Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rita's Real Time Reality Check, 1!

I thought I'd take some time off from my posts about myself and my friends to say something in real time. I guess I'm just a sentimentalist at heart. Anyway, I find myself alone for a few days at home and in a sort of reflective mood. (A good bottle of Petrus will do that to you.) I've recently gone over all my previous posts and found some of them a little, how shall I say, graphic in nature. Most e-mails seem to like it though so I will continue to, how shall I say, spread my legs, so to speak! At this point in time I work as an independent culinary consultant and writer for many major publications. I'm kinda like a Gordon Ramsay in a "frock", but not as good as he is. (He's so cute!) Danny is on a fishing trip with his buddies in North Carolina. Laura is taking a vacation with her guy in, of all places, Peru. Monica and Stephanie are in Italy somewhere. (How I envy them!) So it's just me and you tonight!

I just wanted to talk with you directly for a few minutes, if I might, and I am pandering for some major feedback so ladies please don't disappoint me! I think I give the impression that my life is a perfect example of a transgendered girl in perfect harmony. It was not! There have been many times that I doubted my abilities to carry this off. I did have major support, especially at home and with Danny and with the girls. I didn't always pass and fool everyone and sometimes it hurt me very much. But I learned early, being a Jersey Girl, that I had a middle finger! And I did use it both mentally and physically at times. There's this great Ziggy Marley song called "True To Myself" that I just adore.

I don't want to drag this on (no pun) but if any one out there feels as I do (and I know we all come from different sets of circumstance) then let's please open up a dialogue. I'm willing to start a separate blog at this point just to let other girls get it off their chests. Or add on to their chests as the case my be.

I really do love you all and I give you many kisses! (Thank God for spellcheck!) Rita