Thursday, January 15, 2009


From the second I hung up the phone a strange calmness overtook me. It was sort of like being in a trance. I thought I'd be nervous but I wasn't. As I went to answer the doorbell I was actually aware of ever stitch of beautiful clothing I was wearing. I could feel the makeup on my face and smell the sweet fragrance of Chanel #5. As I put my hand on the doorknob I admired my long red nails in the soft light. Taking a deep breath I opened the door, turned and walked about ten feet into the center of the room. When I turned I put one hand on my hip and gave him a little smile. I think we both spoke at the same time. I said, "Well, what do you think"? And he said, "What the.....?" Then there was silence. I broke it by saying, "...well?" He just kept staring at me. Finally he found his voice and said, " look amazing". This can't be the first time you've dressed like this." I told him to come in, sit down and we'll talk. He did do that but still kept staring at me. "Are you okay?", I asked. "Yeah, wow, holy crap." I had a bottle of wine that I opened for dinner so I offered him some. I think we both needed a drink. As I turned to pour us the wine I made sure to sway my hips. "You're very good at this". "Thank you", I replied. I gave him his wine and took a seat opposite him, crossing my legs at the knee. "I guess we need to talk?" "I think so."

I told him everything. Well, not exactly everything! I left out the parts about the "big boy" and the fact that I thought I was in love with him. The communion dress, the Halloween costume, my sister, my mom, all of it. He listened mostly asking a question here and there. Did I want to have a sex change? I wasn't sure. When he called me by my "boy" name I was quick to correct him that my name was Rita. He smiled at that and said he felt a bit better about calling me by that name. We were beginning to loosen up a bit and with the help from the wine we became more comfortable. "You really do look beautiful, you really do". I blushed and just uttered a demure thank you. He asked for more wine so I poured us both another glass. (Thank you Goddess of the Grape!) "I guess if you dress like this for Halloween I'll be expected to dance with you", he joked. "In these shoes, hardly"! He said why not give it a try. I said, "sure, why not"? I got up to put on some music. Reality began to set in. He wanted to dance with me, take me in his arms!!!! I found the perfect song for our first dance. I'd always adored Patsy Cline so I hit the play button on "Crazy." We stepped into the middle of the room. He took my right hand and put his other hand on the small of my back. If I died right then and there I would have died a happy woman. We slowly swayed to the song not really making to much body contact. He leaned in a little closer and whispered in my ear,"see, you're doing just fine. You even smell like a girl." Then I thought I felt something just under my ear on my neck. Was it his nose or did he just lightly kiss me? The second time I felt it there was no mistake. He was gently kissing my neck. Girls, to this day that makes me crazy. I just let out a low moan. "Danny, do you know what you're doing"? "Yes...this is just between me and you though, okay"? "Hmmmmmmmm"! My arms went up around his shoulders and he pulled me closer. It felt like he had a steel pipe in his pants! He looked me in my long lashed eyes and kissed me softly on my red pouty lips. My knees went weak. I guess this was an official swoon! Then he really kissed me! I was on fire and I could tell he was too! We made it over to the couch and held each other and kissed and kissed and kissed. I was drunk but not from the wine but from the passion of it all. We made out like only horny 17 year old's can. When he put his tongue in my mouth I thought I'd cream my panties! I wanted to feel his cock in my hand but was afraid of "going to far". I settled on savoring his lips. For the time being.

I knew I had to come down from my pretty pink cloud eventually. We both knew that things would be different between us now forever. "We have to really talk this out", he said. I would have agreed to anything just then. After all, girls, he's the man. (Sexist? Maybe.) I went off to pee and repair the serious damage my lipstick took. When I came back I poured out the rest of the wine and we sat next to each other. He put his arm around my shoulder and I layed my head on his. We talked about what just happened and what we would do about it. He told me that as far as he was concerned I was a girl and what happened just wasn't "gay". My heart was beating so loudly. I was having trouble staying focused. He said that this would have to be between us. We had to be discreet. His dad would kill him...etc. All I remember was how I felt being cuddled by him. I let him make the big decisions that night. We began necking (!!) again. I knew he had a major hardon. I told him I would take care of it if he wanted. He said he would never make me do anything that I didn't want to. "But I do want to...I really do." He said, "not tonight". It was too soon. We made plans to spend an entire night together. My Mom was going to be visiting my Denise in two weeks time so we'd (!!) have the house to ourselves. It was getting late so I walked him to the door, put my arms around his neck and we kissed deeply. After the kiss goodnight I palmed his hard cock, gave it a bit of a squeeze and said, "you don't know what you're missing". He just laughed and said that he wouldn't be missing it for long. I looked at him and said, "I think I'm in love." "Me too." And then he left.

In a semi-daze I cleaned up. Now what?, I thought. I needed to do something soothing. I was to hopped up to just slip between the sheets. I decided a nice warm bubble bath was just the remedy. I poured myself a bit of cognac and decided to have a cigarette. (I would occasionally sneak one from my mom. Don't tell her.) The brand appealed to me. Virginia Slims. As I layed in the warm fragrant water sipping and puffing I ran the evening over in my head. I had a boyfriend! Not just any boy, either! After the bath i moisturized, douched and slipped into a long black nightgown and rubbed my over excited clitty to a exquisite cum thinking about my soon to be lover. I was just dozing off when the phone rang. I looked at the clock and it was almost 3 in the morning. It was him. He asked me if what happened tonight really happened. I said that it most certainly did. "Any regrets", I asked. "Yes"....pause....(my heart stopped)..."only that I had to leave..." "Oh, poor baby", I giggled. "I'll make up for it, I promise with all my heart." "Yes you will", he said. "Good night, love you." "Love you too, goodnight." I slept good that night.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Walk In The Park!

These shoes are very easy to walk in.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Art Of Seduction!

I was on a mission. I needed to take my femininity to the ultimate level. But I could wait and plan. I wanted my first time to be magnificent and as pain free as possible. I would have to be completely seductive if I were to get my man. I had to make him question my sexuality in some way and then I would spill the beans and hope for the best. I knew he liked me and was convinced he would like Rita even better. I had to prepare my pussy for the big event. I went online and ordered a dildo. A very realistic dildo. When it arrived I was, luckily, the only one home. It was bigger then I thought it would be so I waited and used some other options to gradually work my way up to using it. It was early summer and I just turned 17. Denise was engaged to be married and she asked me if I wanted her bedroom after she moved out. I was thrilled because her room was a bit more feminine than mine. A lot more actually. So I jumped at it. It also faced towards Danny's house. Nights would find me refining my makeup skills, practicing walking in real stilletoes and stretching my little love tunnel. At first I didn't enjoy it at all but I was persistent and eventually I was beginning to get some very, very nice sensations from my snatch. I used the "big boy" , as I dubbed him to practice my cock sucking skills. The poor dear was so coated with lipstick some nights it was hard to get him clean.

One Saturday afternoon I saw Danny doing some yardwork. He had his shirt off and I was overwhelmed with lust. I was hard as a rock in my panties. I deftly lowered my cutoffs and rubbed myself to a delicious cum. After licking it off my fingers I started devising a plan. I pulled my hair out of it's ponytail and brushed it out. I put on a tank top that left a tiny bit of my tummy exposed. I highlighted my cheeks with the barest bit of blusher and hiked up my shorty shorts. I sauntered out to my backyard keeping a slight sway in my steps. I went up to the fence and gave out a low wolf whistle saying..."Looking good!" Danny turned to me and I gave him a little wink! He came over to me and asked what had gotten into me. I answered nothing really I was just in a playful mood. He asked what I was doing that night and I said just hanging around the house. He asked if I'd like to see a movie instead so I said yes. He said it in all innocence but I was of the opinion that he had just asked me out on a date! What to wear? What to wear?

I really had to consider what to wear. I wanted to wear a dress but that would have been a dead give away, don't you think. I opted for a tighter than usual pair of jeans and a simple red tanktop. Not overly feminine but not overly macho either. What I did do though was wear a lacy black garterbelt with stockings underneath. Panties were a given because that's all I had in the undies department having parted ways with boys undies (yuk!) a long time ago. I kept my hair loose around my shoulders and added just a smidgen of mascara.Not to be noticeable but to keep me in a girly frame of mind. (As if it was ever anything but!) When he saw me he didn't say anything about my appearance and off we went. Damned if can remember the movie. I just remember wishing he'd put his arm around me. But alas! As we were walking home we talked about life in general. He asked what my plans were after highschool. I told him i was thinking of becoming a fashion model....jokingly, of course! (sure) He said I could probably make a go of it...jokingly. (I think) Anyway, I let that go and asked him what his plans were. He said his dad would get him fixed up with the local utility company as an apprentice lineman. I just pictured him in his work clothes with a hard hat and all. My clitty jumped in my panties at the thought. I always carried a lipstick on me wherever I went. More of a security blanket then anything else. I wanted so bad at that point to whip it out, put it on and yank his pants down to his ankles and swallow his cock. But alas! We sat on my porch and chatted for a bit longer. I made a point of touching him on the arm every once in a while as we chatted. I read somewhere that that was a girly thing to do. He didn't seem to mind. He then looked at me and said "Don't take this the wrong way but I feel like I've been out with a girl tonight." I could feel the blood rush to my face. I said I was sorry and he said not to be and hoped he didn't piss me off. Piss me off? I could have kissed him! I told him that I knew I wasn't the most macho guy in the world and I had come to except it. He then reminded me of that Halloween a few years back when I dressed up like Alice. "Oh, yeah", I replied, "That was fun. Maybe I should do that again this Halloween." He gave me a long look and said I'd probably look great. My heart was pounding under my little titties. "I'll look into it" was all I could get out. After that he went home and I went in to the house with such a case of the horns! I stripped down, put on a nighty and for the first time took in all of the "big boy" in my pussy thinking about the boy next door.

Two days later...walking home from school. "I'm going to do it." "Do what", he asked me. "Dress as a girl for Halloween. Denise can fix me up." I told him after all it was his idea. I mean it was, wasn't it? I told him I would have to practice a bit so I wouldn't look foolish. And I left it at that. I didn't need to practice but I did anyway. The next day when I came home I femmed up to the max. Full makeup, nails and two recent purchases...that put a huge dent in my saving. A really cute long haired wig in a deep brunette shade and my new breast forms! These were wonderful and felt so real when tucked into my bra cups. They could be affixed to my own little titties but I wanted to wait for "the right moment" to do that. I slipped into one of Denise's old LBD's put on my heels and startred cooking dinner. When mom came down stairs after waking up she was a bit miffed. I told her I was just getting used to things for next Halloween. "It's a bit early for that." was all she said. Anyway, her mood changed when she tasted her dinner. I made veal Marsala that night. It's her favorite. After she went into work, I freshend up my makeup and spritzed myself with her Chanel #5. I checked my stockings, put on a pair of shoes with a five inch heel and picked up the phone. Guess who I called? I told him I wanted to show him something and get his opinion. He said he'd be right over.
I looked at myself in my mother's vanity and was very impressed with what I saw. I thought I was lovely, sexy and at least fuckable. I heard the doorbell ring and descended the stairs to what I hoped would be a life changing experience. More soon.

All Grown Up And Nowhere To Go!

Having more time to myself allowed me to experiment a bit. I spent a great deal of time coming up with a look that would make me look a bit older and sexier. I would spend hours on the internet looking at a vast array of t-girl sites. When I found the story sites I devoured them. The stories stimulated me with feelings I never had before. While I reveled in my girlishness my body was responding in a very boyish manner. I was hard almost all the time. One night as I was putting the finishing touches to my makeup I had my first real orgasm. Without even touching my clitty it just exploded in my panties! Oh, how delightfully sexy I felt. It was the most intense feeling I ever had. I just had to do this more often. Reading all those sexy stories were putting fantasy scenarios in my pretty little head.

I would imagine myself in the sexiest of lingerie and the highest heels and the most gorgeous gowns. My face made up to perfection and my hair styled in a sweeping up do. I pictured myself with a big pair of breasts with hard nipples. Boys would lust for me. I wanted it all and I was determined to have it. I would lay in bed and rub my clitty through my silky panties and dream of being with a boy. At this point I had been on the pill for several months. Although nothing major was happening, my nipples were getting kind of tender. I used this to my advantage. I would play with them dreaming that someday someone else would be playing with them. Oh, I was one horny little t-girl!

I kept this all to myself though. I didn't even share these feelings with Denise. They were exciting but also frightening as well. What was happening to me. I needed answers and I knew I wasn't going to find them at the library. I relied heavily on the internet. I had to force myself to look for sites that were, how should I say, more on the practical side and steer clear of the "chix-with dicks" stuff. Was I gay now as well? I determined I couldn't be gay if I considered myself to be a girl. And I was a girl. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay in the first place. I just didn't feel I fit in to that category. I learned a great deal on how to view my body in conjunction with how I felt. I did have breasts, or certainly the opportunity to make them grow if I wanted. I did have a pussy that could be penetrated when the time was right. And I had a mouth that could also be penetrated when the time was right. I could fully function sexually as a girl. I just wasn't ready....yet.

I made lists of things I wanted to further me along the road to womanhood. I poured over women's magazines learning fashion styles and grooming tips. I was a very apt pupil of anything and everything feminine. I became intrigued with idea of wearing false eyelashes. I wanted the fullest lash length I could get. This was actually my first solo girly purchase. I went to another part of town were I wouldn't be recognized and found a pair of lashes I thought would look great. Nervous as hell I made the purchase. The girl behind the counter didn't even look up at me. That was a relief. I cursed myself for not buying more things! I raced right home and tried, emphasis on tried, to put them on. Denise was home at the time so I wanted to surprise her. They were tough to get on but I got them on to the best of my ability. I came up to her and batting my new lashes said, "what do you think"? She just laughed a bit and told me not to be in any hurry to grow up. If only she knew what her little sister was up to!
When I wasn't fantasising about being Miss America or being a cum queen I was holding up my end of the bargain with Mom. I kept my grades up, and took on more domestic responsibility. I did most of the laundry, changed sheets (especially mine!), and did allot of the cooking. I adored being in the kitchen and chopping away. I realized that I loved to cook and I was getting pretty good at it. Domestic bliss. I was a good student during the day, come home and change into something more gender appropriate, do my homework and cook a nice meal. Mom would leave for work and some nights Denise would be out with her boyfriend. Boyfriend...sigh! I would take a nice hot bubble bath and think my little girly thoughts. Afterwards all snugly in my babydoll I would surf the web, read a sexy story or maybe enter a chat room.
Chat rooms were fun. I had a chance to communicate with other girls like me and I learned a great deal. I pretended I was 18 and just starting out on my road to womanhood. Little did they know that I was a long way down that road already! I was 16 at that time and my daily little pink (pill) friend was showing a bit of results. My breasts were getting a little puffier, not by much, but my nipples would stiffen very easily. I chatted mainly with a t-girl named Jessica who said she was in her 30's and had been dressing since her teen years. She claimed to be the proud owner of a pair of 36C cup breasts. I asked how she got them and she said she'd been on estrogen since age 19. I doubted it but kept that to myself. She was very nice. She asked if I had a boyfriend and to sound "worth" I said yes. She asked his name and the first name that came to mind was my friend Danny. So, in the chat rooms, I had a boyfriend named Danny.
Danny and I were still close friends and would hang together on the weekends. He was everything I wasn't. He was filling out nicely. Hunky would be the correct term. His dad was a big guy and it looked like a classic case of like-father-like son. I, on the other hand was just under 5' 5" and slim. More like svelte! I was still keeping my hair on the longish side as well as my finger nails. He knew something was up with me but never pressed the issue. I would fantasise, usually in bed, that he really was my boyfriend. His became the permanent face on my fantasy lover. I dreamed of him coming to my room in the deep of the night and making love to me. In my mind he had an 8 inch cock that I would drool over. (Those stories were having there affect!!) I know had a new obsession to add to my list, (lipstick, high heels, false eyelashes, breasts) I wanted very much to suck a cock and not just any cock, it had to be Danny's cock!