Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moving On To "Blonder" Things!

It was finally over. Mom and Denise had just left for home after a lovely dinner at Cafe Roma to celebrate my High school graduation. I wore a simple sheath dress with 3 inch pumps after getting out of my cap and gown. At least they were bright red. My only regret was not wearing matching lipstick. Whatever "boy" was left in me had finally and forever flown the coop. I stood alone in the empty house doing one last final inspection. I requested this time alone and my family was very understanding, as they always are. I went up to my bedroom and looked around. The memories overwhelmed me. This room. This room where my bored sister dressed me in her lacy white communion dress 14 years ago. This room where I became a girl. I became Rita. This room where I honed my makeup skills and learned to walk in high heels. This room where I spent hours learning how to be a girl. This room where I plotted the seduction of my life long best friend and the boy next door. This room where I lost my virginity to that very same boy. "Danny", I thought. I gazed out the window to the house across the alleyway. His window was dark. He was spending the weekend at his parent's beach house on the Jersey shore. I gazed around at the soft peachy-pink walls. I sank to my knees in the middle of that bare room and cry ed my eyes out. Fade to black........

It was arranged that Laura would pick me up and take me to our new home together. The movers had performed a miracle and moved us both out and in on the same day. It's amazing what clout Laura had as a successful Realtor. She promised them glowing referrals if they could pull it off. She noticed my red eyes. "Any regrets?", she asked. "None what so ever", I quietly replied. We drove in silence for a bit. "All the furniture is where it should be but there is still tons of unpacking to do. Don't forget you have a 10AM at the Beauty Parlor in the morning". I brightened up at that. "Oh, you don't need to remind me of that!", I smiled. "It's going to take them about four or five hours to get it all done, honey, so I'll drop you off and come back here to start getting things done. I'll pick you up and we'll grab a quick lunch and then it's right back to work. Okay"? I just nodded. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. We pulled into our driveway and the first thing I noticed was the plaque mounted firmly in the ground. "Laurita" "We're home, Rita!" I let out a little squeal. "Yes, Laura, home"! We went inside and the place was full of cartons. I checked out the kitchen and thought to myself that this will probably take the most work but I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it. "I only had time to make up my bed but I put out some sleepwear for you", Laura told me. I went up to my new room and found a beautiful red satin nightgown laying on my bed. I quickly stripped and slipped it over my head. Oh, it felt so lovely against my naked body. I joined Laura in the living room where she poured us both out some brandy. "Here, this will help you sleep". We clinked glasses and toasted our new home. Laura then threw her empty glass into the fireplace. "For good luck", she told me. I followed suit. Arm in arm we went up to her bedroom. We spooned together and soon I was fast asleep.

I awoke with a gentle kiss on my ear. "Time to get a move on, Rita!", she said patting my butt. I jumped up taking in the still unfamiliar surroundings. "Transformation Day, Part 1", I happily thought. I showered and dressed in a short white skirt and red and white top. I slipped into a pair of cork wedge shoes keeping my legs bare. A pair of simple hoop earrings and with my mousy brown hair in a high ponytail we set off for the salon. Laura assured me that this salon was used to servicing girls like us so I was not to be concerned about anything. I was greeted at the door by Stacy who would be doing my hair. She introduced me to Tanya who would be giving me a full body wax. It was suggested that we do the waxing first to get it done with. I carefully hung up my clothes and slipped into the knee length pink gown. I lay down on a soft cushioned table and the waxing began. It wasn't bad. A little uncomfortable but no big deal. After the waxing Tanya applied a soothing moisturizer on my skin. It was fun getting a bikini wax even though I was mildly embarrassed to have my little clitty so exposed to a stranger but the results were worth it. Just a straight wispy strip of short soft pubes! "One last thing and I'll hand you over to Stacy!", Tonya said. She held my chin in her hand turning my face right and left. She selected what appeared to be a stencil. She held it up to my browns and penciled them in. She proceeded to wax and shape my brows into thin high arches. I couldn't believe how much that simple act opened up my eyes! I thanked her with a hug as I was led over to the sinks. A young girl washed and conditioned my hair and I was brought over to Stacy's station. "So", she said, "going blond for the summer. Is that the plan"? "Yes", I answered. We then decided on a shade that would suit my skin tone and she set to work blending. I was led back to the sink area and she proceeded to coat my long locks in the solution. My hair was wrapped and I was lead to a dryer. After what seemed an eternity I was combed out. As I was spun around to the mirror all the air in my lungs seemed to rush out in one audible gasp. "!", I whispered. I was stunned at the change to my appearance. "This is nothing", Stacy said. "It's time to add some waves to this!" she continued as she lifted the right side of my, now, honey blond hair. While the perm (smelly!) solution was doing it's magic my manicure and pedicure were being addressed. The manicurist was a cute little Asian girl named Young. At least that's how it sounded. "You like red, I understand. What lipstick you use?" I told her my signature shade. "Ahhh, very pretty. I match it for you". After my pedicure was complete she began filling and buffing my nails. This wasn't a new experience for me but it was still (and still is!) quite a thrill! She carefully applied the extensions and wraps and polished my nails a bright shiny deep red! I looked at them with pride. "Now and forever, no going back", I happily thought. Stacy then took over and after the perm solution was washed out she began to cut and style. She chatted with me all along the process. I told her about myself, about my friends and about Danny. "You're a very lucky girl, Rita". "Don't I know it!", I replied. She was just about finished when she whispered in my ear. "You know, honey, you and I are not all that different." My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. "You I can't believe it"! She just smiled and nodded. "Yep, two years post-op", she grinned. She went on to tell me that she was in a steady relationship with a guy named Hank. He was divorced and had two daughters. She was at a very happy period in her life after years of depression and confusion. "We'll have lunch sometime and compare notes, she said. "But in the mean time today is all about you"! With that she spun me back to the mirror and I almost fainted. My blond hair (Blond!) was styled in a curly feminine doo. It looked slightly tussled and oh.. so.. sexy! With my thin and highly arched brows I looked like I could be a contestant in any pageant! Stacy gave me some tips on styling and maintenance. I thanked her profusely and promised we'd get together after the house was put to order. I told her I'd cook her something special as a thank you. Anything she wanted! "Yes, I heard you are an aspiring chef so I'd really like that. We gave each other a sisterly hug. We looked into each other's eyes and I felt a spark. "Uh-oh", I thought, "here we go again"! I was in desperate need of the ladies room so I went about my business. Standing in front of the mirror I just couldn't get over the change. I practiced making flirty and seductive faces in the mirror as I put on my makeup. I couldn't get over my eyebrows. So perfect. As I applied my lipstick it all came together, as it always does. "All this", I thought, and tomorrow the tit fairy comes to call. I giggled out loud and left the room. When I emerged I saw Laura chatting with Stacy. When she saw me she let out a squeal and bent at the waist she put her hands over her mouth. She started clapping her hands in a very girly manner. I struck a seductive pose and said, "Well"? "Gorgeous..simply gorgeous!" She turned and gave Stacy a big hug! "You've outdone yourself, Stace"! "I'm only as good as the material I'm given to work with", she simply stated. We again promised Stacy we would all get together in the near future. I personally thanked all the girls again and booked an appointment for the second weekend in July for touch ups. As Laura and I were driving to lunch she was ecstatic over my new look. "You're going to be beating the boys off with a stick!", she said. "Nonsense, I'm a one man woman. Always will be. I'm not interested in any other man. Well.....maybe Derek Jeter, but I found the love of my life", I said. We did get a lot of looks at lunch. Mostly from men but we also noticed some strange looks from women as well. "Green with envy", Laura whispered to me over our Cobb salads. All during lunch I just had to admire my long red nails. The nails I'd come to love so much growing up. Now they were mine for as long as I wished to have them. Simple choices like choosing a nail length or a hair color that had been kept from me all my life were now mine to choose. Let me tell you, girls, It's a truly liberating experience. We grabbed some takeout from the bistro and headed back to "Laurita" for some unpacking.
When we got home I noticed that Laura had made my bed. I thanked her. "Does that mean you want to sleep alone tonight, honey?", I seductively asked. She just looked at me and smirked. "Are you trying to seduce me you blond vixen"? "With all my heart and soul", I purred. She understood where I was coming from. I never felt more alive or more sexy in my young life.
After what seemed like hours of emptying boxes and putting things away we relaxed for a quick bite and changed into sexy bedroom attire. I again wore the satin nightie from the night before. We wound up making gentle love in her bed. I was reminded not to eat anything after 9PM. "This was such a big day for me, Laura. I can't thank you enough." She patted my breasts and said, "Even bigger day tomorrow, don't you think"? All these changes coming at me so fast. I loved them all but would Danny?

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