Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moving Out!

The next weekend found Danny, my Mom and myself driving west in a rented U-Haul loaded with Mom's things. Clothes, bedroom furniture and personal keepsakes. It was time for her to move in temporarily with Denise to care for her in her final trimester of pregnancy. I was sitting in the middle of the single seat cab of the truck with Danny at the wheel. We talked about our upcoming plans. Danny's new job with the power company, "Laurita", selling the house and graduation. I didn't mention my upcoming transformation wanting it to be a surprise. We were listening to music on the CD player when "Crazy" by Patsy Cline came on. I snuggled in close to Danny as he put his arm around me kissing me on the top of my head. It was the first time we had shown real affection for each other in front of Mom. I nervously glanced in her direction. She was looking at me with a big smile and tears in her eyes. "Is this your song together?", she asked. "Yes", I whispered. "Our first dance and...uh...kiss". After a minute or two she told me that she and my Dad also danced and kissed for the first time to a song by Patsy Cline. "Oh, really? Which song, Mom"? "I believe it was "You Belong To Me", she smiled. I thought of the two of them back then, long before Denise and I were in the picture. A young couple in love. It was a lovely image but also kind of sad in a way. After putting the furniture into storage we spent a lovely afternoon with my sister, Denise. Her husband, who is in law enforcement, was at work. She looked radiant with her big belly. It made me feel a little envious that this particular rite of womanhood would always elude me. After getting Mom all settled in and promising to call every night Danny and I headed home. I suddenly realized I was going home to an empty house and I would be living alone for the next week. "Honey?", I asked. "What, babe?", he responded. "I don't really want to be alone tonight so would you stay with me"? I'll cook and we could just be together. Maybe watch a movie or something"? "I was gonna watch the Yankee game, if that's okay?", he said. "Sure, even better!", I replied.

When we got home he went up to take a shower while I busied myself making my version of Philly cheese steak sandwiches. I felt so domesticated, so much like a married woman. In a sense we were married. Maybe not legally but certainly spiritually. After all we did make vows to each other with me in my sister's wedding dress. As I was toasting rolls in the oven I felt his arms go around my slim waist. "What would my lovely wife care to drink tonight?", he said as he kissed me on the ear. I spun around in his embrace. I put my arms around his neck kissing him deeply on the lips. "What?", he said. "You always manage to say the perfect thing at the perfect time. I love you so much!" He opened a bottle of Barbera D' Asti that Paolo had given me and we settled in to eat and watch the Yankee game. Everything felt just right. Just the two of us having a normal Saturday evening at home together. This was usually "girls" night but Monica and Stephanie were busy planning the wedding in Geneva. Laura was out at "Laurita" supervising the work being done and dealing with all the small details that would drive anyone outside the real estate business out of their minds. We were engrossed in the game when the phone rang. I moaned silently to myself as I got up to answer it. The Yankees had a no-hitter going in the top of the seventh inning. It was Laura. She filled me in on what was going on and asked for my verbal consent on some things. "So, you're on your own for awhile.", she said. "Not really", I replied, "my husband is with me". "Good. Did you tell him about the salon and the boobs yet"? "No, I want that to be a surprise. I mean, he knows I'm doing it but not when. How much recovery time will I need"? She told me just a couple of days. In the mean time I was to spend every night the following week packing. She told me she had hired a moving company to collect all the furniture and belongings from the both of us on the same day. "You have a busy week coming up, girlfriend, so get plenty of rest when you can!", she admonished. "Yes, Mother!", I said with a giggle. When I got back to the game I saw that the Rangers had scored two runs. "What the hell happened!?", I yelled. "You left the room and changed the karma of the game", he said. "Oh, sure, typical male! Blame the woman"! He laughed and beckoned me into his arms. We snuggled together and finished the game...and the wine. For the record the Yankees won 6-2.

I went up to take a shower and get ready for bed. I locked the bathroom door and gave myself a quick but thorough douche. I unlocked the bathroom door just in case he wanted to join me and entered the stall. I soaped up my body with a lavender body wash. "Yes", I thought, "my hips do seem a bit more rounder than they used to be. I couldn't wait to go bikini shopping! I was only slightly disappointed that he didn't join me but it was just as well. This will be our very last night together in this room, in this bed. The bed where he took my virginity almost one year ago. It seemed like a lifetime....a very blissful lifetime. I pulled on a white nylon nightie and piled my hair on top of my head. I didn't bother (did I say bother!) with any makeup. A spritz of Chanel # 5 in the right places and I joined him in bed. He was watching SNL as I slid under the thin white sheet next to him. I ran my hand over his chest and abdomen feeling the hard muscle and took in his masculine scent. "Have you been working out?", I asked him. "Yes", he replied. "I need to get into better shape if I'm going to be climbing poles and lugging heavy equipment around". I giggled as I grabbed a hold of his pole. "You've been lugging heavy equipment around for years, darling!" We lay together and talked about the upcoming week as I held the proof of his manhood in my hands. We graduated on Thursday evening. My life would really change forever after they slapped that diploma in my hand. I got a chill just thinking about it. "Are you cold, babe?", he asked. "No, just thinking ahead". I filled him in on the moving plans that Laura had organized. "So I guess we won't need the U-haul again", he said. "Nope, all taken care of, honey. Never underestimate a woman's ability to take the situation in hand", I replied, stroking his now hard and ridged cock. "Or, for that matter, in mouth"! I scooted down and slowly engulfed him in my warm, moist mouth. "This never gets old!", I thought as I sensually bobbed my head up and down on his shaft. I felt his strong hand stroking the back of my neck as I nursed on his manhood. "My husband", I thought happily to myself, "I'm pleasing my husband"! I could feel he was ready to cum and I wanted to swallow all of it. When the time was right I took his entire shaft into my throat and slowly pulled up just as the first blast entered me. So creamy, so hot, sooooo good! We rested for a bit and around 3Am we consummated our marriage for the last time in that room. It was slow. It was sensual. It was loving. It was perfect! He was still inside me when we finally drifted off to sleep.

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