Friday, April 8, 2011

The New Girlfriends: Part Three - Hot Fun In The Summertime!

While cleaning up after a rather good breakfast I noted my mother's appointment calander on a small desk near our breakfast nook. "Pool cleaning - 11AM - Shane" "Oh, shit!", I yelled. Karen immediately came over to see what the matter was. I just pointed to the note with my long red nail. I looked at Karen and then down at myself. two sixteen year old boys in short satin robes, protruding breasts and painted nails. We discussed our options. We could change back completely (bummer!) or hide out in the house. The only problem with that was that Shane knew I'd be here to pay him! It was decided that Karen would lay low while I (sob!) removed my breasts and nails. I was okay with my boobs but the nails took so much work. Karen came up with the idea of hiding them under a pair of work gloves which I could use to do a little gardening work while he was here. No one would be the wiser! Brilliant! I gave my new girlfriend a long toungey kiss and set off to get ready. As I was using the adhesive solvent to remove my breasts I noticed that one of Karen's was in danger of coming undone so when I was sadly flat chested again I did some quick maintenance work. "How long will he take to clean the pool"? "About an hour or so. Don't worry doll face. We'll be in our bikinis before you know it!", I said, cheerfully. "What am I gonna do while you're gone, Jess?", she pouted. Gee, I don't know. I guess you can watch cartoons...or..". I went over to a stack of drawers as Karen followed me. I opened one of them and showed her the contents. Swimsuits...of all kinds! "Choose your weapons!", I gleefully said. "And while you're at it, pick one for me. I'd also suggest you practice for with your heels and makeup if you want. "Sounds like a plan!", she said giving me a hug. I felt my cock stir in my panties. "Opps, please not now!", I thought. Plenty of time for that later! I left my little doll face to her own devises as I quickly scurried to the garden shed and found the gloves I needed. "No big deal", I thought, "a minor setback. He'll be in and out in no time. I went to my room and slipped on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt sadly noticing my flat chest. After slipping on a pair of sneakers to hide my bright red little tottsies I went down to the kitchen to wait. When I heard his car drive up I donned the gloves and grabbed the little red wagon I used to do the weeding and went out to greet him. I suddenly realized that mybe my shorts were a little too short and my T-shirt didn't cover my belly button. "Oh well, nothing I could do about it now!" I said to myself.
I knew a bit about Shane. I'd seen him dozens of times before. He had accompanied one of my Mom's "special" clients once for a fitting. Since that client was either a drag performer or a crossdresser I figured he might be gay or something. He was in his early twenties I suppose and had those Southern California surfer looks. Sun bleached blond hair that he usually kept in a pontail and a tight, but not overly muscular, build. He was pleasant enough and very personable. My Mom liked him from the get go and hired him to do odd jobs for us including cleaning our pool. As I was doing some very unplanned weeding I heard him greet me. "Hi, Joey! Keeping busy I see". "Yeah, I figured I'd get it out of the way so I could spend the day just swimming and soaking up some sun". I had my back to him bending over to pull a stray dandilion. I looked over my shoulder and noticed his eyes were locked onto the round globes of my ass. I got another tingle. He started in working and making small talk all the time, asking about my summer, my Mom, etc. All the while I got the strangest feeling he was watching me closely. After about 15 minutes he asked me if he could have a bottle of water. "Sure, not a problem, be right back". As I walked towards the house I could still feel his eyes burning into my back. I noticed a figure behind the sheer curtains on the back patio doors. It had to be Karen. She stood aside as I came into the house. "Is he almost done?", she whispered. I momentarily forgot about Shane when I looked at her in a skimpy lime green bikini. "Oh, honey, you look good enough to eat!", I gushed. "Thank's!", she said shyly. I could tell she was working on her makeup skills. "Not bad, but needs a little work. Especially the eyes.", I thought. "He should be done in about half an hour but something weird is going on!", I said as I bent into the fridge to get a cold bottle of water for him. I heard a gasp behind me and turned to see Karen with her hand covering her lipsticked lips. "Jessica, oh my God!", she whispered pointing to my shorts. I looked down and to my utter dismay saw about half an inch of red lacy from the bottom of my panties. It never occured to me to take them off figuring my shorts would hide them. "Oh, shit! No wonder he was looking at me like that! What am I going to do?", I pleaded. Karen started to giggle and then to laugh a little too loud. "Well, you can take them off but he can't unsee what he already saw! You said he was gay, so why not just go with it. He is kinda cute!", she said, batting her long lashes. "Easy for you too say! You're all safe and cozy in here with your bikini and tits and I'm out there making small talk with these damn sweaty gloves on!, I retorted. "Sorry. Just do the best you can not to bend over too much. Maybe he didn't notice.", she said giving me a quick peck on the lips. "I'll try.", I replied, heading back outside. He was busy at work when he heard me coming. He turned to look at me as I handed him the water. I noticed a quzical look on his face as I handed it to him. When he grabbed the bottle out of my hand he also managed to pull of my glove. I gasped as I saw the water bottle and glove in his hand. I quickly tried to hide my gleaming red nails behind my back. Taking a long sip he looked at me. "Nice shade of red. They match your panties!", he smiled. I was so busted!! "Playing a little dress up while Mommie's away"? I stared at the ground feeling the blood rush to my face. I felt his hand on my shoulder. "It's okay Joey. I'm not judging you. It's just a surprise, that's all. You have nothing to be embarrased about. I'm no stranger to this kind of thing.", he softly said. I looked up into his smiling sympathetic face. He reached down and took the other glove off my hand. My red nails shown in the bright sunlight. "Very good job! Did you do them yourself ?", he gently said. I nodded. "Come, let's sit and talk a bit". We sat at the patio in the shade. "Who is here with you, hon"? I looked up yet again shocked. ""! He put a finger to my lips and swiped them. Holding the finger in front of my eyes I saw traces of Karen's lipstick from when she pecked me on the lips. "Unless I'm mistaken this is a shade called "Love That Pink" and it looks like it came from a kiss and not an application. You certainly weren't wearing it when I first came by". I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to get Karen involved. "Look, Joey, I said I'm not judging you. I won't tell anyone. In fact I can probably help you"! For the next ten minutes he opened up about himself. He was an up and coming drag performer on the Vegas strip. Still not a headliner but was paying his dues and perfecting his look. I stared silently in disbelief. "You need proof? Wait right here"! With that he got up and went to his car. I turned to see Karen peeking through the curtains. When he returned he was holdin a folder. He pulled ot a picture and showed it to me. The picture was of a very pretty, but obviously a drag artist. I stared in awe. "Now do you belive me?", he said. "Yes, you look very good!", I said beginnig to relax a bit. "And I bet you do too. Now who gave you the kiss. You don't have to tell me if you really don't want but I'm just curious, that's all. "Umm...", I said turning to look towrds the back door, "my friend...ummm...Karen. "Karen? Can I meet her"? Umm...I'll see". I got up and walked to the kitchen. Karen was sitting on a stool looking into a compact mirror. "So vain", I thought. "What's happening out there!", she asked. "He wants to meet you". "What! What did you say? I can't go out there like this"! I pulled her up into my arms. "It's okay...he..he's of us!", I told her kissing her on the fore head. "Come on, it's going to be alright. Karen slowly followed behind me as we made our way back to the patio. Shane was smiling. Well, hello Karen, you look very pretty in that bikini", He said holding out a hand. Karen reached over a dainily shook his hand. We all sat and spent the next hour or so going over our weekend so far. We didn't mention the sex but Shane was not stupid. The kiss on the lips that Katen had given me was all the proof he needed that we weren't just getting dressed and made up. Oh well!
He had other appoinments that day so he had to leave but not before making us promise to dress for him later in the evening to see how we looked. He had a way about him and we were put at ease and promised him we would do our best. After he left I breathed a huge sigh of relief! I grabbed Karen by the hand and practically dragged her back to my Mom's studio. "What's the hurry, Jess"? "I want my tits back and I want to get into a bikini"! I spent the next half hour fussing with my hair and reattaching my tits. When I was done I felt so much more at peace. All the time Karen and I talked about what just happened. "He is kinda cute!", she said dreamily. I had to admit he was. As I was putting on my lipstick I noticed that Karen was sporting quite a boner while she gazed off. We swam for awhile playing touchy-feely, giggling like 4 year old girls. It was very nice but I knew in the back of my mind what we both were thinking. Hunky, but also very pretty, Shane and just what the hell we were going to wear for him later that evening. 
More to come....kisses....Rita!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The New Girlfriends: Part 2 - Jessica And Raven

It felt as if I were in a dream. A soothing sensation lapping at my lower body as if I were sitting in a warm lagoon. I could hear the distant sound of birds as I languished in pleasure. I opened my eyes and realized I was lying on my back. The first thing I saw were my breasts slowly rising and falling with my steady breathing. Putting my hands on them I noticed my long shiny red nails gleaming in the early morning light. I was becoming fully aware of my surroundings. My mother's room. My mother's bed. And Karen. My new girlfriend was very enthusiastically bobbing up and down on my morning erection. It felt wonderful and I didn't want to disturb her since she looked like she was having lots of fun so I just lay back and enjoyed her warm mouth and tongue licking and sucking on my cock and let my mind drift back over the past twenty-four hours. Joey and his best friend Kevin having a cool refreshing swim and then going to grab something to drink. The detour into my mother's design studio and then all that followed which led to being in this delightful situation. My mother's bedroom.....we really shouldn't be in here and certainly not doing this, but.... My mother and Karen's older sister were currently in New York attending fashion week. They would be gone until early next Monday. It was now early on Saturday morning so I had plenty of time to set things right. My mother...Raven...

Raven was smart, talented and gorgeous. She never let her stunning looks and body go to her head as she progressed from the chorus to being a headliner. Most Vegas showgirls were like comets, burning very brightly but for only a short period of time. But Raven had a good head on her shoulders and channeled her talents into design which was her real ambition. She didn't get involved with men although she certainly could have had her share. But somewhere along the way she had me. I was the product of a short but very passionate relationship with an English Nobleman. He was married with a family back in England but was very loving with my mother. They still retain a friendship and he always provides for us although at this point we don't need it. Raven does very well these days on her own, thank you very much. Along with her personal assistant, Sharon (Karen's sister) they slowly established a thriving design business that initially started out with showgirl outfits but quickly and successfully branched out into more traditional dresses and gowns. Working from our comfortable, if not rather opulent, home they built a small but growing empire. I remember that a day wouldn't pass that clients and models weren't coming or going. This was my environment growing up. My mother doted on me knowing I would most likely be her one and only child. She was always honest and open with me about my father. She was very mature for her young years and I learned from her. As previously stated I would often keep her company while she worked, often late into the night meeting a deadline. She would smile at me with a twinkle in her eyes as I played with the various discarded swaths of silk, lace and organza as I sat at her feet. Soft feminine materials were such a joy to me. In my playing fantasies I would pretend to be one of her pretty models as I wrapped the silky materials around me and parade up and down. It made her smile and I adored to make her smile. That smile lit up rooms! On some occasions she would get business from Drag reviews that were becoming very popular at the time. It wasn't strange to see young pretty boys standing for a fitting in skin tight gowns. It all seemed so natural to me. If I had a question about it I was told the simple truth that some boys liked dressing as girls either for profit or it just made them feel good about themselves. I began wondering what wearing some of these clothes might feel like. It wasn't long before I found out!

It was just another night after dinner that my mother asked for my help in the studio. I often swept the floor or brought her things she needed and I loved being in there anyway so I was eager to help in any way I could. I must have been 10 or 11 at the time. When she switched on the lights I saw a child's pageant gown on one of her dress dummies. It was a bright fuchsia satin and organza confection that took my breath away. "Now, Joey, what I need for you to do is to help me with the hem of this gown. To do that I need you to wear it for a bit. I'll understand if you don't want to", she said. I got this tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach and all the air seemed to be sucked out of the room. I was trembling with the thought of slipping into that gown. "Are you okay, honey?", she asked. In all honesty I don't remember answering her I just sort of nodded. She smiled (that smile) and asked me to strip down. She told me that the girl who would be competing in the gown had a somewhat smaller waistline than I as she rummaged through some racks and drawers. I heard her as if from a distance never taking my eyes from that stunning fuchsia delight! I became aware of my senses again as I felt her wrap something soft and lacy around my torso. I was shivering with sensation. "Are you chilly, honey? Well we'll soon take care of that as she hooked me into....well I didn't know exactly what it was. As she hooked and laced the pretty white lacy garment around me I noticed that it was pulling my waist in giving me a more waspish waist line. I noticed four dangling garters. I knew what they were for having seen them countless times on her models, both male and female, but never in my wildest imaginations did I think that she would put stockings on me. I silently prayed that she would. My prayers were answer as he took my hand and sat me at the padded vanity stool. She picked up one of my feet in her perfectly manicured hand and ran a finger over my toenails. "Hmmmmm...maybe later", she whispered. She beamed at my inquiring expression. "Just making sure your little toe nails don't snag your stockings, baby". My stockings? I sat in a daze as she rolled a gleaming white stocking up my right leg and attached it to the beribboned garter. "Want to do the other leg, sweetheart?", she cooed in my ear. With out really thinking about it I did just that. I'd seen it done so many times. I must have done a good job because she gleefully clapped her hands and giggled. Her enthusiasm was infectious because I got a case of the giggles too. "Hold out you arms, honey"! When I did she slipped a small white lacy bra up and hooked it in the back. "You're such a darling for helping me like this, honey!", she gushed. She then slipped a little padding in each cup giving me the impression of small pubescent breasts. Leading me gingerly to a raised platform I was given a full length white petticoat slip. With her help I soon was encased in long flowing satin. My senses were all alive as I felt a very nice stirring in my boy parts. "Ready for your gown, baby"? I was lost in a sea of sensations running my hands up and down my petticoats. "Huh?", I whispered. "Your gown, honey, your gown"! My gown? My gown? I nodded still not really believing that all this was happening. It took about fifteen minutes to get it on over the volume of petticoats and get it to hang to my mother's satisfaction. I stood in silence feeling every wonderful stitch of feminine clothing on my body. I felt truly alive, almost reborn. While she worked my mother asked how I was doing. "Okay". "Dose your gown feel nice"? My gown? "Um, yeah, it's okay", I replied trying to keep my true emotions in check. "Well, I think you look so adorable in it. You're one of the best models I've ever worked with. I think I should hire you full time!", she giggled. "Sure!", I giggled in return. After about half an hour she had me sit at the vanity to take a break. As I sat sipping some water she again rummaged and came back to me. "Think you can handle these for a bit, honey"? She held out a pair of matching fuchsia pumps with a three inch heel. I didn't say a word as they were slipped on my stocking clad feet. I was encouraged to try and take a few steps. I wobbled a bit but was soon walking comfortably if not gracefully in my high heels. "One foot in front of the other and sway your hips a bit, honey"! We were having so much fun as I began to get into the hang of it. "Oh, baby, you're a natural. You were born to wear high heels. Come, sit back down and lets have a bit of fun before I finish off your gown"! My gown? "We've come this far so let's just finish off!", she said playing with my hair. It was almost shoulder length at the time. "Mmm!", she grunted. "What?", I asked "Nothing..just not enough time to do anything suitable.", she said. She took a brush and gather my hair at the crown and then pinned a stretchy thing on my head. She faced me away from the mirror and went to town on my face using her vast skills with makeup. I sat in a daze as she explained what she was doing with each cosmetic. Pads and brushes were stroked all over my face as well as my eyes. I was admonished to sit perfectly ladylike as she stroked on mascara. I could feel the new weight on my lashes. "Now don't you peek, little girl, I just have to get a few more things"! It took a couple of seconds before it sank in. Little girl! She returned with something behind her back. I then felt something being placed on my head and pulled into place. I could feel long silky hair spill over my shoulders. I looked down to see long wispy curls covering my small breasts. She worked with a comb and brush for a few minutes until she was satisfied with the results. She held my chin in her hand turning my head left and right. Her smile lit up my face and soon I was beaming as well. She squeezed my hand and gently kissed me on the forehead. She clipped some dangly earrings to my lobes and hung a strand of short pearls around my slender neck. Her movements became more animated as she took a perfume vile and deftly applied the flowery fragrance to my neck and just behind my earrings. I was still facing away from the mirror as he reached behind me and picked up a lipstick. "Remember, baby, a girl always puts on her lipstick last. It is the final feminine touch. As she slowly opened the tube I watched, as if hypnotized, the shiny red lipstick come into full view. My mind kept screaming out "I love this!, I love this!" as she slowly filled in my lips. When she finished and sat looking at me I felt a calm come over me like never before. We didn't need words. Her smile said it all. She was happy. Holding out both hands she bade me to stand and walk to the full length mirror. As we made our way she apologized for not having done anything with my nails. "Next time, baby girl!", she whispered. Next time? When I first saw myself my brain had trouble connecting the dots. I was breathless as I raised my hands to my face. My nails? Oh, please let there be a next time!! I spent a long time staring at the pretty girl in the mirror. Mother leaned down and whispered in my ear. "You look like a princess. A very pretty princess. How do you feel, baby girl"? It took a while to get the words out. " p..p..pretty! I look like a girl"! "Do you like the way you look, princess"? " mu..much, mom....Mommy"! She let out a squeal of delight! "You haven't called me Mommy for a very long time, princess, yes you're Mommy's little girl, aren't you"? Something snapped inside my brain. "Yes, can I be, can I be your little"? "Of course you can sweetheart, any time you like. I'll teach you everything you need to be Mommy's special little princess. Now let's finish hemming your gown"! My gown? As we continued with the work (Oh! such work!) I could feel every sitch of clothes, every strand of hair and every bit of makeup on my face. Every now and then Mommy would beam up at me. "Almost finished with your gown, princess". "I wish it really was my gown, Mommy.", I sadly noted. "Well, honey, I have a confession to make. I made this gown for you! Do you mind"? Suddenly I felt so happy! "Oh, Mommy, yes, I love it, I love it. I want to wear it every day!", I gushed. "Oh, I'll have plenty of pretty clothes for my new daughter. Party dresses, play clothes and of course you will have to model for all the other pretty gowns I'll make for you. You know if you were born as a real girl I was going to name you Jessica. Do you like that name, honey"? I thought for a second before answering. "I love it! Jessica! Yes, I want to be Jessica. With that she went to a drawer in the vanity and handed me a velvet box. When I opened it I saw it contained an ankle bracelet with the name "Jessica" in a feminine script. I let out a girly squeal of delight. I asked to wear it right away. Mommy rarely denies her daughter. Jessica, I'm Jessica!

Later that night saw Mommy and I in the living room both in our babydoll nighties. She kept true to her promise and soon my finger and toe nails were a bright red! She told me what she had planned. She was giving Jessica her own room in our loft that she could use as a feminine haven whenever she wanted! I was over the moon with excitement!

As I shook myself from my memories I realized that Karen was still busy at work on my cock. I reached down and ran my long red nails through her hair. She looked up and smiled. She looked like hell and I realized that I probably did too! We hadn't taken our makeup off from the night before. I had us get in a comfortable 69 and we both brought each other off. After a shower we slipped into our satin robes and had breakfast. "What would you like to do today, dollface?", I asked. "Well, you mentioned something about bikinis'?", she replied.

More to come...kisses....Rita