Friday, April 24, 2009


Laura and I spent the rest of the day in each others arms talking and kissing and cumming. I told her of my plans to go full time after graduation. When I told her my plan to go blond in the summer she was thrilled! "I'll make all the arrangements for you at my salon when the time comes. In the mean time let your hair grow out a bit.", she told me. We also talked more about Monica and her plans to take Stephanie for a wife. We decided to get right to the point with her and gave her a call. She told us she was busy at the moment but if we wanted to meet the next night after work at the library she'd be happy to answer all our questions. When I got home that night I made Mom and I a quick dinner. Later I offered to give her a pedicure. She was thrilled at the idea. I try to pamper her when I can. She puts in long hours at work in the hospital. I told her of my plans after graduation. Going full time, going blond and becoming, essentially, her "niece". She listened without comment while I groomed her toes. Finally she said, "Well, if you are going to continue to live here I guess it's the most logical thing to do. However....I have some things to tell you as well". I sat poised with the nail polish brush in my hand. "Rita...this has been on my mind for a while now and I guess this is the time to talk about it." For a second I felt a cold chill run up my spine. "What?", I whispered. She smiled. "Oh, take that scared look off your face. Look...I want to be closer to Denise and the baby when the time comes so I want to relocate closer to her. That means we may have to sell the house or you can remain here since it's all paid for". I was shocked. Sell the house? It's the only place I had ever lived. "Mom, I...." She cut me off. "There's just one more thing. I met someone". "Met someone, who..what"?! "Rita, I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone. Since your father died I haven't...." She started to cry. My father. It's not often a subject that we talk about and this is the first time I'm writing about it. The truth is I hardly knew him. He died of leukemia when I was only three years old. I grabbed my Mom in my arms and we both hugged and sobbed like babies. After we settled down a bit we sat at the kitchen table and had the first of many long discussions about the future. I realized I was being so self centered and thought the world revolved around me and my future. I never even gave my own mother a thought about hers. I just assumed she would always be there for me. That rock of support I had all my life.

She filled me in on who she had met. My sister's OBGYN! "Mom", I giggled, you scored a doctor"! She told me she met him when she went with Denise for a check up. They hit it off right away as they realized they had much in common. His name is James and he was a widower. His wife had also passed away from leukemia. Both being in the medical profession they were able to relate on a variety of topics. "I'm only five years away from retirement at the hospital. My plan...yes I have plans to move in with Denise until the baby comes. There are certain signs that it might be a difficult pregnancy". Another cold chill. "Don't worry, Rita, all is fine right now but I have my concerns". I told her that she should leave right away. I even volunteered to go with her. She told me that her plans would coincide with mine. After graduation. "Wow, Mom, this is such a shock but I'm so happy for you. Tell me all about him. Have you slept with him"? She gave me a stern look. "Listen, young lady, you're not to old that I can't put you over my knee"! We both giggled. "Sorry, Mommy". We were both getting tired. I finished her pedicure and went up to change for bed. I came down to say goodnight and found her sitting in the living room. "I poured you some brandy, honey. I thought we both could use it", she said lighting a Virginia Slim. She offered me one and I took it. We talked a bit more as we sipped our brandy. Before heading to bed she told me of how proud she was of me for being strong enough to take control of my life. With a tear running down my cheek I told her of how equally proud of her I was. "Mom, without you I would have no life at all." I love her so very much.

The next night as Monica and I went about our tasks at the library I filled her in on the previous night's events. She was very sympathetic and promised to help in any way she could. Our time at the library was drawing to a close having both given notice. "Oh, by the way", she told me, "the waitress jobs are in the bag". "Really! When! Where"! I was so excited. "Cafe Roma, right after the first of the year". "Cafe Roma! I love that place. A bit upscale. Do you think I can handle it?", I gushed. She assured me I would be fine although I might be a bit disappointed with the uniforms. I could care less. I'd wear a card board box to experience that place! Later on we met up with Laura at a local coffee shop. It was time to get the lowdown on Project Stephanie!

She began by telling us that Stephan was an adjunct art professor at her school. She had met him on a field trip to a museum in Manhattan. "I sensed something right away about her", she told us. "It's just a feeling I get. I got the same feeling when I met you Rita". I blushed and smiled. "We had lunch together that day. We mostly discussed the art we were seeing and she told me about what her interests in the subject were. She told me about how she felt the female form was nature's true artistic expression and went on to describe her work. She was captivated with pin up art. It was her exhibition I went to the week after we started our Saturday night get togethers". I noted how Monica always referred to Stephan in the feminine and smiled. "I spent the night with her for the first time that night. When I first saw her naked I was impressed with the size of her cock. I mean who wouldn't be? What impressed me even more were her legs. Although they were a bit hairy at the time I saw immediate potential. That's when I had the first inklings of a plan. The first time we fucked she was on top. It was the last time. When I complained that her leg hair was chaffing my thighs and I thought they'd be nicer without hair I noticed her cock getting hard again. I knew I had her right where I wanted her. An hour later she was totally smooth from the chin on down. From that point on she was putty in my hands. She made a compliment about my perfume so I spritzed her with some. She got harder still. I pushed her on her back and mounted her. As I fucked her I was studying her face imagining what she'd look like fully made up with a feminine hairstyle. I must have cum 20 times during that fuck. One thing I'll say for her is she sure has stamina. After that night we were always together after classes, except for some Saturday nights, of course. At first things went slowly. I wanted to be totally sure she'd be willing to be molded in the image I wanted for her. First it was lingerie, that was easy. Panties and stockings first, then babydolls and teddies. The first time I made up her face she was totally blown away. She became Stephanie that night. She also became very submissive. That made me wild! After that it was just a matter of learning to walk in high heels, mannerisms and giving her a totally feminine outlook. What you saw the other night was the final far". She paused to sip her coffee. "But the marriage", Laura asked. "Yes", I chimed in, "don't you think you are rushing things"? Monica looked at us and shook her head. "Fair question", she said. "Rita, when you first hooked up with Danny didn't you know he was the one"? I nodded. "Then what makes you think that I'd not know the same thing"? She was right. "I'll never in a million years find another Stephanie. She is perfect for me. I never got off on the macho. From the moment I first put Laura in a dress I knew what I wanted in life. The fact that Laura latched on to it was just icing on the cake". I glanced over at Laura to see she was blushing. She looked so cute! She gazed at me and we both got giggling. Monica just laughed. "I love my sissy sisters", she said, and that's why I want so much for both of you to be a part of our lives together. Stephanie is still very much a work in progress. I want her to be a part of our get togethers but only if she earns the privilege. It is very important at this point that she not think of herself as our equals". I need to enforce that submissive behaviour in her". Monica looked at me. "That was the reason for the cigars the other night, honey", she said. "Oh, yeah, about that, what exactly was that all about"? She explained that Laura and she were watching some movie one night when a very feminine woman was smoking a cigar. Seems that they were both intrigued by it. "My father is a cigar smoker on occasion and I took one of his and Laura and I experimented, so too speak. We kinda liked it so we would have one every now and then. Not often but when the mood hit us. Admit it, Rita, you kinda liked it too". I admitted it was okay but told her I'd stick to my Virgina Slim 120's when i felt the urge to smoke. The conversation then turned to wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. "Stephanie is paying for everything so you two don't have to worry your pretty little heads about it", she told us. "Where's all the money coming from", Laura asked. Monica smiled that wicked grin again. "She's loaded. She has a trust fund that would make a Kennedy blush". She went on to explain that Stephanie's parents were involved in banking in Switzerland and lived there year round except for summers where they spent their time at their villa on Lake Como in Italy. Laura and I just sat there shocked. Monica still had that wicked grin. She then turned serious and said, "It's not at all about the money. I'd want Stephanie even if she came from a trailer park somewhere. I didn't even know about it until a few weeks ago. Don't mention it to her. It embarrasses her". We promised we wouldn't.
"Of course", Monica went on, "we will have two ceremonies, one in Vegas and the real legal one in Geneva. The important one will be with the two of you in Vegas. Stephanie and I will both wear gowns. For the other she will have to be in boy drag, and believe me, it will be one of the very few times that will happen"!
As I was driving home I was trying to soak everything in. All the revelations in the past two days had my head spinning. I needed a good long soak. I filled the tub and got myself some brandy and a cigarette and sank beneath the suds. As I was soaking I gave Danny a call. I was so happy to hear his voice. I filled him in on my mother's plans. "Will you stay on in the house"? "I'm not sure yet", I told him. "I'm sure Laura wouldn't mind a roommate". He voiced some concern that that would put a damper on our time together. I assured him that even if I moved to Timbuktu it wouldn't put a damper on our relationship. "I miss you, honey, I really do", I cooed to him. "Want me to come over?", he slyly asked. "Please do, I need someone to scrub my back". Five minutes later my naked hunky husband was drying me off. After a dusting of Chanel he carried me naked to our bed. Since both of us were off the next day we took our time and made passionate love until dawn. As his cock sawed in and out of my pussy I let all the recent events and revelations slip from my mind. He was the center of my universe that night. Between lovemaking I asked him if he's ever been to Las Vegas. He said no and asked me why I wanted to know. Being aloof I replied, "No particular reason. I just thought it would be a nice place for a honeymoon"! He smiled at that. Putting me on my back he slowly entered me again. I wrapped my legs around his back as he fully entered my love canal. "It's good to have you home, darling"!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Pink Place

The holiday break finally came. Exams over. I felt such a sense of bliss. True to her word, Laura treated me to a manicure and pedicure at her favorite nail salon. I had extensions put on and had them polished a deep shiny red for Christmas.

I loved them and refused to think that they would have to be removed in two weeks (Bah humbug!) I treated Laura to lunch as a thank you. While sitting over cups of tea I asked Laura to tell me what Monica was like growing up. She got a funny gleam in her eye and smiled. "Monica was always the one in charge of things. Not in any mean spirited way. She just took charge. When I was with her, which was often, she would decide what games we would play or what TV show we would watch. Obviously one of her favorite things to do was play dress up. Her father and grandmother were usually pretty busy at the restaurant at that time so we spent a good deal of our time alone together. Since all we really had to dress up in were either her things or her mother's I found myself in a dress most of the time". "Did you enjoy it", I asked. "Very much but I didn't let on in the beginning. It was one day when we were playing some board game or something that I made the suggestion to play dress up. Monica got kind of upset because she was winning the game. She told me if I wanted to play that I would have to wear everything she gave me. That was the day I was dressed in her flower girl dress. I was dressed for the first time from the skin out. Panties, cami top, tights, shoes, the works". It was surreal to me as this was so similar to my very own beginnings. "It was the same with me, Laura, except it was the communion dress. Did she do your makeup as well?", I asked. "Oh, yes! Even in those days Monica was very skilled at makeup. When I viewed the final results I was hooked. Monica was very excited and I thought I looked just beautiful. It was like my mind shifted to a different place." I just nodded. I knew that place only to well. I used to think of it as the "pink place". I told Laura that and she smiled. "I like that, the pink place. Yes that describes it perfectly. We then chatted about Monica leading Stephan to that place. "Laura, I wish you were with us when we went to the mall. He's such a sweet boy." "Not for long, Rita!", she giggled. "Stephanie is making her debut tonight and you can bet that Monica will have some surprises up her sleeve. She told me there would be a big surprise for sure."

We left the mall and drove over to Laura's place to prepare for the evening. As we drove I just admired my long red nails shine in the sunlight. "What are we wearing tonight?", I asked her. "Monica suggested casual but sexy. I guess she wants the focus to be on her project." I opted for a pair of daisy dukes and a halter top. Barefoot and bra less. I ponied my hair up in pigtails tied off with pretty bows. I gave my eyes a sultry evening look and painted my lips a bright red to match my new nails. Laura looked luscious in a tube top and short denim skirt and like me she wore no bra. Her makeup was like mine, done up in evening tones. Her lips were a lovely fuchsia shade. We met up in the kitchen and smiled at each other. "The pink place", she said and hugged me. Our nipples rubbed together and I could feel my clitty straining in my panties. "Let's save it for later, darling", she whispered. I made some finger foods and we cracked open a bottle of Sancerre. When the doorbell rang we both rushed to answer it in anticipation. Monica hurried into the room closely followed by Stephan wearing a long winter coat and what looked to be ladies leather gloves with a fur trim. It was amazing that as soon as she entered you could feel the energy surrounding her. Her presence filled the room. "Say hello to the girls, sweety", she told him. He shyly said hello. He was carrying a garment bag and an over night case. "Say goodbye to the girls, sweety", as she led him to the spare bedroom. "We may be about an hour so relax. Oh, by the way, Rita, love the nails". "Thanks, have fun!", I replied. After about half an hour and two glasses of wine Laura and I were getting curious. We crept down the hall and listened at the door. At first we heard nothing then we heard Monica softly talking. "Carefully now, baby, we want those eyebrows to look just perfect....that's it.....a little more definition on the other one. Oh, Stephie-poo, you're getting Mommy so hot!" Laura and I just looked at each other and mouthed, "Mommy?" We had to stifle a giggle. Monica again. "Easy, pumpkin, you don't want to poke your eye out.....good girl....good girl.....awwwww does Mommy's little lady need some relief? We can't have that clitty of yours ruining the line of your pretty dress now can we"? After a pause we heard her again. "Who's Mommy's pretty girl"? Stephan replied, "I am Mommy". "Say it then, honey bunny". "I'm Mommy's pretty little girl". "Yes, you are. Such a pretty girl. Such a pretty, pretty girl. Mommy's so proud of her pretty girl". We heard Stephan give a low moan. "That's it, sweetheart, let it all out, let all of that girly juice out". Laura and I were transfixed and turned on. Stephan was moaning louder now. "Shhh, shhh,'s your reward for being a good little girl....that's it lick it all here....good girl. Feeling better now, Stephanie? Good girl. Mommy's going to get some more tissues so you wait right here until I get back. A little more blush for this cheek, baby". Laura and I rushed back to the living room and just sat down when a rather flushed looking Monica walked in. "So, how's it going", Laura asked. "Fine, if the both of you didn't already know", she laughingly said as she grabbed the tissues and headed back to her dress up doll. I looked at Laura and said, "How did she...." "I know how you sissies think", was Monica's replay.

After another twenty minutes or so Monica came back in. She opened a bag and removed a bottle of cognac. "Rita, would you do the honors?", she asked me. I took the bottle and looked at it. Hennessy XO. "Wow", I thought. "It doesn't get any better than this". "Just three snifters, Rita and bring a lighter as well". I returned with the drinks as Monica again reached into her bag and took out three cigars. "Cigars?", Laura gasped. "Not just any cigars, honey, these are Cuban". "But why"? Monica explained that a touch of masculinity from us was crucial for her plans for Stephanie at this time. She wanted her to be the feminine focal point. "Makes some sense", I thought. We each clinked our glasses in a toast and Monica then lit our cigars. I thought I would hate it but the smoke was smooth and flavorful. I understood now why it went so well with fine cognac. This was the most "manly" thing I ever did in my life but it felt kind of sexy as I noted my lipstick print on the tip. "What next", I said, "hunting"? We told Monica about the pink place and she loved the concept.

Monica walked to the edge of the doorway and softly said, "Stephanie, honey, the girls are just dying to meet you". She then sat between Laura and I. As we sat there, cognac in one hand, cigar in the other Stephanie walked into the room. Laura let out an audible gasp. In a word Stephanie was simply stunning. She wore a skimpy frilly black dress with seamed stockings, ultra high heels, long wavy blond hair and very skillfully applied makeup. I noted a little frothy bow matching her dress pinned to the side of her hair. She was a Barbie doll come to life. Monica stood and went to her side. She looked like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. "Ladies, allow me to introduce Stephanie to you". "Simply gorgeous", I heard Laura whisper. She was certainly that. I gave her the critical eye as I sat with my cigar. "Rita, do you recognize the shade of lipstick that Stephanie applied this evening?", Monica asked. I did. Revlon Certainly Red. My shade. "She's wearing it in your honor." I rose up and walked over to her. She seemed scared. I slowly walked around her taking an occasional puff. I checked her out from head to pedicured toe. I sat back down. "Stephanie", I said, "welcome to the pink place." "Thank you so very much, Rita. I know I'll never be as pretty as the three of you but I'll never stop trying". She was just so sweet standing there. Monica again sat between Laura and I. "Ladies", she said, just one more little detail. "Stephanie, lift your dress up, sweetheart." She daintily lifted the frilly hem of her dress with her pretty painted nails. What I saw next will stay with me for the rest of my life. There hanging between her legs was one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. It had to be 10 inches long and very thick. I heard Laura gasp again and whisper, "sweet mother of mercy". Monica again stood and walked back over to her creation. She reached down and hefted the monster in her hand. "Mommy's little girl isn't so little is she", she said with that wicked grin of hers. Stephanie blushed and her breathing was getting harder. So was her cock. It really couldn't be thought of as a clitty. Like Laura's and mine. This was a full blown grade A hunk of meat. As it hardened under Monica's caresses it was just perfect. It looked as if it was chiseled out of marble.

"Stephanie, you are excused to change into something more comfortable. Put on that little black babydoll and come back to join the party". "Yes, Monica. Thank you, ladies!" With that the little creampuff wiggled back to the bedroom. "Make sure to check your makeup, sweety", Monica called out to her. Monica stood in front of us. "Well"? Laura and I began talking at the same time. Words like stunning, gorgeous, that cock!, etc. were flying around like tennis balls. And speaking of "balls", Stephanie had a pair the size of robin's eggs! "Don't get any ideas about my honey's clitty, ladies", Monica told us. "The only pussy she gets is mine and mine alone". Laura seed a bit put off with that but I didn't. There was only one cock for me. "However, since you two have made her so happy you will get to suck it. As a matter of fact I think there's enough for the two of you at the same time"! Laura and I looked at each and she pursed her fuchsia lips and made a kissy face at me. "Enjoying your cigars and brandy, ladies". I forgot about the cigar. It needed to be re lit but I thought that I had had enough anyway. It was nice but not very lady like in my opinion. The brandy, however, was a different story. "I so love a good Cuban. Don't you agree, Laura?", Monica asked. "I do, it's very relaxing", she replied. I was getting the impression that this was not the first time my girlfriends had shared a brandy and cigar together. Oh well. To each her own.

Stephanie soon returned wearing a frilly little black lacy babydoll. "Come sit by Mommy, darling. Rita, would you pour my sweety a snifter"? But no cigar for you, pumpkin, little girls don't smoke these nasty things." Stephanie let out a girlish giggle. I presented her with her brandy and as she took it she gave my hand a little squeeze. I sat next to her and put my arm around her shoulder. "How are you feeling, Stephanie"? "I've never been happier in all my life", she beamed. Monica and Laura looked on as they finished their cigars and brandy. "One more little surprise, ladies", Monica said. "I've asked Stephanie to be my bride and she has excepted. Isn't that right, pumpkin"? "Oh, yes, yes!", Stephanie gushed,tears springing to her eyes. "Easy girl, that mascara is not waterproof and you don't want your pretty lashes to fall off". Laura and I were shocked to say the least. We hugged and kissed the happy couple in a flutter. "I don't suppose that you two would mind being bridesmaids, would you?", Monica asked. We both screamed "YES" in unison. Monica then explained that upon graduation Stephanie and her would go to Las Vegas and tie the knot. Both would be wearing wedding gowns. She then proceeded to open her purse and remove the two matching diamond engagement rings. She slipped one on to Stephanie's finger and Stephanie returned the favor. More gushing from Laura and I. "Let's move the party to the bedroom and you two can give my Stephie-poo her engagement gift"! We all minced in and had our new girl lie on her back. Laura and I lay on either side of her. Her cock was hard and waiting. I started at her balls while Laura attacked her long, thick shaft. I had a hard time giving her balls a bath because she was so big. Bigger than Danny. (Don't tell him I said that!) I gave them a good tongue lashing anyway. Pulling back I noticed Laura getting ready to go down on her. I quickly joined her. We both licked and sucked at Stephanie's cock head occasionally sharing a kiss with her shaft between us. I glanced at the new girl. Her head was thrown back in a state of bliss. I looked over at Monica. Her eyes were glazed over and her fingers were buried inside her soaking wet pussy. "So perfect!", she whispered. I smiled at her. She smiled back. I was so happy for her. Here we were, her three little sissys engaged in the act of girly love. "Don't let her cum, girls!", she moaned. Meanwhile Laura and I were tag teaming taking her cock in our mouths, kissing before switching places. Stephanie was jerking her slim body up to meet our oral embraces. "Stop!", Monica said. "My turn! I can't wait any longer". Laura and I rolled aside as Monica mounted Stephanie burying her shaft in her dripping cunt. "Mommy needs to fuck her girl", she moaned. And fuck her she did. Monica rode her like she was a rodeo star. It went on for a long time. Laura and I sat transfixed by the sight of two beautiful women fucking like animals. Finally I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and Laura had that look on her face. No words needed to be spoken. We slipped into a familiar 69 position and blasted off for heaven. It was a long night of heated passion. At one point we gave the newly engaged couple some privacy and slipped off to the shower and Laura's buddy! Needless to say the bed sheets the next morning were a mix of cum and lipstick.

Over breakfast the next morning Laura commented that she needed to air the place out. "Smells like a pool hall in here!", she said. I asked Monica about the waitress jobs and she told me her Dad was working on it. Stephanie reluctantly changed back into Stephan. Outwardly anyway. Monica insisted on full lingerie at all times. We assured her she was all girl to us. After they left I helped Laura clean and air the place out. We were exhausted. Any plans for the rest of the day, Rita?" "Not really. Maybe just go home and take a nap." "Stay. We'll nap together". "Okay, I replied. I called to check up on my honey. We put on some fresh nighties and cuddled together for a much needed nap. So much had happened here in our "pink place"!

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