Monday, June 8, 2009

Lose A Little, Gain A Little!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post but things are busy for me this time of year. I'd like to bring this up to the point where my life finally gets on track.

The spring seemed to rush by between work, school and the preparations on "Laurita." School got easier after I began the workstudy program. I was continuing my monthly hormone shots as well as taking my pills daily. I was on an emotional rollercoaster at the time but was to busy to take notice. The girls and I continued our Saturday night get together and Danny and I still had our Friday nights so my sex life was still pretty darned good! Laura found a definite buyer for my Mom's house and the closing was scheduled to coincide with our plans for the end of the school year. One Sunday morning in early June I received a call from Monica asking me to brunch at Stephanie's apartment in the city. When I arrived I was surprised to see Laura there as well. I was also surprised to see they were all wearing white low cut dresses showing plenty of cleavage. I was in a short denim skirt and a pink blouse. Well, Stephanie's were breast forms but still it left me feeling very inadequate. After a pleasant meal of omelets with shaved white truffle we we sipping champagne on the terrace when I brought up the subject of the dresses. Monica looked at me with "that" look. "Rita, Stephanie and I have decided to give you a little, well maybe not so little, gift for being in our wedding party". I looked over at Laura who was all smiles. I noticed the way the sunlight glinted off her fuchsia lipstick, making my clitty jump in my satin panties. Monica continued. "We've want you to be able to fit properly into the bridesmaid dress we have in mind". "Oh", I said, "do you need me to lose a few pounds"? I had been worried because my hips and butt were growing a bit. I couldn't fit into the jeans I wore the previous summer. "Not exactly lose, darling, but...ummm...gain would be the better word for it"! I gave them all a confused stare. With that they all grabbed the tops of their dresses and pulled them down revealing three sets of breasts. (Well, two but Stephanie is one of the girls now.) My eyes got as big as saucers. "You mean....!", I gasped as my hands went up to cup my own breasts. I got all dewy eyed. "Stephanie, Monica...I just couldn't...I mean, the's just too much..."! "No ifs, end's our buts, Missy it's a done deal. The appointment is already set for June 20th", Monica said. I was speechless. I broke down and cried in earnest. Laura rushed to my side and put her arm around me. I buried my head in her still exposed breasts. In any other situation I would have suckled for hours. After a while I calmed down. I couldn't thank them enough. "It's the least we can do for you, honey", Stephanie said. "If it wasn't for you I don't think I would have gotten together with Monica and become part of this wonderful feminine world, besides meeting the love of my life". With that Monica leaned over and gave her a peck on the lips. Stephanie reached into her purse and extracted a compact to check her lipstick. I smiled at that, thinking I would have done the same thing. "You see", she continued, "you awoke a spark in Monica and brought back her desire to fully feminize a boy". I nodded with understanding. I guess it was true thinking back to our nights in the ladies room at the library. "One other surprise", Laura said. With a shocked expression my hand went to grab in between my legs. They all laughed. " so drastic. That's entirely your decision someday, baby" , she cooed. "Here's your time line, sweets. School ends on the 18th and you get the boob job on the 20th so that leaves the 19th open, right"? I nodded. Well, I thought, when Monica told me the news, that it would be a shame to waste the day". With that she took a small white card from her purse and handed it to me. "The Beauty Parlor" it read in feminine script. "Turn it over", Laura said. I did. Client Name: Rita Mondray. Date: June 19th. Time: 10AM. Services needed: Color, Perm, Nails, Waxing. Paid in full. Please call to confirm your appointment. "It's my graduation gift to you, honey", Laura said. "Are they open now", I gushed. Yes, I think so", she replied. I reached into my purse and took out the my cell phone. "Hello? Yes, this is Rita Mondray and I'm calling to confirm my appointment for June 19th at 10AM. Yes.....yes....that would be great. Really...that's so sweet....Earl Grey actually....uh-huh....Stacy?.....okay, see you then..thank you...bye-bye"! I hung up and hugged Laura. "Oh, I love you, I love you...I love all of you so much", I gushed. "Now, will you all put your tits away. This is New York City. People have telescopes"! We all went inside. Monica and Stephanie gave us a grand tour. To say opulent wasn't saying enough. I could never imagine having this much luxury. When I saw the kitchen my eyes bugged out. Stephanie laughed when she saw my reaction. She came over to me and entwined her arm around mine. "I'm afraid this room doesn't see all that much action but you're welcome to use it any time you like". I gave her a sisterly hug. "However", she said leading us up a spiral staircase, "fortunately this room does see some action...lately". It was a gorgeous feminine bedroom with a panoramic view of Central Park. There was a huge round bed with a circular skylight above it. Two huge walk in closets and a large vanity covered with Chanel cosmetics. On the bed were four matching pink babydoll outfits. Monica went over to the bed and held one up. It was the most feminine babydoll I'd ever seen. Even Laura gasped when she saw it. It was sissy pink, sheer and frilly. The hem and bust was covered in soft pink marabou. "I think we all have a good reason to celebrate, don't we, girls?", she slyly said. We wasted no time in stripping naked and shimmy into these cute little confections. I couldn't help but notice Stephanie's enormous cock waving in the air as she hurried into her babydoll. When we were all dressed we made a circle on the bed holding hands just smiling at each other. As if we all had ESP we formed a daisy chain. Monica laid back like a queen and Stephanie buried her face in her steaming cunt. Laura quickly got under Stephanie and began to stroke her monster while licking her balls. Not to be left out I eagerly swallowed Laura's, by now very familiar, clitty. Feeling something warm engulf mine I felt Monica's mouth and tongue make music on my very engorged clitty. She also deftly slipped a finger into my rosebud. Normally I would have objected. That was Danny's sole domain but under the circumstances I just moaned out my acceptance. We played at this well into the early evening switching partners every now and then. We were like a sexual sissy sorority and adored every lick, suck and probe until we were all pretty much spent. Monica took a break and went out on the terrace to get some fresh she said. In the meantime Laura and I spent the time tag teaming Stephanie's ever stiff cock. We both got the whiff of cigar smoke and knew that Monica was enjoying one of her Havanas. We both just smiled at each other. "Do you?", I asked Laura. "Not really. Do you?", she replied. "Maybe some other time. I'd much rather have this in my mouth at the moment....unless...?", I asked looking up at Stephanie. I'm not allowed, too masculine for a sissy like me", she said smiling at us. She was right. Although Monica was the only generic girl in our group both Laura and I were full time t-girls. Stephanie on the other hand craved being a submissive sissy and would want it no other way. Monica had her rules and the three of us would always respect them. Stephanie would never be allowed any other pussy but Monica's. That worked for me but I know deep down Laura was itching to ride that big cock. But on the upside we were allowed to be Monica's fluff girls. Get her sissy good and hard and she would ride her into the sunset. And that's exactly what happened. We heard her heels on the stairs. "Hmmmmm..I love to see my girls enjoying each other. Okay, you two, it's Mommy's turn"! With that both Laura and I sat up and Monica got between the legs of her future wife and slowly sank her dripping pussy onto her sissy girl's pole. We watched for a minute and both headed downstairs to the living room. Laura found the box of Havanas opened on the table and held two up. "Okay", I said. We filled two balloons of Cognac and sat out on the terrace watching the last rays of sunlight sink over Central Park and New Jersey beyond. We sat silently with our cigars and brandy for awhile. "Maybe Stephanie is right", I said holding up my cigar. "Maybe this is too masculine a thing to do". "I disagree", Laura replied. "I get a very womanly glow from this. It's not really taboo anymore and I know you enjoy them as well". "Okay, I admit I do but when we move into "Laurita" can we keep them strictly out doors"? "Absolutely, no smoking in the house at any time", Laura said sipping on her brandy. Sitting side by side we held hands watching the West Side of Manhattan light up. "I can't believe this is all happening", I whispered. "I can't either, at least not this, here, today, but like I've told you, Rita, we deserve it "Laura whispered back. We sat and smoked for a bit, finished our drinks and went up to get our clothes for the trip home. We stopped on the stairs hearing sounds of passion coming from the upper room. "Maybe we shouldn't disturb them", I whispered. "Do you want to take the train home wearing pink babydolls?", Laura grinned. I actually thought about it for a second. "Well, I guess you're right". When we walked in on them Stephanie was on all fours and Monica was fucking her with a very realistic strap on. We silently collected our things and made a hasty retreat. As we were dressing and gargling and fixing our faces I asked Laura about the strap on. "Oh yes, that", she said. "Is it...?", I asked. "Yes, it's an exact replica of Stephanie's cock. Monica had a mold made and some outfit in Boston had it made up for her. "She thinks of everything", I said shaking my head.

Our trip home was spent going over plans for the house and just idle girl talk. Slipping under the sheets that night I was excited to think that in a very short while I would achieve my goal of being blond, busty and a full time woman! Oh, was I ever gonna make my man happy!

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