Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here Come The Brides!

I awoke to the feeling of a soft kiss on my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Laura's pretty face beaming down at me. I put my arms around her neck and drew her lips to mine. In between sweet sissy kisses Laura mentioned something about breakfast. Her playful tongue in my mouth was all the nutrition I craved at the moment but I knew if I didn't get up then I would be in her arms all day and there was much to do. I quickly donned a pair of panties and wrapped a silky robe around me. As I passed Monica and Stephanie's room I could make out some soft conversation and rustling of fabric going on behind the closed door. I paused to eavesdrop just a bit but all I could make out were the words "pink garter" and "right leg". I smiled as I thought about the happy couple preparing to don their wedding gowns. When I got to the kitchen I put on the coffee maker and a kettle to boil some water for tea. While that was being done I made up several batches of waffles for all the girls. About twenty minutes later we were all seated in the kitchen eating and chatting away about what needed to be done and when we were going to do it. Hair, makeup and dressing were all discussed in detail and a time table was made. Stacy would be doing the bulk of the work on our hair while it was decided that I would assist Chrissy with her hair and makeup for the day. Immediately after the breakfast dishes were cleared we all scattered to take showers. To save time I doubled up with Laura and then Stacy. Even though we had a clear schedule we all found time for a bit of teasing and probing. After I donned a silk kimono I ran a nice fragrant bubble bath for our little flower girl. She modestly covered herself as she slipped beneath the flowery bubbles. As she bathed we chatted about the events of the day to come. I was amazed at how naturally feminine she moved as she washed her limbs. I admonished her not to take too long as she still had to have her nails and hair done. I left her a short satin dressing gown and told her she had twenty minutes to soak and then to be in my room to begin getting ready. In the mean time Stacy wound my long blond tresses in big rollers to give them some wave and bounce. By the time we all had our hair tended to I entered my room to see Chrissy sitting at my vanity gazing at her reflection. She looked so sweet! "Ready for some fun, honey?", I said. She just smiled and bit her lower lip. As I was fixing her hair in a cute page boy style we discussed nail polish and makeup. I told her that since this was a special day she could wear a more elaborate makeup than usual. I had secretly purchased a pair of false eyelashes that I thought would give her naturally long lashes a bit of a boost. We talked about all sorts of things while I worked her face and nails over. She was concerned as to what would happen to her once school started in the fall. I told her that being a part time girl was still better than not being a girl at all. She excepted that but I could tell she didn't ever want to go back to being Christopher again. Who could blame her? I thought I was naturally feminine growing up but she was really a girly-girl! As her nails dried I went to work on her face. Nothing tarty. I wanted her to look slightly older than her age but not over the top. After I tweezed some stray brow hair and applied a soft peachy foundation I applied her lashes. She was thrilled and was batting them at her reflection all the time sweetly giggling. We were having so much fun but I had to finish her so I could turn my attention to my own preening and primping. When I was done she looked simply adorable. I left her to apply her own lipstick which I noted was a deep rose shade that I knew would match her gown perfectly. I also left her a small pair of breast forms so she could fill out her bra a little more dramatically. I'm such a thoughtful aunt!

I found Laura sitting at her vanity, hair still in curlers, applying her makeup. Our gowns and lingerie laid out on her bed. She scooted over and patted the seat next to her with her long shiny magenta nails. I smiled and gave her left breast a gentle pinch as I sat beside her and began my own makeup. We chatted as we worked never once removing our gaze from the task at hand. I heard the doorbell ring and Stacy calling out that she would get it. It turned out to be the florist delivering the flowers and bouquets. While I applied my eyeshadow I heard Chrissy yell out how beautiful all the flowers were. I giggled as I realized our little flower girl was taking responsibility for the arrangements! (under her Aunt's supervision, of course!) Laura was taking down my hair as I made my lips shine a vivid red. I returned the favor as she filled in her own luscious lips. Time for lingerie. I chose all black because I was hoping to get Danny alone later that night and I knew that he loved seeing me in all black pretties! Laura chose white. Together we made quite a contrast in our bras, panties, garter belts and sheer stockings. I made a mental note for us to dress like this for each other in the not-to-distant future. We helped each other into our long, bell hemmed, red satin gowns wondering out loud if the two brides were doing the same. I knew that Monica would supervise every aspect of Stephanie's image. From makeup, hair and nails to every stitch of satin and organza. Even the size of her breast forms and perfume would be orchestrated by Monica's talents as a feminizer of boys into girls. Both Laura and I gave each other a critical once over before descending the stairs. With a girly hug we clasped hands and headed down to prepare for the ceremony.

There weren't going to be many guests as this was primarily a private affair amongst our little sissy sorority. As I was preparing champagne buckets the doorbell rang again. This time it was the minister who would be officiating. She was an ordained minister from a church in New Hope that catered to the GLBT community. Ironically her name was Faith. After making the initial greetings Laura led her out to where the actual ceremony would take place. As I was about to shut the door I saw Danny's familiar truck drive up. I could feel my heart beating under my breasts just as it does every time I see him approach. (still to this very day!) He looked so handsome in his Armani suit but at the same time a bit uncomfortable. After all he really is a jeans and work boots kind of guy. I get such a thrill when he takes me still wearing his boots! My clitty twitches just thinking about it! I struck a seductive pose as he walked up the three steps to the front porch. His eyes told me all I needed to know. He loved me in this gown. He put his hands on my hips and drew me close. My arms going automatically around his broad shoulders. He kissed me on the forehead. "Is that all I get?", I pouted. "I didn't want to ruin your makeup, babe", he replied. I licked my luscious red lips as I gazed into his eyes. I put on a sealer over my lipstick, darling, so give me a proper welcome"! With that he planted a long wet one on me till I felt my knees get wobbly. I ran a long nailed finger up his crotch and whispered in his ear. "You're not leaving until I get a piece of this later". "I could fuck you right here on the front porch, you hot little bitch!", he hissed back at me. I laughed and told him he couldn't as there was a child on the premises. I had him right where I wanted him. Horny as hell and dying for my pussy. We went to join the others out in the garden. I passed out the champagne flutes and filled glasses. Sparkling cider for Chrissy although I could swear that at several times during the day she was sneaking some very expensive bubbly! "Oh, well", I thought, I'd probably have done the same and it will probably help her sleep later". I kept my eye on her anyway. We heard a soft chime and turned to see two very beautiful brides walk out hand in hand to the patio.

Monica looked absolutely stunning with her raven hair in a sweeping updo with a thin band of flowers near the crown. Her gown was a vision in white chiffon and lace. I never saw a more stunning bride. That is until I saw Stephanie. She was a feminine mirage before our eyes. Her makeup was immaculate with a look of total calm on her face. She exuded womanly charm from her tightly corseted waist to her upswept blond tresses. Her gown was just stunning. Monica stepped forward with such an air of authority as she beckoned her new wife to her side. I stammered out my utter astonishment as I handed each of them there respective glasses. I must have had envy written all over my face as we began toasting the happy couple. I suddenly longed for a ceremony such as this with my Danny. Even though we had given each other vows while I was dressed in my sister's gown I yearned to do it again in front of witnesses. I vowed that someday it would happen. It was time to begin. Laura was the first to approach the alter followed by me. Chrissy did a splendid job laying rose petals at the feet of the two brides as they slowly sauntered down the make shift aisle of satin. When they were joined hand in hand in front of Faith, Chrissy handed each of the girls their respective bouquets. After a few remarks by Faith about love and commitment Monica began her vows. She promised undying love and affection to her Stephanie. She would always be there to protect her and comfort her in time of need. For Stephanie's part she pledged total devotion and obedience which I found quite interesting. When the two brides kissed I was happy I had put on a waterproof mascara that morning. It was all hugs and kisses after that. About twenty minutes later Monica whisked Laura, Stacy and I to a room inside the house and closed the door. I looked at Laura who just shrugged her shoulders. Monica stood in the middle of the room and Stephanie knelt in front of her with her hands folded together. Monica then raised her gown up around her waist reveling the large dildo made from a mold of Stephanie's own enormous cock strapped to her waist. Monica looked down at her and said, "My darling wife". With that Stephanie leaned in and planted a kiss on the head of, what was basically, her own cock. "With this kiss I promise to always serve my mistress in any way she chooses. Her needs will always come first. I further promise that I will remain my mistress's dutiful wife for ever in satin and lace. I promise this with this kiss". Again Stephanie kissed her cock replica. I was stunned but certainly not surprised. Monica always had something up her sleeve. We rejoined everybody else after that. I noticed Chrissy being very attentive to Danny and smiled. "Well, what are you two talking about?", I asked. "Baseball", Chrissy replied. I shook my head and went for another glass of champagne.

The rest of the afternoon went very nicely. The food was great thanks to the catering services of Cafe Roma. (You didn't think I had the time to cook, did you?) I finally got to spend a few minutes alone with Monica. "Nice touch!", I said, pointing to her waist. She just smiled that smile of hers. "What makes you think that was my idea, Rita?", she slyly said. "You don't give Stephanie enough credit in the creativity department, baby girl!", she cooed. I just laughed at that one. As the sun was sinking over the tree line I began to think about Danny and getting him alone for a while. I knew he was going to work around midnight and I needed an itch scratched badly. As soon as Stacy left with Chrissy I cornered him. Chrissy, it seems, was monopolizing Danny for a fair amount of the day. I'd have to have a long talk with that little flirt! I put my arms around his neck and asked him if he was ready to play with the big girls for a change. He smiled and asked me to lead the way. There were still some people sitting around the living room chatting and drinking as I lead him upstairs. When we got to our bedroom I had him sit in a chair while I slowly slipped out of my gown. Dressed in only my lacy black lingerie I slipped into a pair of sexy, black 5 inch heels. Bending over I brushed my hair and saucily whipped it back onto my shoulders. I could hear his breathing getting harder. I knew it wasn't the only thing getting harder. I smiled and winked at him as I sat at my vanity to apply a nice, thick creamy coat of lipstick. I stood between his spread legs as if I was being inspected. "Like what you see?", I whispered. "Always", he said, never losing eye contact with me. I slowly knelt down and pulled his cock free from his pants. I didn't waste time taking as much of him in my mouth as I could. I wanted him wet and hard as steel pipe. Time was of the essence and I craved a nice, long steamy fuck. He didn't disappoint as he bent me over the bed and tore my panties off. I moaned as his massive meat invaded my cunt. He plowed in and out for a long time. I must have cum a dozen times before I felt his hot load spill into my pussy. God, how I love that man! After some kiss and cuddle time he showered and headed out to work. I looked at the clock and noticed it was about 10PM. I slipped on a new pair of panties and and silk chemise and went down stairs for a nightcap. I saw that Monica, Stephanie and Laura had also taken off there gowns and were sitting around in lingerie. Suddenly feeling overdressed I doffed my chemise and got out the cognac. Monica wanted to sit outside and I knew why. "Why not?", I thought to myself as I accepted a long Havana cigar from Stephanie who then dutifully lit them for us. She just loved to serve. You could tell by the way her big cock was making a mockery of her panties. I saw Monica reach for something from under her chair. Again I was not surprised to see her strap herself into the dildo. It seemed the ceremony wasn't over just yet. Stephanie was out of her panties in a blink of an eye. "Girls?", Monica addressed us. Laura and I knew what was expected of us. We started double teaming Stephanie's cock while Monica slowly fucked her new, and truly devoted, wife into total submission. Laura and I each took turns sucking her cock while Monica spoke soothing words to her whimpering, but very excited young sissy bride. "Such a pretty love having Mommy fuck you in your tight little pussy, don't you baby doll....that's it princess...take all of it in....Mommy loves her little girl". It seemed to go on for hours and it probably did. We finished our cigars and emptied the cognac bottle while soaking in the hot tub. The next thing I knew it was morning and all of us were still in the tub together as naked as the day we were born. When we all awoke there was no sense of urgency to do anything all day but to lay in the water, drink, eat, fuck and suck. We spent a hedonistic day just lounging around sharing each other's fruits. I knew we would all have to get back to reality soon so I enjoyed every minute of it, thankful that these wonderful women entered my life!

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