Monday, March 15, 2010

Even On A Bad Day There Is Always Lipstick!

I just can't help it! I adore the taste and feel of lipstick on my lips! I know alot of you feel the same as I do. Here are some images for my "lipstick" girls!


  1. Note to self: buy some lipstick on the way home tonight - and keep it on when I go out!

  2. I love and share your makeup fetishism!! To me it's not about the lips per se, it's about the sublime femininity of a woman putting on makeup. That adoration and awe that every girl feels for her mother as she watches her putting on her makeup, we sissies feel for women too. At least, I know _I_ do...

  3. fabulous montage...makes me desparate to put some the way you interpose the sissy transvestites with the fashion ads, it really adds a subliminal message to all the allure.