Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rita's Real Time Reality Check, 1!

I thought I'd take some time off from my posts about myself and my friends to say something in real time. I guess I'm just a sentimentalist at heart. Anyway, I find myself alone for a few days at home and in a sort of reflective mood. (A good bottle of Petrus will do that to you.) I've recently gone over all my previous posts and found some of them a little, how shall I say, graphic in nature. Most e-mails seem to like it though so I will continue to, how shall I say, spread my legs, so to speak! At this point in time I work as an independent culinary consultant and writer for many major publications. I'm kinda like a Gordon Ramsay in a "frock", but not as good as he is. (He's so cute!) Danny is on a fishing trip with his buddies in North Carolina. Laura is taking a vacation with her guy in, of all places, Peru. Monica and Stephanie are in Italy somewhere. (How I envy them!) So it's just me and you tonight!

I just wanted to talk with you directly for a few minutes, if I might, and I am pandering for some major feedback so ladies please don't disappoint me! I think I give the impression that my life is a perfect example of a transgendered girl in perfect harmony. It was not! There have been many times that I doubted my abilities to carry this off. I did have major support, especially at home and with Danny and with the girls. I didn't always pass and fool everyone and sometimes it hurt me very much. But I learned early, being a Jersey Girl, that I had a middle finger! And I did use it both mentally and physically at times. There's this great Ziggy Marley song called "True To Myself" that I just adore.

I don't want to drag this on (no pun) but if any one out there feels as I do (and I know we all come from different sets of circumstance) then let's please open up a dialogue. I'm willing to start a separate blog at this point just to let other girls get it off their chests. Or add on to their chests as the case my be.

I really do love you all and I give you many kisses! (Thank God for spellcheck!) Rita


  1. just wanted to say that i like your blog, it shows a sort of sucsessful story that makes me feel that there are options. Currently i am happy with my situation, or at least set in my ways but it is great to know about others and their stories. Keep on keeping on

  2. I think we love your blog because even when we know that not all could have been a roses in your path there is always a chance of being happy at the end, i think many opf uis feel that you are a true person, with a incredible life that deserved to be told so us the rest of the girls going thru life in some way or another, knows that tehre are actual success stories out there and that there are real people who suffer, laughs, enjoys, cries, have sex and more, thats why we love you Rita, and thats why we will continue to read and comment, please be happy, be good and have fun and remember we are here, and we are trying to be to... kisses

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your story... Whether it's fully truthful or a wonderful flight of fiction i don't care in the least. It's a delicious story told well... I also love the images that you chose to accompany the text.
    I might say the only thing we don't agree on whole heartedly is your inclusion of Gordon Ramsey.. Honey he's not cute, he's a 'frockin' bully'... personally i'd like to brain him with a le creuset saute pan (the heavier the better!)
    As for me, i especially love the transition phase of your story, but that's just me... However you care to continue, just please continue...


  4. Don't ask me why, but I find everything you write to be so interesting. I realize that life is not a "cher-a-bowlies" and despite your success and happiness there are downsides too. For some reason I admire your fortitude, I guess you would call it, for lack of another word. From an early age you knew who you were and didn't let others or the world prevent you from fulfilling your destiny. Thanks for a great, well written blog, but above all thanks for sharing your life. You are an inspiration to us all.