Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'll See You In September!

My sincere apologies for the long delay but this time of the year is just crazy with last minute assignments. I just got back from San Francisco and now I have to take a trip to China. I hate it there but duty (and a hefty paycheck) calls. There is just so much to get to and I'm dying to spill my guts out for you. gonna like it!!! So be patient and I will try to dazzle you in a few weeks. Did I mention that I hate going to China? Nothing personal against the people but the trip is just such a drag that goes on and on and on! A quick thank you to the new people who chose to follow my story. I sincerely hope you read it from the beginning. If you didn't then you have a homework assignments to do so! Love you all and many kisses, Rita!!