Monday, March 23, 2009

She Was Bored....Again!

Denise and her husband Mike arrived the day before Thanksgiving. It had been a very busy week for me. Starting the Sunday before I began all the prep work that goes into the making of a proper feast. Danny and his family would be spending the holiday at his relatives house in Maryland. It would be the first Friday night apart for us so we made up for it the Tuesday before. With Mom safely out of the house I greeted him in just panties, bra, garterbelt, stockings, 5 inch heels and a full skirted apron. We chatted in the kitchen while I prepared a pumpkin praline cheesecake. As soon as that cheesecake was safely in the oven Danny had his cock safely in my oven. He didn't need much persuading. All I had to do was smile, lick my red lips, give him a long lashed wink and bend over the kitchen table! It's so much fun cooking in the kitchen! After a nice long slow and sensual fuck we headed for the living room. I put on some music and we slowly danced in each others arms. He found my hot spot on my neck and I was swooning and purring. In a lot of ways it was one of the most enjoyable evenings we had spent together. When the cake came out of the oven it was getting pretty late and we both had school the next day. I knew he was packing wood while we were dancing so how could I not give him the relief he needed before going home. I dutifully drained his balls with my mouth, gave him a long lingering kiss, patted him on the fanny and sent him packing. "Hmmmm", I thought still tasting his sweet cum, "I just love that guy to pieces".

The next night Denise and Mike arrived. Denise and I hugged each other in our excitement. I shook Mike's hand. He was nice to me but reserved. That was okay with me. He was basically a nice guy and he sure did love Denise. I toned it way down that night. I just had my hair pulled back in a simple pony tail, no makeup (well if the truth be told, a little foundation), simple jeans and a red tank top. My breasts were evident but, hey, what can a girl do? After they were settled in I popped a bottle of Merlot and Denise and I put the finishing touches on two pecan pies while Mike relaxed in front of the TV. "It's so nice having you home again, Denise", I said. "Mom and I miss you so much". She asked me questions about Danny and my two girlfriends. "Danny and I are just fine and you will meet Monica and Laura tomorrow night. They're dropping by for dessert". I reminded her that she mentioned she had a surprise for us. She said she'd tell us later when Mom got in. We spent the time waiting chatting about each other's lives and our men. When Mom came in I heated up some leftover lasagna and the four of us sat around the kitchen table. Denise and Mike announced that the were going to have a baby!! Mom and I burst into tears of joy. I was going to be an aunt!!! The three of us hugged and kissed and cried while Mike sat there with a big grin on his face. Being brave I went over to him and slipped my arms around him and hugged him. Maybe it was the wine. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a hug in return. Being bold I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Congratulations , daddy", I said. "Same to you, auntie", he replied. I kissed his cheek again, smiled and burst into a new bout of tears. I was so happy not only about the news but for the first time Mike acknowledged me as a female. Later on just the three of us women were sitting over a cup of tea. Mike went off to bed. After the pies came out and were cooling Mom went off as well. Denise and I sat up to talk for a bit more. "You mentioned another surprise on the phone the other night, Sis, what is it"? "Oh, you remember that, do you?", she teased. "I'll show you on Friday", she said.

The next day was a bustle of activity. Three women in a kitchen can get a bit intense. However everything turned out brilliantly and we had a fine Thanksgiving dinner. Since I was responsible for most of the cooking, the clean up chores were left to Mom and Denise. I sat with Mike and we watched football. I'm not that girly that I can't enjoy a good football game. All those hard tight asses? Let's get real. Mike didn't bat an eye when he saw me earlier in the day in a floral print dress and heels, full makeup and my nails done. He didn't mind that I sat right next to him on the sofa. During a break in the game I turned to him and just said "thank you." "For what?", he asked. "For making us so happy and know", as I held the hem of my dress out. He reached over and took my hand giving it a little squeeze. "You're sister loves you very much....and so do I." I squeezed his hand back, kissed him on the cheek and started to get dewy eyed again. "Don't start crying, Rita, you'll ruin your mascara". That made me laugh.

Later that evening the doorbell rang and in walked Monica and Laura. After greetings and introductions we settled down to some serious cheesecake eating. The girls were so thrilled to hear Denise was pregnant. The conversation turned to maternity clothes and baby furniture. Mike went back to watching football. I guess the estrogen level in the dinning room was overwhelming him. As we were eating the cheesecake my mind drifted back to the previous evening with Danny bending me over the kitchen table. It brought a smile to my face. My Mom asked me what the secret smile was all about. "Oh, nothing. I guess I have alot to be thankful for this year", I replied. I loved it that the women in my life were getting along so well. I didn't think it could be more perfect. After making plans for the three of us to get together on Saturday the girls left. Mike was leaving for home early the next morning as he had to work the weekend. I met him at the door as he was leaving to give him a few containers of leftovers. I thanked him again for being such a great guy. He just smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "See you at Christmas, Rita". Then he was gone.

Denise, Mom and I hit the mall. We weren't really holiday shopping but we felt it was the given right of women to spend the day after Thanksgiving making our feet ache in pursuit of a bargain. We spent a great deal of time looking at maternity clothes. It made me melancholy in a way to think I would never have the need to make such purchases. Such is life. Denise sensed my feelings and gave my arm a little squeeze. "I still have a surprise for my little sister later", she whispered.

When we got home I saw that Danny had left me a message so I immediately called him back. We chatted about our Thanksgiving and what we were doing. I told him how much I loved and missed him. Denise over heard me and started to giggle. She called out..."Oh, Moooooom...Rita's in looooove"! I gave her the evil eye and we both started giggling. Nothing could get my Mom upset that day. She was totally thrilled with being a grandmother.

When she left for work Denise and I plopped in front of the TV. "I'm bored", Denise said. My head snapped up and I told her that I hardly thought I could squeeze myself into her communion dress anymore. "Then how about something else", she smiled. I was instructed to take a shower and wash my hair then I was to report to my room just wearing a robe. I had a feeling I knew what this was all about. When I entered my room I saw what she had in mind. Laid out on my bed was the gorgeous gown my sister had worn on her wedding day. I remember it well as I had helped pick it out. "Sit at your vanity so I can start your makeup, Rita". For the next hour she worked on my face and hair. She expertly put my hair up in a french roll adding a sparkling lacy tiara. "A far cry from the first time, Rita, don't you think?", she said as she worked on my lashes. "Yes and no", I replied, remembering that fateful day when we were stuck in the house with nothing to do and she decided I'd look cute in her communion dress. My eyes looked smokey and alluring. We added some french tips to my nails. I dressed in her bridal lingerie. An all in one bustier with white stockings and a sassy blue garter around my left thigh. I sighed as I stepped into the piles of satin and lace as she pulled the dress up my body. The same pearl necklace I had worn that very first time was hung around my neck. I added some dangly pearl earrings. I stood straight as she zipped me into the most feminine dress of my young life. "A bride always puts on her own lipstick", she said as she handed me the tube. I checked the shade and, sure enough, it was Revlon Certainly Red. My hands were trembling as I slowly applied the glossy red color to my pouty lips. The phone rang and she left to answer it. I gazed at my reflection in awe. I was a bride! A beautiful, and yes, blushing bride! I found my Chanel #5 and gave my wrists and neck a spritz. I turned to see Denise in the doorway. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sis", I said. "This is such a wonderful surprise"! "Oh, there's more Rita, come on, lets go downstairs". With that she took my hand and slowly lead me down to the living room. I felt wonderful. I noticed the champagne bucket and two glasses set out. I turned and smiled at her. "Nice touch", I said, "but you shouldn't be drinking in your condition". "She's not but we are"! I turned on my heels to see the smiling face of my love, my husband, my man! "Danny!", I screamed. I fell into his arms. He held me tight. I looked over to Denise leaning against the door frame. I smiled and mouthed "thank you so much"! She came over to us and said she was going to bed. "I suggest you two do the same". With that she turned and went to the guest room. Danny walked over to the stereo and put on "our song." As Patsy began singing "Crazy" he took me in his arms and we slowly danced. "I love you, baby", he whispered in my ear. "Oh, darling, I love you so much. We've come such a long way in such a very short time I don't ever want this to end". "It never will, my love. It may change but it will never end." We toasted each other then he led me up to our bridal bed. There was no fucking that night just long and sensuous love making. We fell asleep in each other's arms. My last thoughts was hoping I would somehow wake up with his baby in me.