Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Face!

The next morning Danny and I showered together to save time. We didn't have time for the fun stuff (drat!) but we made pretty good use of our hands! I dressed in a comfortable pair of slacks and a peasant style blouse. I slipped into a pair of low heeled shoes and sat to pretty up my face a bit. Danny was shaving just wearing his new underwear. I admired him from behind. What a body on my boy! I told him I would keep him up to date on what was going on. Laura was in her office on the telephone so I just gave her a wave and left the house. We parted with a kiss and I headed out for the two hour drive to see my Mom and sister. Luckily the traffic was pretty light and I made it to the hospital in under two hours. I breezed through the maternity ward and found her propped up in bed. She looked so happy but stressed. "Are you in any pain?", I asked. I saw a look of surprise on her face. "What? Are you okay?", I asked. "Rita, what have you done to yourself?", she squealed. It never dawned on me that she hadn't seen me since my boob job and hair coloring. "Oh my God....Mom?!....Mom....get in have to see this"! My mother was in the bathroom when I walked in. Her jaw dropped when she saw me. "Doesn't she look fantastic, Mom"? I saw my Mom smile. "You look gorgeous, Rita", she said. She drew the curtains around the bed so we could have some privacy. She folded her arms and said "show us". I lifted my blouse to reveal my breasts nestled in my lacy white bra. She came behind me and undid the clasps. My breasts spilled out for all to see. Denise let out a giggle as she stared at my exposed chest. My mother began feeling them. "Mother!", I softly yelled. "Oh, hush up, I'm a nurse for Pete's sake! I'm just checking the quality of the work"! This went on for a few minutes. I answered all their questions about the procedure and visiting the salon where I had my hair and nails done. We were chatting as my mother clipped my bra back in place when we heard Denise gasp. "Ewwwwwww!", she moaned. "Your contractions are coming a bit quicker, honey", my Mom said. "Shouldn't be too much longer", she continued as she held her hand. "Where's Mike?, I asked. "I sent him home. He was here all night and it will probably be another few hours before delivery", Mom said. She was great in these situations. She never got nervous and she knew all the right questions to ask. She's a heckofa nurse. Shortly after four that afternoon my nephew Bradley was born. Nine pounds, seven ounces. He is beautiful.

Earlier when Mike arrived he did a cartoon like double take when he saw me. I giggled and told him to devote all his attention to his wife! It wasn't a complicated birth at all. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed in the delivery room as I was still "healing", so to speak. There were plenty of tears from all of us, including Mike. Big strong macho man that he is! The first time I held the baby in my arms I started humming the tune "Baby Face". I couldn't help it. He really did have the cutest little baby face! I left them around 7:30 and headed for home. Tomorrow was a work day. When I got home I found Laura in the hot tub. Beside the tub was a bucket with a cold bottle of Dom Perignon in it. "Welcome home Auntie Rita", greeted Laura. She stood to hug me and I saw that she was completely naked. She looked so inviting with the warm water dripping of her breasts and clitty. I quickly stripped and joined her in a fond embrace as we sat in the warm bubbly water. She poured out two flutes and we toasted Bradley. She produced two cigars and handed me one. "Oh, cigars?, I whined. "Yes, auntie, it's customary and besides you know you enjoy them". I did but it just seemed so unfeminine to me. Well I wasn't in the mood to argue. It had been a long day. We soaked and sipped and puffed for about an hour as I filled her in on all the details. There was a bit of lightning and thunder off in the distance so we reluctantly walked hand in hand into the house. As I was standing in my bathroom toweling off Laura came in with a very stiff clitty indeed! She had a glazed expression and I instinctively knew what I just had to do. Dropping to my knees I drew her fully into my mouth. She was moaning as she gently fucked my face. She had some major horns that night. When I came up for air she grabbed my hand and practically dragged me to her bed. Laying there was something I had never seen before. It was a double headed dildo. I gave her an inquiring look and she just gave me a flirty wink. I was all set for some heavy duty 69 fun but this seemed more interesting! We lay pussy to pussy as she slowly inserted one end into her hole. When it was about four inches in she pushed forward and entered my rosebud. "Oh, fuuuuckkkk, that feels nice", she moaned. I moaned out my own response. After we got comfortable we began a slow fucking rhythm. After a while our pussy cheeks were actually slapping together as we rubbed each other's excited clitties. She screamed out in pure animal lust as her whole body shook from orgasm. I could feel mine building in my belly. I aimed her clitty in my direction as her gooey hot sissy cream shot all over my tummy. With my free hand I brought it up to my lips and licked it all up. She continued to move back and forth in me and before long I was panting out my own flood of girly juice! We both passed out from our passions with the faux cock still buried in our cunts. Some time later we removed our latex friend and kissed deeply before falling into a contented sleep in each other's arms. Having a housemate is fun!

The next morning while we were sitting in the kitchen having breakfast the doorbell rang. I checked the time. 8:30. "Who could that be?", I asked. It was the florist. Two flower arrangements for me! Two dozen roses from Danny and a gorgeous arrangement from Monica and Stephanie! I was overcome almost to tears. So thoughtful congratulating me on being an aunt! Laura pouted and told me that she didn't even think of flowers. I hugged her closely and whispered that she was already a flower in my eyes! Awwwwwwh, isn't that the mushiest thing you ever heard!? Well, I'm somebody's aunt. I get to be mushy if I want!
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