Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The New Girlfriends: Part 7 - Betrayed By Shalimar!

A million thoughts were going through my mind as Kevin and I went down to greet my mother and his sister. Most of them concerned covering our tracks. Will she notice anything different about her bedroom? (Shouldn't have used it!) Did we leave any glassware laying around with obvious lipstick prints? We entered the living room to find my mother and Kevin's sister, Sharon, in a tight embrace. "Mom"? She spun around and, with a dazzling smile, opened her arms towards me. "My darling"! I ran into her embrace as if we had been parted for a month and not just a few days. "Mommy has some very special gifts for her princess", she whispered in my ear. She pulled back a bit and I saw a knowing smile break out on her face. She whispered again. "Shalamar, honey"? I could feel my face turning beet red. "I showered", I thought to myself. She took me by the hand and we went to stand with Keven and Sharon who were similarly in an embrace. I gave Sharon a hug as Mom hugged Kevin. I could see she was trying to determine if he was also smelling sweeter than a sixteen year old boy should.
"Jake, dear, please go to the wine cabinet and bring out a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon '96. And four flutes please. We need to celebrate"! I did as told, wondering just what my mother was thinking. As I was fetching the bubbly I quickly stuck my nose down the front of my shirt taking a long sniff. I didn't smell anything but lavender body wash! I returned with the bottle and flutes and put then on a table. My mother opened the bottle and the cork went sailing across the room as the sparkly wine overflowed a bit. We all cheered as she filled the four flutes. "This must be a special occasion, Mom, if you're sharing this with us!", I said. "Oh, it is darling, it is. This trip could not have turned out better. It looks like our little company is on the verge of reaching a global market. We have so many decisions to make and the time is short but if we all pull together I see it as a complete success"! "We?", I thought. I looked to see what Kevin (my darling Karen!) was doing. He had a somewhat dazed expression. For the next hour or so they filled us in on what they had planned. They would be expanding the line to include styles appealing to an upscale younger market. Gowns and other formal attire, swimsuits, lingerie, casual wear etc. There were also plans to collaborate with jewelry and shoe designers as well as some of the top European cosmetic houses. I was taking this all in but my mind was still doing a mental inventory of what we wore over the weekend and if all was truly put to rights. That "Shalimar" incident was still burning in my mind.
We ate a small catered meal and talked for about an hour more. Well, Kevin and I mostly listened. When they were ready to leave I managed to corner Keven alone as I made sure he had the backpack I had put together for him.(for her actually!) We snuck a quick kiss goodbye and I told him I'd call in the morning. Then it was just my Mom and me. Mom was reclining on the sofa as I walked back into the room. "Oh, Darling, I'm just so exhausted"!, she said. She looked at me and that sly smile broke out once again on her face. "So, what have the two of you been up to over the weekend? Anything you want to tell your mother...princess"? "I..uh..I mean we...uh...you know..uh..just fooled around...uh..yeah". "Just fooled around? How so"? "we..uh..swam alot...oh, and Shane was here to clean the pool", I added, trying to get a grip on my thoughts. "Shane? Oh, that reminds me, I need to call him tomorrow about some new business. "So you and Kevin just fooled around all weekend. Hmmmmm...you know Kevin really is a cutie. I wonder...", she whispered. Suddenly she turned all her focus back to me. "Darling, there is a shopping bag on the table in the foyer, would you be a dear and fetch it for me"? I did as requested and handed the shopping bag to her. "I told you I had some surprises for you, honey"! She opened the bag and drew out a gorgeous white satin babydoll nightgown. "Pretty?", she said smiling. "Very!", I nodded. "It's for you, Jessica, my darling daughter. I was stunned to say the least. "Wait, there's more!", she said reaching in the bag and producing a pair of 3 inch satin boudoir pumps with white ecru poms on the toes. "Why don't you slip into these and come back down and relax with me awhile", she purred. I couldn't wait. I dashed up to my room and stripped. I was thrilled to note that the babydoll also included a matching pantie. I was still on a feminine high from the weekend so after adorning that exquisite piece of fluff I sat at my vanity and prettied up my face a bit. Just some subtle mascara and a light lipstick. I placed my feet into the pumps and giggled as I saw my little red nailed tootsies peaking out from under the ecru. "Mommy's home and I'm her little princess!", I thought, happy with myself as I sprayed a tiny bit of Shalimar on my neck. I tied a pretty white lace ribbon in my hair and minced daintily back to my mother.
"Oh, there's my pretty, pretty princess! Turn around and let me see from the back". I turned around striking a classic model's pose for my mothers inspection. "Lovely, simply lovely!", she said as I turned to take a seat near her. I sat and crossed my legs at the knee as femininely as I could. She looked at my feet. "Jessica, I hope that nail polish had time to dry before you slipped on your new pumps!", she admonished. "It's alright, Mommy, I did them Friday night"! As soon as I said it I realized I had just planted my red toe nailed foot right between my lipsticked lips. There was silence which lasted only about ten seconds but it seemed like an eternity. "Really? Friday night. Well, did you go swimming with you sneakers on"? I looked down at my feet. Red toenails. I was betrayed by my red toenails. "Well, did you, Jessica"? "No, mommy", I whispered. More silence. My tummy was tightening up. "Well, young lady, what did Kevin think about that"? I was tongue tied. "Well"? I mumbled something. "What? I didn't hear you, princess. What did he say"? I took a deep breath. "He thought it was pretty cool so I...uh". "Did what darling. Don't be shy. You can tell me anything, you know that". "I..uh..did..uh..his nails..uh..too". There I said it. There was another pause. I looked up to see my mother standing in front of me. She took both my hands and had me stand in front of her. She then led me over to the couch and we sat side by side. She wrapped me in her arms and we sat cuddled up for a minute or two. "It went a bit beyond nail polish didn't it, Jessica"? I nodded. She chuckled. "Oh, my sweet darling girl. How did he look"? "He..uh..she..I mean he..uh..looked gorgeous, mommy". "Tell me", she whispered. So I told.
I went on for what seemed like hours recanting the weekends girly activities. I omitted the sex, of course. There are just things a sixteen year old boy (!) just can't discuss openly with his(!) mother. "So, is Karen a good kisser?", she giggled. "Mom"! "well, is she? No secrets. You can tell me. Listen, baby girl, I wasn't born yesterday. I was your age once. I know what raging hormones in young people are like, so is she a good kisser"? "Yes", I whispered. "Okay, princess, I won't press you for all the gory details. Let's just say I know it didn't stop with kissing, okay"? I nodded. "Tell me more about Karen, darling. How well did she handle walking in heels and dealing with long nails. In other words, can she be as good as you are, princess. I was feeling alot calmer at this point so I opened up a bit more. "As good and maybe even better, mommy"! "Oh, I doubt that, honey!", she said kissing me on top of my head. I giggled at that. I then explained Karen's concern on how her sister would react. "Don't worry your pretty little head about that, princess. I'll talk with Sharon". She was silent for a second. "You know, darling, this might just work out to be a big advantage for all of us". "How?, I asked. "Well, I told you we are expanding the line to include clothing for a younger market, right"? "Yeah"? She giggled. "Silly girl! Don't you realize we'll need some models for those clothes?", she said with a smile in her voice. "Models? You mean me and Karen"? "Yes, princess, you and your new girlfriend"! I was in shock. Me...and Karen? Models? I hugged my mother as tight as I could. "Oh, Mommy I love you, I love you, I love you"! I was on cloud nine. I never believed it would really happen but just the thought of it. Dresses, gowns, high heels, lingerie, makeup...and red toenails forever! I looked down at my cute little toes and said, "You betrayed me, little toes, but I'm so glad you did"! My mother just laughed as she put her arms around me. "Oh, silly girl"! It wasn't the toe nails. It was the Shalimar, darling. I giggled at that. I thought I was so careful with things that could be detected with the eyes. I should have been just as careful with the nose. "Don't worry, princess it smells heavenly on you! Now I think it's time we went to bed.It's been a long day for both of us. I agreed but I knew that sleep would be hard to come by that night. "Okay, mommy. I put fresh sheets on your bed and towels in your bathroom for you". Yes, princess, I figured as much!", she said with a knowing grin and a saucy wink. I blushed all the way down to my pretty red toenails! Kisses!