Monday, August 3, 2009

My Adventures In The Men's Department!

About a week after my "treatments" life went pretty much back to normal. I received some nice comments from my co-workers who were fully aware of my intentions. I was getting used to the extra weight on my chest and was adapting to putting on my bras much easier. When I wasn't at work I was at home busy putting the house together. I planted an herb garden as well as some vegetables. One afternoon I gave my bedroom a very critical overview. Feminine? Very, but I felt something missing. It dawned on me that there was no hint that I shared my bed with Danny. I put a shopping list together and hit the stores. I knew intimately all of Danny's tastes in clothes and toiletries. I went into a drug store, grabbed a basket and began filling it with shaving cream, razors, body wash, deodorant, shampoo, and douche (that last item for me , of course!). After that it was off to Macy's where I purchased, for the first time in my life, men's underwear. He preferred boxers but I wanted him in tighty-whities. I also picked him up some matching white tank style undershirts. I knew all his sizes well but I deliberately picked up the undershirts in a slightly smaller size. If he was enamoured with my new chest I was equally turned on by his chiseled masculine torso and I wanted it to be displayed for my adoring eyes. I pictured him soaking wet in just his underwear and I felt my clitty twitch at the thought. I also picked him up a pair of swim trunks, jeans, deck shoes, polo shirts and socks. I never would have believed that shopping for men's clothes could be so much fun. Well, as a consolation to myself I found a pair of the most adorable red suede heels that I just had to have! (I mean, let's keep it real girls!) I brought everything home and carefully put things away. It felt so lovely to me to have his presence there even when he wasn't. By now it was about four in the afternoon and I knew Laura would be in any minute. She had been putting in some long hours lately and I wanted to prepare her a nice meal. As I was whipping up a Tai shrimp salad the doorbell rang. To my utter delight it was Danny! My first impulse was to jump into his arms but then I got a whiff of him. "Whewww...what have you been doing, honey. You smell"! He explained about a power outage in an upscale grocery store. His crew was sent to get everything up and running again. "It was pretty nasty work, babe, but it's something I have to get used to. But it does have it's perks", he said handing me a brown paper package. "What's this?", I asked. "Meat, baby, fillet Mignon to be exact. Just needs to be cut into steaks. The meat department manager gave one to all of us for getting the job done quickly". This was great! I gave him a peck on the lips and shooed him upstairs to take a shower. When he was washing up I lay some clean clothes out for him. As I was cutting up the steaks I thought to myself that my little shopping spree couldn't have come at a better time. I ran back upstairs and went into the bathroom to let him know about my adventures, that day, in the men's department. He was busy washing his scalp as I stood there admiring his physique. He was thrilled with my gesture to say the least. "You're the best wife a man could ever have, babe!" I heard every word but my eyes were glued to his cock. Even flaccid it still looked huge! I had to tear my eyes off his meat so I could attend to the other slab of meat on the kitchen counter. "I'll fire up the grill", I mumbled as I quickly went back down stairs. When I got there I was met by Laura. After a quick hug and kiss I filled her in on the fillet and told her Danny was taking a shower. "We're eating in style tonight. I'll let Danny do the grilling and we'll just enjoy", I told her as I poured out two glasses of Sancerre. "We'll need a more appropriate wine for steaks, don't you think? I'll just nip out and get some good Shiraz. Be back in twenty minutes", Laura said as she dashed out the door. As I was finishing cutting Danny came down stairs. He slipped his arms around my waist and gave me a kiss on my ear. I could feel his cock pressing into me. "Hmmmmm.....much better!", I moaned. I spun around and kissed him deeply with plenty of tongue. "I've got the grill all hot and ready for you, darling", I cooed. "I can tell", he sexily replied. He gave me a playful slap on my butt as he walked out to the patio. I cracked open a cold beer for him and followed him out. I handed him the beer and he reached up and cupped my breasts. "How much longer before I can break these big tits in", he asked. "Another week and you can shove that gorgeous dick of yours between the girls and fuck them all night, honey. In the meantime you'll just have to be content with what else I have to offer", I said as I boldly rubbed him to hardness in his new chinos. "Everything fit okay?", I asked. "Yeah, but the t-shirts are a little tight, though", he said. "Oh?", I asked innocently. "Well, you pull it off nicely, honey", I replied, giggling to myself.

Laura returned with the wine and, to our surprise, some fine looking lobster tails. Danny quickly found a spot on the grill for those babies! An added bonus was that Laura splurged on a bottle Of really good Australian Shiraz from the Two Hands vineyard. "Laura, you didn't have to....!" "Shush, hon", she said. "Sold a big property today. I want to celebrate a bit" "Cool"! We feasted around the kitchen counter on surf and turf, shrimp salad and some pretty amazing wine. We all shared our day. It was so comforting being alone with the two people I was head over heels in love with sharing our thoughts. I asked Laura if she had spoken to Monica recently. "Yes, this morning actually. She's at Stephanie's place in the city. They've been shopping for the wedding in Geneva. They'll stay there until they leave for Austria next week". I could only imagine what kind of shopping they were doing. I'm guessing that Stephanie and her were getting all their bridal lingerie together. Laura and I cleaned up while I forced Danny to go in and watch a Yankee game. He did but only after insisting on cleaning the grill. "Is Danny spending the night?", Laura asked. "Danny? Are you staying over"? He strolled into the kitchen and said, "If you ask me nicely"! Laura and I both laughed. "I guess he is, Laura, is it okay"? "Sure, why not. I've had a long day. I'm beat and I have a ton of paperwork to do tomorrow so I'm off to bed". "Okay, then I guess we are too", I replied. "Laura smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do", she cooed as she left the kitchen for her bedroom. As the day was cooling down a bit Danny and I sat outside in the hot tub with some brandy. I was wearing one of my new bikinis, a sexy little black number that left very little to the imagination. We were just chatting and making out at our leisure. "The meat was good, wasn't it", he said. I put my hand possessively on his erection and assured him that the meat was very good. I stood and shimmied out of my bikini and stood in front of him naked. Without a word I bent over at the waist. He wasted no time in slowly plunging his hot, hard cock in my pussy. There was no moon that night and all I could hear were my gentle moans and crickets. He fucked me slow and hard for almost an hour. I could feel the weight of my tits swaying gently in the night breeze. I know I came twice right there in the tub. I felt him pull out of me. I whined a bit feeling suddenly empty when he swept me in his arms and carried me up to our bedroom. We quickly dried off and as he sprawled on top of the bed I slipped into a little red babydoll (minus the panty), did up my lips and added a touch of Chanel. I slid in next to him and slowly stroked him to another full erection. I took him deeply into my mouth wanting him as hard as a steel pipe. When I was satisfied I lay on my back with my legs in the air. As he once again slowly entered me I felt as if I wanted time to stand still forever. It was a long and sensual fuck. When he finally came it felt so delicious to be once again filled with his manly seed. "What a night. Good food, good friends and a nice long good fucking!", I purred with contentment. He pulled me closer and we settled ourselves for a contented sleep. It was around 2Am when the phone rang. It was my Mom. I was suddenly fully awake. "Is it...?", I asked. "Yes, Rita, Denise is in labor. We're at the hospital right now. She's doing fine"! "I'll be there first thing in the morning", I happily said and we rang off. I was finally going to be an Aunt!!!!
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  1. Wow what a great night,
    how does it feel knowing you're going to be an aunt?

  2. I love your story its so human and sexy and real... i mean its amazing how much of a great storyteller you are, im such a fan!!!!

  3. You make the boy sound so alluring! What a fantasy!