Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Valentines Day! Danny and I are taking a much needed rest in the Florida Keys for a few days. He's going fishing and I'm finishing up some articles on my laptop. I wonder what we can do at night? Any suggestions?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Truth Or Dare In The Company Of Women!

"Come over about 8:30 tonight",Laura said. We stood, grabbed our purchases, gave her little air kisses and left. On the drive home I was beginning to panic a bit. I flooded Monica with questions. "What should I wear?" "Do you think she'd let me use her kitchen"? She told me to relax. "It's just a get together, silly. We're not going to have a fashion show or anything so relax". Still, I wanted to impress Laura. She was so mature. I felt like a little girl around her. I guess I wanted, no needed, to impress her. I dropped Monica off telling her to be ready at 8. I quickly planned what I was going to make. Crab cakes would be quick and easy. I had all I'd need in my pantry. I rushed up to my bathroom and quickly stripped. Did my legs have any stubble? Underarms? I checked everything. Even the polish on my toes for nicks. Everything seemed in order. After a quick shower and a thorough douching. I decided on what to wear. Garter belt and stockings? Would that be wrong for just a girly get together? I just didn't know. I'd never been invited to a "slumber party" before!
I called Monica. "What are you wearing"? "For heaven sake, Rita, calm down, it's just casual." Okay,'s just...." "What,"? "I like hanging out with you two and I don't want to...." "Rita...Laura adores you. She's very impressed. I just got off the phone with her, you have nothing to worry about." "She does"? "Yes, and I adore you too"! When she said that I could imagine that sly smile on her face. I felt better.
I packed an overnight bag with just the bare essential. Babydoll nightie, toothbrush, makeup, douche,etc. On a whim I slipped my stiletto bedroom pumps in as well. I left a note for my mom that I'd be staying with friends that night. I gave Danny a call to let him know where I would be. He was happy that I was making new friends. After the obligatory "love you's" and kissy sounds we hung up. In the kitchen I prepared the crab cakes. When that was done. I prettied up my face and headed out to pick up Monica.

Monica had brought along a couple of bottles of wine. When she got in the car she greeted me with a soft kiss on the lips. "We're going to have so much fun tonight, sweety", she said.

We arrived at Laura's apartment just about 8:30. She welcomed us warmly. Here place was very nice and, not surprisingly, quite feminine. After a quick tour we settled in her living room. She was wearing a pair of red Capri pants with a tight sleeveless white top. Her breasts looked amazing. I was jealous! On one wall was a portrait of a young woman sitting on a fence in a long flowing dress gazing into a mirror. As I was admiring it, Laura came up behind me. "Do you like it? It's an original". "It's lovely", I whispered. "So are you, Rita", she whispered back.

I put the crab cakes in her oven to heat up. Laura then produced three champagne flutes and a bottle of Dom Perignon. "I've been saving this for a special occasion and I really think tonight qualifies, don't you think"? She poured out the glasses and handed them around. I again noticed her long red nails and told her how pretty they were. She told me her salon does excellent work. I'd admitted never having had the pleasure of a salon visit. "Oh, Rita, you must go! I'll take you, it'll be my treat". I thanked her but told her the problems I'd have at school with nails that long. She said we'd go over the holiday break in December. "Sounds like a plan!", I said.

We chatted about this and that, you know, fashion, makeup, boys. I was soaking it all in. This was nice. Being with the girls! Monica knew some things about Danny but they both asked me all about him. I didn't hold back. "He sounds so sweet. We'll have to meet him", Laura said. I agreed to that but warned them that he was all mine. They laughed at that. My crab cakes were a big hit. "Pretty and she can cook too", Laura said to Monica. I told them of my plans to go to culinary school. "Has Rita met Nona, Monica"? Nona? Nona is there grandmother. Apparently their family had been in the restaurant business at one time. Nona is an old world Italian woman who, in their opinion, was the best chef on the planet. "Jut spend some time with her, Rita, and you won't need to go to cooking school". "I'd love to meet her", I said. Monica told me she'd arrange it.

Laura suggested we all get more comfortable. We all slipped into our nighties. Monica's was a cobalt blue with pretty scalloped lace on the hem and straps. Her breasts looked huge! Laura wore a waltz length gown in a shimmery peach color. It was gorgeous. Her breasts, though not as full as Monica's, filled her gown to perfection. I wore my red lacy babydoll along with my spiky bedroom slippers. My breasts left a little to be desired. Oh, they showed and all but I still felt so inadequate in my present company. I told them so. They poo-poo'd my opinion. telling me there was plenty of time, reminding me I was only 18. "Don't remind me!", I giggled. We then played a little game of "show us your tits". Monica's were stunning. Big and full with large nipples. I hadn't seen many breasts up close. Laura admitted that her breasts were more science than nature. Well, whoever worked on them was an artist. Perfectly rounded and shaped with pert nipples. When my turn came I sheepishly lowered my straps exposing my budding little puppies. Both girls were fascinated by my small breasts. They ran their hands over my nipples, ewwing and awwing. Monica especially. She'd already seen them. I told them to stop. I was getting turned on.

I told them that I'd never saw breasts up close. I was invited to feel them for myself. So I did. First Laura then Monica. I played with their breasts for a good long while.

We cracked open a bottle of wine after finishing off the champagne. I was felling the effects slightly. Monica called for a game of truth or dare. "Rita will go first", Monica said. I chose truth. "Ever have sex outdoors"? "No, I replied, "but I keep all my options open"! Laura's turn. "Truth". "Have you ever given a blowjob?", I asked. "In which state?", she answered. We all laughed at that. Monica next. "Dare!" I looked over at Laura and gave her a big grin. "Okay, we dare you to show us your pussy"! Monica just put on that sly smile again and said, "Why?, want to see what you're missing"? She spread her legs and deftly lowered her panties. There, for the first time in my life, I looked into a vagina. It was fascinating. Monica spread her lips with her finger tips. It was wet and glistening. Laura and I sat transfixed. Apparently she'd never seen one in real life either. "Get a closer look", Monica said. We did. In a low voice Monica said, "This is what you want between your legs, isn't it"? "Touch it, Rita, it won't bite". I did. It felt slick on my fingers. On impulse I lifted my fingers to my nose and sniffed. "Put your finger in me", she breathed. I did as she asked. She let out a soft moan. I wiggled it around pushing it in and out of her. Her hips began to rise up to meet my slow thrusts. "Do something for me", she gasped. "What"?, we replied in unison. "I want to see the two of you putting lipstick on each other." I looked at Laura who just shrugged her shoulders and left the room. She returned with a lipstick in a bright gold tube. We sat facing each other as she first applied a dark red lipstick to my lips. Handing me the tube I then filled in her lips. We could hear Monica breathing hard as she massaged her swollen pussy. "Take each other's cocks out", she said. I looked at Laura and she at me. We smiled at each other. We knew only men had cocks but we knew what Monica wanted. We both drew our respective clittys out. Mine was stiff while hers was semi-hard. "Stroke each other off and kiss", Monica ordered. I didn't have to be asked twice. (Although we both rubbed instead of stroked!) Girls, the first time you kiss someone wearing as much lipstick as you are it will blow your mind. Monica was moaning louder now as she watched us put on her little show. "Is this what goes on at all slumber parties?", I asked Laura between kisses. "It does at this one, honey", she replied. "Rita", Monica gasped, I need you to lick me". I looked over at her. Lick her? There? I'd never done it. Never even thought of doing it. I was so horny at that point I would have done anything. (Oh, Danny I need you soooo bad right now!) One final kiss with Laura and I moved over between Monica's legs. I ran my tongue up her wet slit as if I was sucking on Danny's cock. She let out a loud gasp. "Must be working", I thought. I put more and more of my tongue in her. I then felt something warm enveloping my clitty. I looked down to see Laura sliding her red lips up and down my hardness. It felt nice. No wonder Danny liked it so much. We went at each other for what seemed like an hour. When Monica began playing with my nipples I came hard. A huge belly-gasim as well as dropping a load down Laura's throat. I would have to return that favor before the night was over. Monica must have cum a dozen times. It was hard to tell. We collapsed in each other's arms still breathing hard. Wow, lesbian sex was fun! We straightened ourselves out and sipped our wine in silence for a few minutes. Finally I broke the silence. I burped. We all broke out in peals of laughter. "We should do this more often", Monica said. "Oh, I think we will", Laura replied. "How about you, Rita"? "Oh, I sure could stand a good fucking right now. Where's a man when you need him"? "That can be arranged", Laura said as she left the room. She was gone for about 10 minutes. Monica and I were getting cozy on the couch. "If you two love birds would care to join me in the bedroom that would be nice", Laura called out. When we went in we found Laura sitting at her vanity wearing a sexy pair of stockings held up by a black waist nipper. She had on a bra which left her hard nipples exposed. No panties. I gasped when I saw her. "She was a guy named Larry once", I thought. Unbelievable! I spotted a contraption on the bed. On closer look it turned out to be a strap on dildo! "Rita needs a good fucking, Monica, would you care to do the honors"? "My pleasure", was all she said. Laura then instructed me to prepare my pussy. After I had lubed up I returned to the bedroom to find Laura lying on her back with a very stiff clitty. Monica had donned the strap on. She looked at me and said, "This somehow feels right at home on me". I knew what to do. Walking towards the bed I smiled at Monica and grabbed a hold of her "cock". Be gentle, I'm younger than you"!"Don't rub it in, honey!", she laughed. Laura's clitty looked so inviting pointing towards the ceiling. I climbed on top of her with my buns in the air. It was a little larger than mine. Her pink purse look like a succulent oyster. I began by giving it a nice tongue bath. Hmmmmm I could tell she liked that alot. I applied all my best cock sucking skills. I could feel Monica getting in position behind me. "Don't be afraid, Monica", I told her, "I'm used to bigger". As she slowly entered me I began sucking Laura's clitty with abandon. In between giving instructions to Monica, I concentrated on giving my newest girlfriend the most pleasure I could. Eventually Laura gave up her girl juice. I collected it in my mouth and Laura and I shared a very juicy kiss. At that point I could tell that Monica was tiring out. It felt nice but it was really no substitute for the real thing. We lay together for a bit, drank some more wine and just chatted about things. Mostly girly things. Someone mentioned Halloween. That began a lively discussion on what we could all do together. I'd outgrown Halloween in my hometown. Laura said she'd check out some of the clubs in Manhattan and see if anything might interest us.
We all eventually fell asleep in Laura's bed. In the morning I was awoken by Laura giving my clitty a nice going over. Monica was still sleeping soundly. She was still wearing the strap on. "Look, Laura, I giggled, morning wood"! Monica was awoken to two giggly sissy girls. "Hey sailor", Laura laughed, "My girlfriend here and I will blow you for a fifty"! That got us going again.
We were laughing so hard we almost peed our panties. After showering and dressing I insisted on making a big breakfast for us all. French toast, coffee and tea. It was decided that the three of us would dress as hookers for Halloween and party in the city. They asked if Danny would go for the idea. Maybe be our pimp? "I told them I thought he's be even sexier in a sailor's uniform. That got a good response. After kissing goodbye and promising to stay in touch Monica and I left.
"Did you have fun, Rita?", Monica asked. I thought a second and said, "It was very educational." We both started laughing again. "We have to do this again soon, Monica, don't you think"? "I think Laura would insist, honey".
Later that day Danny stopped by. He asked how everything went, and what we did, etc. I told him he wouldn't understand, it was a girl thing! "But I'll tell you what", I said. "Why don't you take me upstairs and do your boy thing! Oh, and he did!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You!

I'd like to personally thank the people who have favorably responded to my blog! I'm adding more detail than I first thought I would. It was also nice to hear from the girls who just adore Revlon lipstick. The attached video is for them. See you at my first slumber party soon!

I Kissed A Girl!

If running to the bathroom to insert a tampon were an Olympic event I think I would, at least, be a contender for gold. It was a particularly frenzied fucking I had just received. Whenever Danny took me from behind (no pun) he was like an animal. I loved every glorious second of it. I was in my new black see-through babydoll trying to be coy and flirty. We started in the living room making out on the sofa. He said, "I think some little slut needs a real good fucking tonight". "You'll have to catch her first"!, I replied and ran up the stairs. He chased after me playing grab ass all the way to our bedroom. As usual the bed was ready with the appropriate lighting. He picked me up and dumped me on the bed. He told me to "get in position". Ummmmmm...doggy style. Since I always pre-lube myself. I was ready. After getting on all fours I looked over my shoulder and watched him slowly strip down. Such a tease! "Are you going to fuck me"? I pleaded with him to hurry up. "Please, baby, my pussy is aching", I said as wiggled my butt back and forth. I felt him settle in behind me and grab my hips. He placed the most wonderful cock in the world at my rosebud and slowly sank into me. I was purring like a well contented kitten. As per usual he began slowly and teasingly stroking his manhood in and out of me. Sometimes hesitating on the down stroke. I guess he liked to hear me moan. And moan I did! He then began picking up the rhythm and pounded my pussy for all it was worth. I was screaming with a exquisite feeling of pleasure and pain. I was pleading with him to fuck me harder. Finally with a satisfied grunt I felt my hot sticky reward flood my cunt. With one final massive thrust he buried his cock in me to the hilt and just as quickly ripped it out of me. His juices were already running down my thigh as I made a beeline for the bathroom and my little stringy friend. When I was safely plugged up I laid in his arms for some well deserved kissing and cuddling. This was the time when we caught each other up on what we were doing. I brought him up to date with doings at school and about my growing friendship with Monica at the library and the incident with the mascara and hairstyle. "She's on to you, baby", he said. Maybe", I replied, but I don't think she's trying to make fun of me or anything". "Well, just be careful, okay"? "Okay....wanna make love"? We did...for almost two wonderful hours!

On Monday I reported to work after school. Before going in, though, I sat in my car and applied a thin layer of foundation to my face thinking about last Thursday when Monica femmed me up a bit before closing. It really turned me on and I hoped she'd do it again. I also slipped in a pair of small pearl studs in my ears. I was tempted to pony up my hair but thought better of it. Would she notice? Certainly the earrings. Pushing the envelope a bit I reached into the glove compartment and took out a small bottle of L'air Du Temps and put some on the nape of my neck. Not my signature scent. I only wore my Chanel for Danny. When Monica came in I beamed a smile at her and gave her a girly wave. (You know, just the finger tips) We sat and chatted about our weekends. "You smell lovely", she said at one point. I looked at her with a sheepish grin and said, "Oh, I must have been sitting too close to my lab partner in chemistry today". "Sure, that must be it...tell her I think she has excellent taste". As the night wore on we did our jobs and again before closing we were doing the shelving. She asked if, since we would be off from school next week, if I'd like to hang out. I said, "Sure, what did you have in mind"? "Maybe go shopping at the mall, take advantage of the sales"? "Okay, I always need some things". We had about 15 minutes left before closing after we had finished. As we were walking by the restrooms she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the ladies room. "What are you doing", I whispered. "Relax, there's no one around". She stood me over by the sinks and spun me around. "I want to up the anti just a bit", she giggled. She took my hair out of it's ponytail and parted it down the middle. Quickly she put it up in two bouncy pigtails held up by two pink ribbons. "Why do you do this to me, Monica"? "The better question, doll face, is why do you let me"? I didn't answer. Reaching back into her bag she took out her makeup. She proceeded to darken my shapely eyebrows in a soft brown. I could hear her beginning to breath harder. Was she getting off on this, I wondered. I know I was. "You like this, don't you", she breathed. I remained silent while she lined my eyes and deftly applied her mascara to my lashes. "Shall I continue"?, she said while looking me directly in the eyes. I felt hypnotized. "Yessss.." In a soft whisper I told her it's been a long time since someone had made me up. "Oh"?, she responded, "well it's been a long time since I've made someone up. I thought of her cousin, Laura. She continued with soft brown shades of eyeshadow. "Hmmmmm...what pretty eyes you have and what a smooth complexion". "Are you in the habit of wearing foundation everyday, honey"? Oops! Did I want her to notice? I did. I just smiled as she lightly blushed my cheeks. I wish I had worn a bra. She reached in once more and extracted a lipstick. I was excited to see it was a Revlon lipstick. Cocking an eyebrow at me and opening up the tube I once again nodded my head. As she was about to apply it I had a quick impulse. "Wait"!, I said. I took the tube out of her hand, turned to the mirror and slowly applied the color to my lips. I looked at her in the mirror and smiled with my eyes. She had this almost lustful look on her face. After my lips were done I smacked them together and made a little kissy face in the mirror. It's something I always do. I turned to her and handed the lipstick back. "I love this shade, I said, "what's it called"? "Coffee Break", she whispered. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. "I was so right about you, you didn't fool me for a second". "I wasn't trying", I whispered back. Something was happening here. Something strange but nice. She slowly lowered her face towards mine and lightly kissed me on the lips. Oh, my God! I'm kissing a girl!!! It feels so nice and so soft. We continued softly kissing and caressing until we heard the chimes indicating that we were closing. "Can you give me a lift home", she asked. I nodded. "Wait here, I'll get your jacket and we'll slip out the side door." Again I just nodded. While she was gone I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Wow, I thought, I kissed a girl! Maybe I'm a lesbian. I grinned at the thought. In the meantime I helped myself to her makeup bag. I pumped up the volume on my already long lashes and was just reapplying my (her) lipstick when she came back in holding our coats. She paused and whispered, "That is so hot"! "By the way, I said, my name is Rita". We quickly exited the building and headed towards my car, pigtails bouncing on top of my head.

I drove her home and parked in front of her house. We had a long conversation in which I gave her an abbreviated story of my life. Denise's communion dress, Halloween, learning to walk in heels, all of it, including my relationship with Danny. Well, some of it anyway. All the while she just soaked it all in. When I mentioned the estrogen she perked up. "You have breasts"!? "I don't believe you, show me"! Looking around I slowly unzipped my shirt. I pulled them apart revealing my two soft mounds. She gasped. "Can I"? I nodded. She gently stroked my budding breasts and tweaked my nipples. I was getting excited. My clitty was bulging in my panties. "Monica, I don't think this is the time or place right now for this. She kept up her finger play. She leaned in and planted her burning lips on mine. I could feel her tongue pushing it's way into my mouth. I sucked on it eagerly. I felt a wave of heat overtake my entire body. I came hard right in my panties. When our breathing subsided and I zipped my treasures back up and we just sat in silence for a bit. "Did you cum"?, she asked. I just pointed to my wet crotch in reply. We both broke into giggles. "Did you"? "Almost. It takes a bit longer for me. I need a bit more stimulation". "I'll remember that", I said.

It was getting late so with a quick girly kiss we said goodnight. As I drove the short distance home it felt like I just stepped into the Twilight Zone. Wow! My first lesbian experience and I loved it. Not that I was swearing off Danny. No way. First and foremost I loved that guy with all my heart. Secondly there was just no way I was giving up that gorgeous cock of his. We chatted that night on the phone. I didn't tell him what had happened though. I felt a bit guilty but decided I wasn't actually cheating on him. I mean, I wasn't with another guy or anything. I was still worked up so I brought myself to another delicious cum. Only this time I was thinking about Monica. It just seemed right. More erotic somehow.

We continued our little girly games for the rest of the week. Always ending our night in the ladies room. Since she enjoyed making me up pretty I continued to let her. On Friday of that week I wore a complete set of lingerie under my outerwear. Bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. In a gym bag I put a short black skirt, a cowl necked sweater and a pair of 4 inch pumps. I figured since Friday night was "date" night with my honey I'd save a bit of time on the dressing front. I wanted to give him some extra attention that night. I guess I was having a bit of the guilts. I asked Monica if she'd do the shelving since there wasn't really that much and I'd meet her in the ladies room. When I got in there I selected a stall and stripped down to my dainties. I quickly dressed and slipped on my heels. When I heard her come in and softly whisper my name I emerged. The look on her face was priceless. "You little minx!, she exclaimed. "No time for chit-chat, honey, I have a date. Wanna help me", I said with a little wink. Since I had been wearing foundation to work all week my transformation went quickly. When lipstick time came I reached in my bag and produced my signature shade of lipstick and happily adorned my lips in the bright red shade. I brushed out my hair until it hung softly around my shoulders. I spritzed on my Chanel #5. and turned to her. "How do I look"? "I could eat you", she said smiling. I walked up to her and put my arms around her waist. "Can I take a rain check on that meal"?, I whispered in the most seductive way I could. We hugged in a girly fashion. She tried to kiss me but I told her not tonight. I didn't want to muss up my lipstick. This was Danny's night. I'd let him have that honor. I again drove her home making plans for our shopping trip on Sunday. I assured her that I would dress to girly shop. I'd done it before. She promised me she would call me the next day to chat. Later that night Danny and I again rocked each other's world. I didn't think about Monica at all. Danny was at the center of my universe.

We hit the mall early on Sunday morning. I was dressed in a tight pair of hip hugger jeans with low heel shoes. I wore a padded pantie girdle underneath to give my hips and butt a bit more flair. I also wore a loose fitting blouse so it would be easier in the changing rooms. Monica was dressed in a similar fashion. We browsed through all of the trendy women's shops mostly just looking. We did try on some skirts and tops. I purchased some new stockings at Victoria's Secret with Danny in mind. It was so much fun. We chatted and strolled arm in arm like any two young girls do when out for a day at the mall. Monica checked her watch around 12:30 and said we should probably get a bite to eat at the food court. Fine with me. We got a couple of salads and Monica led me over to a table. Seated at the table was a cute blond woman. "There's already someone sitting there, Monica". "It's okay, honey". As we got closer the woman stood and rushed over to Monica giving her a big hug. What's this all about? Monica turned to me and said, "Rita, I'd like you to meet my cousin, Laura"! Laura? Oh, Laura. "Rita", Laura said, "Monica has told me so much about you"! "You are so pretty"! I took a minute to give her a look over. Early twenties, tastefully dressed and made up, nice figure, perfectly manicured. She held out her hand to me and I took it by the fingertips. I was set up. Glancing over at Monica I noticed a big grin on her face. She obviously had been waiting for this moment. I looked back at Laura and said, "Nice meeting you too, I love your nails". "Thank you, she replied, "I just had them done this morning at the nail salon downstairs". "Nail salon, wow"! I was babbling like an idiot, I thought. "Come and sit, girls", she said. We chatted about the shopping we were doing, planning on hitting the shoe stores after lunch. We then hit upon the topic that was on every body's mind. "You are very feminine Rita, you should be proud". I gazed at Laura's perfectly made up eyes. She looked back at me and said, "Yes, honey, Monica is the only girl at this table with a vagina. For the time being that is, at least". Monica and Laura giggled at that. I did too. It was a good ice breaker.

Monica and Laura then related the story about how a young boy named Larry was introduced, at age 10 to the delights of girlhood. Under Monica's tutelage Larry blossomed from a non-discript boy to a very pretty teenage girl. Some of the story was very simalar to my own. The only difference for Laura was that, outside of Monica, her family had basically disowned her. How sad. She was living full time as a woman and undergoing hormonal therapy with the ultimate goal of a total change of sex. I thought, "How brave." I told her so. "Is that what you want, Rita"?, she asked. I told her I was still unsure. "You're just so beautiful, Laura, I couldn't imagine you as a man. "Oh, perish the thought", she said. We abandoned our table and the three of us went off to the ladies room to take care of business. We got a case of the giggles as we were all standing at the mirror fixing our lipstick. We got some looks from some of the other ladies. If only they knew! We went back to our shopping duties. Our first stop was a ladies shoe store. I was so looking forward to this. I made a selection of a pair of suede pumps with a 4 inch heel. Laura made a selection and sat down next to me. She leaned over, held my hand, and whispered, "Isn't this fun"? I turned to her and beamed a smile. She was so good at this. We spent the rest of the day going from store to store. Lingering at the makeup counters at the big department stores, sampling different cosmetics. It was one of the happiest days of my life. We retreated with our purchases back to the food court for cups of tea and just to get off our feet for a bit. Especially Laura who braved the day in heels! She asked Monica and I if we had any plans for the night. Since we didn't have school the next day, we said we were open. "Oh, great"!, Laura gushed, "Then lets hang out at my place. We'll have a girls night in"! "You mean a slumber party, don't you"?, Monica asked. "Whatever", Laura waved. "Are you two up for it? We'll make up some finger foods and a pitcher of margaritas? Sound good"? "I'm in"! Monica said. They looked over at me. A slumber party? "I wouldn't miss it for the world, ladies"! Alone with these two amazing women for the night!