Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Super Sunday!

First of all I'd like to thank all of you who boosted my hits with my last entry. It's much appreciated. It would be even nicer if you left some comments but, in all honesty, I'm as guilty as anybody else. The New Girlfriends will continue. In what form....I don't know. However......
If you have been reading my blogs then you know that Super Bowl Sunday is special for Danny and me. We tend to do things that we....well, just say we let all of these fantasies come to life. It's always my choice. This year it's a blast from the past. If you remember the first time he saw me dressed as a girl it was Alice from Wonderland. I thought it would be a great time for a sequel. More on that post-game.
I have some thoughts on writing some stand alone pieces. If that is of interest, than let me know.
Kisses....Rita...Go Giants!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The New Girlfriends: Part 5 - Later That Night!

"Ow, ow, owww, please hurts"! I pulled what little I had of my cock out of Karen's rosebud. I looked to see that her eyes were tearing up. Faint traces of mascara running on to her blushed cheeks. "I'm so sorry dollface! Did it hurt that much"? I had wanted so much to fuck her and later have her return the favor that the thought of it being painful never crossed my mind. "I'm the one who's sorry Jess, I really wanted it too!", she sobbed. My heart melted as I took her in my arms and kissed her soft red lips. "It's okay, honey. I should have known we weren't ready for this". We layed together and cuddled in our nighties until we had calmed ourselves down. After awhile we wrapped ourselves in pengiors and went down to the living room. I poured out each of us a snifter of brandy and we sat and consdered our future together as girls. "How are you going to tell Sharon about this?", I asked. She just shook her head. "No idea", she softly replied. " But, it's just so wierd, I have to be a girl now. All weekend I felt like a living doll and I can't let it end. There has to be a way and besides, I promised Shane I would". I thought for a minute. "My Mom will know how. She'll find a way and besides I really think that Shane was right. Your sister will be so totally cool with it"! "I hope so. I love being a girl and wearing pretty clothes and things", she said as she held out the hem of her babydoll. I noted the pretty red nails and giggled. It was so surreal. Here we were, two teenaged boys wearing babydoll nighties molded around our tits, long red nails with lipstick prints on our brandy snifters. "What about the other thing?", she sighed. "What...oh you mean...the other thing?", I replied. She nodded with just the cutest pout on her face. "Well, we'll just have to start out small and work our way up. I contemplated my next move. Standing up I held out my hand. "Come with me, dollface", I said with a smile on my red lips.
Now, Batman has his Batcave, Superman his Fortress Of Solitude, Raven has her studio and I have my Loft. Up to this point I hadn't mentioned it to Karen as in all reality I just didn't think of it. My loft was my mother's idea from the begining. A place where I could retreat from the world and be as feminine as I wanted whenever I wanted. Needless to say I spent alot of time there. It was light and airy and oh so girly. I kept my entire feminine wardrobe there as well as my doll collection. When I was younger I spent many a happy afternoon playing with my dolls. Dressing them in pretty little outfits and playing the mommy. However, as I hit puberty it became a refuge for more, how shall I say, intimate things. When we got to the door I opened it and waited for Karen too enter. She looked around in wonder. "This is my room", I said. "It's beautiful and so cozy", she replied. She walked around looking at my bed with its ruffled white bedspread, my vanity littered with makeup and perfume, my closets filled with dresses and shoes. There is always a hint of perfume in the air.
She sat at my vanity. "You're so lucky, Jessica. I wish I had a place like this". "You do now, honey. I'm sharing it with you"! She gave out a little gasp and rushed into my arms planting little kisses on my face. "I love you, I love you, I love you!", she cried. "Sit, let me show you someting that no one knows I have". I wnt into the back of my closet and brought out a wooden chest. I laid it on the edge of the bed and motioned for her to open it. She gasped as she viewed the contents. IT contained a collection of five dildos. Each one was larger than the previous one. "Where did you get these?", she whispered. " I orderd them online. Nobody but you know about them but you". I warm smile came to her pretty lips. "Do you use them?", she slyly said. It was my turn to smile. "All the time, honey!", I said giving her a long lashed wink. "Even this one?", she said as she held ou the biggest dildo. It was a good seven inces long. I nodded, still smiling! "Show me", she whipered. I crooked my finger at her as I bade her to follow me into my small but fully functional bathroom. From a shelve I took down a box of my "Summer's Eve" douch. "Look and learn girlfriend. Being a girl is a lot more than shaving your legs and putting on makeup", I told her. She watched as I deftly douched myself clean. When I was done I felt so much more feminine if that were possible. "Now you", I said. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. (Stupid expression!) "It'll be okay. I'll help you the first time". I could see she was a bit tense but she needed to learn this. I guided her first douch to her rosebud and she slowly let it enter her. When she squeezed in the contents she let out an audible sigh. When she was done she was grinning from ear to ear. "See, not so bad!", I said giving her a quick kiss on the lips. We retrned to the bed and she lay down. I layed next to her with the largest dildo and a tube of KY. "This helps", I told her as I deftly lubed up my rubber friend. She watched wide eyed as I slowly sunk it's entire length into my little pussy as I had come to think of it. I stroked in and out for abot ten minutes. All the time she looked on in envy. I shoved in in as far as I could and left it there. Take you panties off and lay on your side", I told her breathing heavey. When she complied I lubed up the middle finger of my right hand and ever so slowly entered her "pussy". "Ohhhhhhh....that feels so much better, Jess!", she moaned. Her cock was geeting very erect and slapping me on the chin. I took her in my mouth and sucked constantly running my finger in and out her hot hole. After awile she was thrashing and moaning and I could feel her swell in my mouth as gushes and gushes of hot cum filled my mouth. She was whimpering like a puppy and purring like a kitten as I continued to finger fuck her. When I finally did pull out she let out a little cry. "That was wonderful but now I feel so empty", she moaned. I quickly got out the smallest and thinnest from the set. I held it up to her eyes and she nodded her head. She sighed sweetly as I guided it in to her. We cuddled and kissed for awhile feeling full and content. We dozed off and slept the rest of the night while still impaled on our new toys.