Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Do Things!

For the rest of that summer and up until my first anniversary being with Danny things were pretty routine. I poured myself into my work at the restaurant taking on more and more responsibilities. Laura did likewise as her talents for buying and selling properties became more sought after. We saw Monica and Stephanie most weekends and shared many a good meal, bottle of wine and lots of naughty fun. Danny continued to drop by much to my delight. He always volunteered to do a project around the house. "Man's work" he called it. Electrical, plumbing, masonry, landscaping...he could do it all. But, as far as I was concerned, his main talent was making me scream with passion! It was difficult coming to terms with the way my life had totally changed since I graduated high school. Even more so coming out to Danny less than a year ago. The people and situations that totally transformed my life in such a short time were mind boggling. I was living full time as the woman I always wanted to be ever since my sister, Denise, first dressed me in her communion dress all those years ago. Even after all of that my basic nature remained the same. So far my basic philosophy in life of "do-no-harm-expect-no-harm" was working for me. If you give love you get love. Sounds naive, I know. But I was a happy camper.

About three weeks after the wedding I made an appointment for a color touch up with Stacy. While she expertly got rid of my roots we chatted about things. My major topic of concern was what Chrissy's future would be after summer ended and the new school year started. I knew in my heart of hearts she didn't want to go back to being a boy again. I brought up that subject as I sat contentedly in the salon chair. That's when Stacy dropped a bombshell on me. It turns out that little Chrissy can and will remain a girl while attending school. One of Stacy's better clients is an attorney who filled forms to have Chrissy's gender changed in anticipation for a total sex reassignment in future. She would also begin taking hormone treatments to counteract the oncoming of male puberty as well as counselling. I was overjoyed at this news. "Where is Chrissy, by the way?", I asked. "She's out playing with her friends but she is due back here by one o'clock to do some cleaning and to sit for a wig styling. I smiled as I remembered the first time I met "Christopher" as he shyly sat as his aunt's wig model. I knew immediately there was a budding girl deep in his heart. When she finished my hair looked gorgeous again parted on the side and sweeping around my shoulders. While sitting to have my nails done Chrissy came in with two of her friends. A brother and sister, I was to learn, named Cindy and Josh. Chrissy had told them they could use the restroom in the salon. She was as bubbly as ever when she greeted me. Wearing a very short pair of cutoffs and a peach tank top with a pink glittery kiss mark on it I noted that both her toe and fingernails were painted a bright shiny pink. When her friends left I commented that I thought Josh was a real cutie. "I know"!, Chrissy dreamily replied. We chatted while waiting for my nails to dry. She asked about all the other girls that were at the wedding. I filled her in. I then asked how she felt about being able to continue being a girl even after summer was over. She was very open about it. "I can't be a boy anymore. I don't know how. It's wonderful to know that I can always be a girl because I am a girl". I couldn't agree or identify with that more. "Wig time, Christine!", Stacy called out. "Yea!", was her reply. I hung around to see what style it would be. It was a brunette style that suited Chrissy's pretty little face to perfection. We made plans to continue what we dubbed "girly camp" with a few more outings as time permitted. I also made plans to hook up with Stacy that weekend for some, uhumm, "grown-up time". We all still liked to keep our Friday nights as a get together night for all us girls. That is except Chrissy. She'd have to wait a long time to be invited but it was apparent to me that she was looking at boys a lot differently these days. Well, so was I at her age!

I had planned some light shopping after the salon as I needed shampoo, douche and tampons. While strolling through the mall I couldn't resist checking out Fredrick's of Hollywood to see if there was some racy little confection I could tempt Danny with. I found this totally sexy little black lace number that I knew would look killer on me. Beautifully styled it would leave my breasts fully exposed. I didn't hesitate. I knew Danny was back at Lorita working on expanding our modest outdoor grill and deserved a reward. When I got home he was just finishing up. After a nice long kiss and compliment on how nice my hair looked he went off to take a shower and change. I noticed some nice looking rib eye's in the fridge and figured we would be breaking the grill in later on. I popped into Laura's office to say hello. She was just getting off the phone and greeted me with my second long kiss since I arrived home. I couldn't wait to show her my purchase. She squealed with delight when she saw it! "You're gonna kill that boy before your first anniversary if you keep this up!", she giggled. I heard Danny heading our way and quickly hid the sexy bit of nothing behind my back. "What's that?", he asked. "Nothing...girl stuff...go away!", I smiled. "Okay, whatever", he said. Later, while he grilled the steaks, I set about fixing up a salad and selecting the right wine for our meal. A nice bottle of Spanish garnacha. Over dinner the three of us made light conversation about things in general. It was Laura who brought up our impending anniversary. "Any special plans?", she asked. I looked at Danny and he at me. "Whatd'ya think babe?", he asked me. "Anything as long as I'm with you, honey", I replied. That brought an "aughhhhhh" from Laura. "Maybe Atlantic City?", he asked. "Sure, sounds perfect. Not too far and I could really get to dress up"! It was settled. My mind was already planning my wardrobe. After dinner Laura went into the living room to watch a movie while Danny and I "retired" early. I quickly went into the bathroom to don my "man eater" outfit. I added some dangly ruby earrings, sultry eye makeup, bright red lipstick and Chanel #5. On impulse I lightly coated my nipples with a deep pink blusher to make them more prominent. I briefly wished at that moment that I had a wet glistening vagina to present him with. I knew he needed vagina every now and then and I also knew he got it. It wasn't a secret between us just as my relationship with the girls wasn't a secret. It was just something that we both came to terms with when we first hooked up. I knew I was his number one and he knew he was mine.When I presented myself Danny was lying in bed reading something not even looking at me. "Honey?", I cooed. "You likey?" I struck a coquettish pose twirling my hair on my finger. His jaw dropped. "Holy fuckin' shit!", he gasped. "Nice mouth!", I said as I sauntered over to him watching a tent grow in his shorts. "You kiss you mother with that mouth?", I giggled. "You never cease to amaze me, babe!", he said shaking his head. "Well, I've got tits now, Daddy, I want to show them off"! I hefted the girls in my hands plucked at my nipples with my long red nails. "You like? Wanna fuck them? Wanna cum all over my tits, Daddy?", I purred. He never took his eyes off me as he pulled down his shorts reveling a very aroused cock. "Ohhhhh....Daddy wants to fuck Mommy's pretty titties, doesn't he"? I teased him unmercifully as I put the palm of my hand on his hard 8 inches of man meat. I then lay full on him grinding my tits to his chest and kissed him hard on the mouth. Our tongues doing a soft ballet together all the while rubbing his cock. I slithered down leaving a kiss trail to the head of his manhood and slipped it between my ruby red lips. Never breaking eye contact I gazed at the passion in his eyes as I slowly bobbed my head up and down on my prize. I pulled off him and began to pump him with my hand. "What's your pleasure, sir?", I purred down at him. In the blink of an eye he had me flat on my back with his cock running up and down through my cleavage. With long strokes he fucked my tits, his cock running slowly over my lips. I could feel the heat and raw animal passion radiating off him in waves! It was making me dizzy with desire. When he came the first blast hit my chin and filled my cleavage. The rest I made sure was in my hungry mouth. After a brief rest we resumed with a very long fucking session with me on all fours gasping for breath. He was really bringing it home tonight. It's amazing what less than four ounces of slinky lace could inspire in him. After another long blast of man juice in my pussy we rested in each other's arms. He made a brave attempt at another go. This time with me on my back. This was "making love" as opposed to fucking. I always orgasm more in this position. He took me there four times before collapsing on me. We both fell asleep with his cock still buried in me. That was a first. Maybe Laura was right! I just might kill him before our first year was up! Nawww...he's my man and my man can handle anything! Even me! Let him have his fun with vagina. When it comes to pleasing my man I was a fast learner and just getting started! Kisses, Rita!

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  1. Hi Rita!

    Thanks for the Update. I am so Happy for Chrissie! Just wondering, as an advocate for Gender Role Reversal and Chrissie's Love of baseball, would you ever see the possibility of Chrissie hooking up with an Athletic, Tomboy that was a Softball Player? Just wondering your thoughts on that.