Thursday, August 15, 2013

Status Report!

I do hope you all enjoy the latest installment of "The New Girlfriends". The story was originaly meant to be a "one-off" but I've become quite fond of the "girls" and wanted to see how their budding, or should I say flowering, femininity developed. For awhile I considered abandoning the story but when you see the vast amount of unfinished stories out there, particularly in this genre, it made me adement to carry on. I hope you agree. As for me and my life everything is hunky dory. Work continues to be busy, as I hope it always will be. I still travel alot but that's what i signed up for in my profession. Danny and I are still together and very happy. Monica and the girls are still very much a part of my life even though Laura now lives in Boston and is very successful in her own right. We cherish the time that we can spend together. I now live alone (well not all the time) at Laurita and am very happy. I have the company of two cats that I can vent to when needed. (Yeah, I've become that crazy cat lady who lives down the block!) My sister and mom are well and doing fine and so on and so on and scooby dooby do. I've mentioned that I'd be interested in starting a story about a young T-girl coming to grips with her life and coming out to friends and family in a period that lasts one summer. If there is any interest please let me know. Or.....if there is something else you'd think might be fun to write about please let me know! The lines are open! Kisses, Rita