Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Lapse In Time!

I had all good intensions. I really did. Then nature took it's course. Lorita is damaged but not destroyed. Sandy did so much damage that I can't begin to explaine. Danny's family beach house...gone. We don't pity ourselves. It's not about that. There are so many on the East Coast that did not have a Thanksgiving meal and will probably not have a Happy Christmas or even a Happy New Year. But this is New Jersey. We survive. Forget all the bullshit about "Jersey Shore". That's all hype and "they" do not represent "us". Luckily the election went right. I dread to see how "Mittens" would have responded to this mess. We all were relocated for a time. Danny and I went to my Mom's place which wasn't to much better. Danny was away for twenty days, spending all his time on the Jersey Shore. I must say that the American Armed Forces were so crucial to our survival. That can not go untold. Members of the Air Force especillay. It was a humble experiance to work a food line againand to feed people a healthy meal. I'm tired . I'm done. I'll continue when I can. Kisses, Rita


  1. wish you the best!


  2. I thought this picture was the " Polar Vortex" Renee Z.

  3. Renee, didn't you meant too say the "Arctic Vortex" Major in science!