just fingers touching. "I'm very pleased to meet you Rita, you look lovely." I thanked him and we sat. I noticed that he had very "pleasant" features. Very smooth skin and wispy eyebrows. It was evident that Monica was working her magic on him. The best way to describe him would be "soft and cute". He was wearing a pair of beige slacks and a cranberry turtle neck sweater. I noted his hands had long thin fingers and his nails had a sheen of clear polish on them. Monica then said to him, "Stephan, why don't you go and get Rita a cup of tea"? "Yes, Monica, sure"! When he was gone I turned to Monica who had a great big grin on her face. "Isn't she precious, my little Stephanie"? I was a bit dazed by all of this but strangely intrigued. "Monica you are such a tease", I admonished her. "You have him wrapped around your finger, don't you"? She just smiled and said, "He worships the ground I walk on. I'm a goddess to him, I mean her! She's very submissive"! Well, he is kind of cute I must admit", I told her. "Yes, cute as a button but also pretty as a princess. She has on the most adorable lingerie under her boy clothes.

I certainly could identify with that! She went on to describe it. "A pretty cranberry bra and pantie set with a matching garter belt and stockings. I picked them up at Victoria's Secret thinking first that they would look great on you. And of course he has a matching lipstick in his pocket". He returned with my tea and I thanked him. I noticed that he sat and crossed his legs like a perfect little miss. His mannerisms, although not overly swishy, were not exactly masculine. His eyes lit up when he smiled and he would occasionally run the tips of his fingers through his blond hair. I complimented him on his hair. It was so shiny and thick but not overly long. He blushed and thanked me. "I'm thinking of going blond for the summer", I told him. "Do blonds really have more fun, Stephan?", I teased him. He lowered his eyes and blushing said, "Well, I certainly am now." We chatted for a bit, sipping our tea. Monica said we should start hitting the stores. She opened her purse and removed a compact and lipstick. "Rita, maybe you should touch up your lips before we go." I dutifully took out my compact and lipstick and touched up. Such a thrill doing this in a public place! I glanced over at Monica who seemed to be in no hurry to finish her application. She was looking directly into Stephan's eyes. He had such a look of longing on his face. I knew what the poor boy was thinking. A wave of pity washed over me. I could see his hand was fingering something in his pocket. I knew it was his cranberry lipstick. It reminded me of the days when I would dress all girly underneath and never leave the house without my lipstick in my pocket. "I hope you don't mind, Stephan, but a girl never goes anywhere without her lipstick perfectly applied", she told him. "Yes, Monica, I understand", he said with a slight tremble in his voice. "Okay, girls, let's go"! "Oh", I thought, "She's really pouring it on." I glanced at Stephan and again noticed his blushing cheeks but a smile on his face.

We spent the afternoon going from store to store. I was happy to get most of my holiday shopping out of the way. We spent a great deal of time in the women's sections of the big department stores. Monica was always asking Stephan his opinion on things. "Would these shoes go with that outfit? Does this dress require a slip"? Things like that. I'll give him credit. He always had the correct answer. He also insisted on carrying all our bags. In the cosmetics department it was more of the same. She asked him for his opinions for eyeshadows, blushes, and of course lipsticks. She even spritzed him with perfume from a sampler. I could sense his emotions were on overload and suggested a break and find a restroom. As we were entering the ladies room Monica turned to him and said, "Sorry, honey, girls only". Again that look of longing on his face. When we finished our business I admonished Monica for torturing the poor boy. "Nonsense, Rita, she's adoring every little second of this. She'll probably have to milk herself on the way home. In fact, since she's done so well today, I'll give her a hand job myself. She loves my nails." "Monica you are so wicked sometimes." "Rita you have no idea how turned on I am right now. Just the thought of that little creampuff has my pussy soaked. I love feminizing boys and I make no apologies for it." I wanted to kiss her but we weren't alone. She had done so much for me and I knew she wasn't cruel. She would guide Stephanie to her feminine future with loving care. "Whens the big debut?", I asked. "Saturday night at Laura's place. I think we'll have maid service", she giggled.

We said our goodbyes and as they walked away I noticed the visible pantie lines on Stephan's cute butt. On the way home I stopped by the doctor's office to get the note I promised Miss Evans. My doctor, Janet, could only spare a few minutes but asked how things were going and if the hormones were giving me any problems. "Not at all I just get a little moody now and then but everything is still functioning", I replied. I confirmed my next appointment and left for home.

When I got home I was happy to see that a package was waiting for me. My shower buddy had arrived!!!! After putting things away and doing some chores I stripped down to take a! My new buddy didn't let me down. Thinking back over the events of the day I slowly fucked myself with the warm water falling all around me. I just loved fucking in the shower. I'd beg Danny to do me on Friday. He's so forceful when we fuck. As I sprayed my cum all over the stall I thought of Stephan dressed in a frilly french maid's outfit with very high heels and a beautifully made up face. Stephanie's debut! I couldn't wait. After coming back down to planet Earth I slipped into some casual clothes, tied my hair up and began making dinner. Mom was getting ready for work at the hospital. We had a pleasant dinner of red snapper and chatted about our day. When she left I sat and started to study for a chemistry test. The phone rang and it was Monica. "Guess what she's doing?", she gushed. "Who"? "Stephanie, silly"! "Nursing a baby", I giggled. "No, no, no, but that's a great idea! She's practicing walking in 6 inch heels"! Oh, Rita, she had soooo much fun today with us! When I told her I'd give her a reward for being such a good little girl she was all fluttery! I gave her a nice milking on the ride home. She was so excited she put on her lipstick right in the car! She said she didn't care who saw her. Oh, you should see her in her dainties right now walking and sitting and crossing her legs! And what gorgeous legs"! My chemistry test was all but forgotten. I remembered all those nights spent just practicing all those feminine little things! Heels, makeup, dressing, nails! And dreaming! Dreaming of the boy next door and his cock! It was all so real for me now! "Thanks, Monica, now you got me horny as hell"! I rang off and phoned Danny. I begged him to come over. When he got there I leaped into his arms and gave him a big sloppy kiss. He had no problem responding and I could feel his big slab of man meat rising to the occasion. He dropped his pants and I devoured him in a flash. I gave him probably the best blow job of his life that night! Since I wasn't wearing makeup at the time, just a little lipstick, I had him cum all over my face! I filled my own panties with cum. "What brought that on?", he asked. "Ummmm...Memories and Hormones...I guess!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter From My Kitchen!

I'm feeding 16 people today and just wanted to wish you all the best! A longer update will be coming soon! Kisses!!!