Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Electric!

Earlier this summer the girls and I were lounging in the hot tub wearing our skimpy bikinis. It was cramped but comfortable. Laura brought up the idea to get a bigger one so we'd have more room to play with each other. I thought that would be a good idea so Laura and I agreed to pool some of our commissions and do it. We figured we could save a bundle by installing it ourselves. And by "ourselves" we meant Danny would do the actual work. I would see to it that he would be well compensated for his efforts. We hadn't had many opportunities to be together at that time due to conflicting work schedules. I was feeling sort of neglected in the sex department. Oh, not that the fun I had with the girls wasn't always a blast. It certainly was. I just missed having his big cock hammering away at my pussy. A few weeks later a large crate was sitting on our back patio with our new tub. Danny arranged some vacation time and I rearranged a few things so we could spend most of the week together all alone. Laura was going to a conference in Atlanta. I planned on making alot of my man's fantasies come to well as some of my own!!

The night before Danny came to the house I made my plans. I would be his sex slave for the week wearing the prettiest and skimpiest clothes I owned. I had just had my hair done by Stacy and it looked golden and gorgeous. My nails were also done to perfection. Long and shiny red! As I sat before my vanity brushing out my locks I just couldn't help admiring the woman I had become. (I guess they don't call it a vanity for nothing!) I cupped my breasts tweaking my puffy nipples with my nails. They felt so sensitive. I dreamed of having Danny take each nipple in turn and suck on them. I was tempted to relieve the tension in my clitty which was tenting out my panties but decided to save all my cummies for my man. Instead I took a soothing bubble bath and went to bed early. In the morning I showered, douched and dressed very casually in a pair of shorty shorts and a halter top. I ponied up my hair and applied a modest amount of makeup. Just a bit of liner and mascara. As I was fixing breakfast I heard his truck pull in. As always when I know he is coming my pulse quickens. "Hey, babe you look good enough to eat", he greeted me. I flashed him a smile and melted into his arms for a searing kiss. "Ummmm...honey, please stay hungry!", I purred in his ear. Taking the opportunity to nibble it a bit. He brought his hands up and gave my tits a squeeze. It felt so nice but I had to get his mind on other things. "I'll make us a quick breakfast before you start. Why don't you check out the tub on the patio while I finish up?", I said. Another quick squeeze and a peck on the lips and he vanished out the back door.

We had a very pleasant breakfast together catching up on things and playing footsie under the table. I told him while he was working that I would take a shower before making lunch. When he left to begin I dashed upstairs and stripped naked. I quickly donned a lacy black satin garterbelt and ran dark seamed stockings up my soft, smooth legs. A lacy bit of nothing of a thong followed. I then strapped my torso into a satin merry widow which did wonders for my waist line while putting my girls on prominent display. I sat at my vanity to put on my face. I started with a soft beige foundation which made my skin look like it was glowing. It was glowing from my building lust. A dusting of loose powder and I was ready to do my eyes. I attached some flirty long false eyelashes and filled them in with copious amounts of black mascara. Black eyeliner gave them the feline definition I was looking for. I went for a sultry bedroom look with eyeshadow. Various plum shades that were sure to really make him hard as a rock. They sure were making me hard! I sculpted my cheek bones to perfection with a nice rosy blusher. Now to finish getting dressed!! I stepped into a short white petticoat and slid on my very sexy French Maid's dress making sure I was spilling plenty of cleavage. I adored the white lace around the short hem as I quickly tied the bow at the base of my back. I clipped on the white lacy cap to my brushed out hair. Added a short pearl necklace and some matching dangly earrings. I admired my look in the mirror as I uncapped my lipstick. Slowly winding up the bright red confection I was transfixed as I filled in my pouty lips making them up to cock sucking perfection. "Oh", I thought, "there will be cock sucking"! I slipped into a pair of five inch "come-fuck-me pumps" spritzed on some Chanel #5 and wiggled into the guest room which overlook the patio. Danny was hard at work hooking up the tub. In the warmth of the early afternoon he had taken his shirt off revealing his lean muscular torso. I groaned inward and felt a stirring in my panties as I watched him. It brought back memories from when I was a young teen watching him mow the lawn with his shirt off. He really filled out since those days but, then again, so had I. I grabbed a small clutch purse and put in my lipstick, perfume and a couple of tampons. I knew I probably wouldn't be making it out of the kitchen before I was thoroughly fucked. I went down to the kitchen and busied myself preparing lunch all the time very aware of the nylons caressing my legs and the swish of my short little petticoat. After about twenty minutes I heard the door slide back. With my back to him I said..."Darling, would you like a panini or", turning to face him...."a blowjob for lunch"?

His jaw dropped. I giggled and batted my long lashes at him. Even though I knew his eyes were bulging out of his head my eyes were locked in on another bulge. He didn't say a word as he unbuttoned his jeans. I could almost feel the heat radiating off his cock as it poked through his fly. Not the kind of girl to ever let an opportunity go by I sauntered over to him and slid his pants down as I knelt before him. I looked up into his eyes as I slowly slipped his cock between my red shiny lips. Oh, it felt so delicious to have him back in my mouth again. Time seemed to stand still as I slowly drew his full length into my mouth. I was moaning like a bitch in heat as I gobbled down his hunk of man meat. He suddenly pulled out and lifted me up, spun me around, bent me over and impaled me with one long thrust. "Oh, yeah, honey fuck me....oh baby, that feels soooo fuckin' good....harder, Daddy....oh yeah fuck that's been too long, Daddy....fuck your little girl....oh, yeah..oh, yeah....cum in my baby...fill me with your hot cum....!" I couldn't keep my mouth shut. It just felt so damn good. He fucked me for a good twenty minuets. He had to hold me up because my knees were buckling and I was losing my footing in my spiky stilettos. When he came I swear I could taste it in the back of my throat it was so strong! When he pulled out of me and I deftly inserted a tampon. I was still shaking. He staggered over and sat on a kitchen chair. "Wow...was that ever a surprise, babe", he moaned. I went down between his legs and began licking off the cum from his, still hard, cock and balls. He reached down and pinched my hard nipples. I felt electric shocks from my tits down to my hard clitty. I came in my panties and I thought I would pass out from the sheer pleasure of it all. "I'm yours to do with as you wish, Daddy. We've got some catching up to do. It's been almost a month since we had time together. I just want to be your sexy fuck doll and your wife for the next few days. I just want us to cum, eat and sleep, in that order, darling. I'll dress sexy for you, any way you want me. I love you so much"! "That sounds great, babe, but I still have work to do", he replied. "I know, darling, but just say the word and I'll bend over or kneel down any time you say". "You are one horny little bitch, you know that"? "Yes....I am"!

We shared lunch and he went back to work. I straightened up the kitchen, fixed my lipstick and basically performed my maid duties for the rest of the afternoon. I was having a ball swishing around doing mundane tasks. Occasionally I would bring him out a cold drink always careful to bend over giving him a good glimpse of paradise. After getting dinner in the oven I went up to change. I slipped into a tight leather, leopard skinned dress and, as Danny was showering set the table. I opened a bottle of Chateauneuf-Du-Pape and plated a nice dinner of roasted red snapper. With candles lit we just enjoyed each others company as we ate, drank and flirted. We cuddled on the couch trying to concentrate on a Yankee game but our lust for each other was winning the day. I went upstairs and changed into a long pink satin robe with intricate lace work. I slipped into a pair of matching pink bedroom pumps with the cute fuzzy frou-frou. The nights were getting chilly so Danny lit a fire . I sauntered as sexily as I could and reclined on a rug in front of the fire. My eyes spoke volumes about what I wanted. He stripped down, eased me on my back and slowly entered me. We made passionate love until the early morning hours. The electricity we generated for each other could have powered the whole town. Or certainly our new hot tub!


  1. What a hot, juicy story! You're a lucky girl! Glad to see you back!

  2. Welcome back to our favorite erotic glam storyteller, im so happy you are able to write again!

  3. Wow I love your work, so sexy

  4. Love your story Rita, so sexy and full of sucking.

    Maybe a little more sucking the big dick, but in the meantime, this story was hot.

    Please keep writing, are good.

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