Friday, October 8, 2010

Bringing You Up To Date!

I was told in the past that I apologize too much so, just this once, I'll say it again! Sorry for the delay. This has been one of my busiest summers as far as my workload was concerned. Without boring you with the details it was very frustrating both professionally and sexually. Because of our individual schedule's it was difficult for any of us to really get together. Oh we saw each other sometimes. (Laura and I still do live together!) It was just hard to get into a grove. (Pun intended!) The most frustrating for me was not being with Danny for awhile. Not just in a sexual way. That was hard enough on both of us. I just missed HIM! I never feel complete without him.

Anyway, between work and my family I was kept quite busy. I also had a little facial surgery done on my chin and nose. I guess I could have updated while recuperating but just wasn't in the mood. All better now, though!
Last week Danny and I spent a few days together all on our own here at Lorita. The next blog will go into more detail of how we rekindled our appetites for each other. It was quite electric!!

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