Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kiss Of Death? Say It Ain't So!

Well, you know me and my lipstick! Should we take this seriously?
Stop wearing lipstick? Yeah, right!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's A Good Day For Thr Roses!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope you all have plans with those you love. Danny and I have a quiet evening planned at home. I'm just about to go down and put together a lasagna because that's what my honey wants. With a bottle of Amarone that sounds just perfect, don't you think? What will I be wearing? Not much by the end of the night but I did find the perfect pair of stockings in bright red! I hope you all get roses! As the years go by I love them more and more. Tonight will be just fantastic. Both of us are off tomorrow so we plan to spend much of our time in bed. Kisses!!!
PS: I hope you enjoyed the previous post. I wonder what will happen next?

The New Girlfriends: Part 6 - Sundays Will Never Be The Same!

I had the sweetest dream. Karen and I were walking hand in hand along a beautiful white sandy beach. The water was that gorgeous turquoise shade you find in the warmer climates. We were both wearing skimpy bikinis with large breasts swaying as we strolled along. Every so often we would stop to embrace and kiss. I could actually feel our big tits press together as we embraced. They were real! I could feel the heat rising between my legs as our nipples playfully rubbed together. After a lengthy kiss we simply gazed into each others eyes and shared a secret smile feeling a cool breeze on our perfectly smooth bodies.
I opened my eyes to see my pretty new girlfriend's face peering down at me with that same smile I had only moments before saw in my dream. I reached my hand up and gently ran my long nails over her soft cheek. Not a word was spoken as I gently brought her lips to mine in a soft kiss. We fell into a tight embrace as our passions built. Smooth hairless legs entwined as our hands roamed over each others bodies. We stayed this way for what seemed like hours never saying a word. It seemed all of our cares and the upcoming obstacles we would face paled in insignificance as we shared our total love and devotion to each other. We were both hard as rocks but the idea of orgasm never entered our minds. The only thing that broke the mood was the phone ringing.
"Hello?....Oh, hi Mom....yeah, just woke up...oh, just this and that, mostly hanging by the pool...really?.....that's great, wow....uh huh....yeah, he's here...umm, no...he's in the shower....oh!.....about what time? you need me to pick you up or are you using car service?...okay, well great...I will...see you tonight, you too, bye.
"What's going on, Karen whispered in my ear as she leaned against my back. I could feel her nipples pressing into me. "Change of plans. They finished up early and are flying back later this afternoon. We have to get a move on and get things back to normal". I stood up and pulled my babydoll over my head as I headed towards the shower. "Come on, dollface, lets shower together to save time". As we washed each other's bodies under the warm spray I filled Karen in on my conversation with Mom. It seems that the trip to "Fashion Week" in New York was a very big success. A London based distributor had been very keen to promote Raven's (My Mom) designs throughout Europe. This was a huge advancement. If it all worked out she would be more financially independent than ever. I'm talking "jet set" here. We spent more time in the shower than planned. Well, can you blame us? After drying off and slipping on some satin shorty robes we went down to the kitchen to make something to eat and plan out the rest of the day. Laundry was a priority, especially my mother's bed sheets. Too many cum stains and lipstick smears. Plus the room needed a good airing out. I figured we had a solid eight hours to get things done so after breakfast we slipped on our bikinis and went for a swim. As we lay side by side on the lounge chairs we bemoaned the fact that our original plans were disrupted. We had originally planned on playing some intense dressup for most of the afternoon ending in some steamy sex that night while stretching out our tight pussies for future fun and games. Now it seemed that Jake and Kevin would be back alot sooner than expected. Needless to say we were pretty bummed out but were thrilled to our feminine cores that we had gotten this far with each other. Karen especially. In one weekend she had gone from a cute but inconspicuous boy who could, with very little help, transform herself into a stunning beauty. Her ability to adapt to being so feminine still amazes me. She always gives me credit but there had to be something there all along to make her so good at it!
By six that evening we were (Ugh!) back in boy mode having divested ourselves of our breasts and long nails. I noticed that Karen still had her toenails painted red and pointed it out to her. "The toes stay polished. I need something to feel like a girl!", she emphatically said. I agreed glancing at the time. "We have about an hour, come with me.", I said as I dragged her up to the Loft. I quickly put together what only can be described as a girly emergency kit. Babydoll nightie, wig, makeup, (plus remover) basic lingerie, four inch heels and two of the smaller dildos. "These are yours until we figure out how to break the news to your sister.", I told her. She wrapped me in her arms and kissed me hard on my pale lips. We were very quickly naked and rolling around on the floor. We wasted no time as we got into a 69 position and brought each other to a very nice cum. As we were getting ourselves back together I heard from down below...."Boys?....we're here...boys? Karen and I looked at each other. "What boys?", I whispered in her ear. We giggled and gave each other a quick peck on the lips and went to greet them.