Saturday, May 22, 2010

Interlude:Monica And Me,A Sex Story

It was about two years after Laura and I had settled into Laurita. Danny was away on assignment, Laura was in Denver at a conference and Stephanie was overseas visiting "her" parents. It was just Monica and me. She was staying with me for a few days, as most friends do when the others are gone. I was just finishing up a wine review article for a local paper when I felt a finger go down my back. I turned. "What's up, honey?", I asked her. "Hmmm...I dunno....just feeling nostalgic tonight, I guess. I was thinking about us working in the library together and those fun nights in the ladies room when we....'' I cut her off. "You're horny, aren't you". She just gave me "here look". "I miss my Fluffy", she whispered. "Fluffy?", I replied. She filled me in on her "pet" name for her Stephanie, her "Barbie Doll wife". "She confessed to me that she'd adore being a fluff girl". "What's a fluff girl?", I replied. She rolled her eyes. "A fluff girl, silly, is a girl who gets those great big hunks in porno movies hard and erect to fuck the bimbos in the film. They suck them off, getting them to a full erection". Ohhhh"...I sighed. I was still quite naive. I must mention at this point that I had a pristine face (no makeup), my hair ponied back low and just dressed in a pair of cutoffs and one of Danny's T-shirts. ( I love wearing his stuff...not in a guy way!) Well, I knew what she was after. Monica just loved dressing up "boys" to look like prissy girls. I thought, "Well what the fuck! I'm done anyway". I did have plans to watch the Yankees try to beat up on the Angels but her plans were...interesting.

Monica told me to take a long shower while she got ready. I guess she was planing this all day. After I was pristine clean and after a long very pleasurable douche I felt ready for whatever she had planned. I wrapped myself up in a fluffy (that word again!) towel and entered my bedroom. My eyes popped! There was my mentor sitting on my bed in a satin basque, full length stockings, 6 inch platform heels, her hair pulled back in an high pony of dark brown tresses. Full, and I mean full makeup! I felt.....on my own. "Very pretty", she said. Hairless and big tits are a major turn on for me"she whispered. I just demurely glanced to the floor. I knew where this scenario was going. And I was totally into it. "Sit", she commanded. And I did. She began by rolling my hair in big curlers. When she was satisfied she began my makeup. To say she went extreme would be an understatement. I looked like a total whore. (I LOVED IT!) " What next"? I thought. Well, she left the room. When she returned she was sporting a very large dildo that i recognized as the the replica of Stephanie's rather large cock. I was a aghast. I never had something as shall I say...manly as that plunging my pussy. But I was up for it. After all, Laura had had the real thing, although it made her walk funny for a couple of days. I gritted my teeth. "Yeah, baby fuck me..go ahead", I screamed. She did. She fucked me for about a half hour. I came and I came. I'm not ashamed to say I sucked her cock and ...oh god... Monica's my queen! Stay tuned....Kisses...Rita