Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving On To "Bigger" Things!

I awoke the next morning around 6AM. I was too excited and nervous to fall back to sleep. I left Laura's embrace and slipped into my shower. It was still odd to be in this house after only two days. It had yet to really sink in that this was my new home. I looked in the bathroom mirror. My newly blond hair was tussled but still looked so sexy. I brushed it out admiring the natural waves as it hung over my shoulders. Letting my nightie drop to the floor I closely examined my breasts. The hormones had given me a good start. I was only an "A" cup but as I tweaked my nipples I was happy at the exquisite sensitivity they held. I hoped after the augmentation that they would retain there sensitivity. I stepped back and took in my naked body in the mirror. The waxing had left me as smooth as a bowling ball. My nails were extremely feminine with their bright red polish. A sense of total calm overtook me as I realized I was going to live full time as a woman now. Forever! I stepped into the shower and gave my body a thorough cleaning. I shampooed and conditioned my hair running my long nails over my scalp. After drying an applying a lavender body splash I meticulously douched out my pussy with a scented Summer's Eve. After blowing out my hair I stepped into a pair of boy cut peach panties and a pair of white bike shorts. I pulled a pink tank top over my head and sat to do my makeup. I kept it minimal. Just some pressed powder, a little blush, liner, mascara and some lip gloss. I ponied my hair up on top of my head and put on the kettle to make a cup of tea. I remembered it was advised that I kept an empty stomach before the procedure. I was standing out on the back patio when I heard Laura come up behind me. "Good morning sweety!", she greeted me with a little kiss on the cheek. "Are you excited about today?", she continued. "Very! I couldn't get back to sleep. I wanted to come out here and decide where I want to plant the herb garden. It's so beautiful and peaceful out here in the morning". I went in and made a cup for Laura. "Are you hungry, Laura. I'll be happy to make you something", I said. "I am but I really don't want to eat in front of you. I know you must be hungry as well", she replied. "No, that's okay. I'm too excited to eat any way". I made her eggs and bacon with toasted pita bread. It was almost 8AM and we had to be at the doctor's office by 9:45. We sat at the marble counter in the kitchen and went over what was going to happen to me. "Will there be any noticeable scaring?", I asked. "Do you see any on me?", she replied between forkfuls. "Believe me, Rita, yours will go alot easier since you already have a head start. It took me a few weeks just to get used to the extra weight. I was as flat as a wash board before my augmentation. Oh, by the way, what color panties are you wearing?" I gave her a confused look. "Peach, why?" "You''ll need a matching bra, silly!", she giggled. "Oh, jeeze, I never even thought of that. I don't think I have one that will fit a "C" cup!", I moaned. "Don't worry, I got you covered. You can borrow mine until we do some some serious bra shopping. You'll need to be fitted properly. With the puppies you have now it's easy to feel comfortable but now you're graduating up to a full set of "girls" and that requires a bit more comfort". This conversation seemed so strange to be having on a lovely Saturday morning with the morning sun streaming in to my beautiful new kitchen. Laura showered and dressed in a short yellow sundress and we headed to the doctor's office.

The first thing that happened, after filling out miles of paperwork were the blood tests. Amy, the doctor's nurse, was very pleasant and thorough. After about an hour the doctor called us in to his office. He greeted Laura with a hug and asked her to lower her dress. He beckoned me over and pointed out where the incisions would be made and just how small they would be assuring me that it was a very simple procedure. Laura was all giggles as he showed me, with his hands, what my breasts would look like after he was done. I didn't want to clue him in that I was intimate with every square millimeter of Laura's upper anatomy! We then proceeded to an examination room where I was instructed to lay down and remove my top. He draped a curtain just below my chin and probed and prodded my breasts for a few minutes making notes on a chart. He asked me questions on my hormone regimen and family history for breast related illness. "Okay, lets get going", he said. "Would you like to take a little nap while I do this or do you want to stay awake, Rita"? "I want to feel everything, doctor. I've dreamed of this for a long, long time", I replied. "Fine. I'm just going to numb you up over the incision area. He put on a face mask and gave one to Laura who I insisted stay with me to hold my hand. "Okay, arms over your head. Let's go. I have a one o'clock tee time and I don't want to be late. I'm playing golf with a couple of chumps today and I'll probably win more from them then I'm making here this morning". Laura and I both giggled at this. I felt nothing for about twenty minutes. The first thing I felt was the right side of my chest getting tighter and tighter. All the time he was working he kept me talking. He asked questions about school, Danny, my family, and my job. It was obvious that he was looking for any stress I would be feeling as he worked. All I felt was that tightness on my chest. He was very impressed with my position at Cafe Roma. "I've eaten there many times. It's my wife's favorite restaurant. I sometimes play golf with the owners. Very impressive, Rita". We then began talking about Paolo and Joe (Monica's father). "Yeah, Joe's a real character. Fun guy. I'm always picking his brain about wines. He's helped me put together quite an impressive cellar"! The tightness was all over my chest at this point. I felt him suturing and knew he was almost done. After another 15 minutes he asked me to lower my arms. "Alright, I want you to gently cup your breasts now". Still not able to see them I did as he requested. I put my hands under my breasts, feeling their new size and weight for the first time. They felt big! Laura whispered for me to close my eyes. I did. I felt the curtain being moved away and the table I was laying on slowly was brought up to a sitting position. I could feel the extra weight on the palms of my hands. When I was sitting upright. I opened my eyes. I nearly fainted. They were beautiful. They were gorgeous and they were mine!!! I stared in awe at my full set of breasts! Big tits, knockers, bosoms, boobies, hooters, melons! I just stared and stared. I knew this was coming but it still left me speechless. The doctor just laughed. "This is the best part for me", he chuckled. "Well, besides the payment. I love seeing the reaction of my patients after the procedure! Priceless! Okay, Rita?.....Rita!", he said, snapping his fingers in front of my nose. I broke out of my trance and looked at him. He then got down to business. I was to wear constant support for two weeks. I was to treat then "gently" during that time. I was given a salve and a prescription for pain killers in case the sutures caused me any discomfort. I was to report back to him in two weeks time to check that the healing was going well. Sooner if any complications occurred. He told me what to look for. With me still laying on the table he said his goodbyes and was gone. "Have a good golf game", I mumbled. I hadn't removed my hands from my breasts all the time he was talking to me. I was afraid they might fall off. I still felt no pain, just the added weight on my chest. I had felt that weight before while wearing breast forms but this was very, very different. Laura helped me into the bra she brought along. It was going to take a bit of practice now to put on my bras, I realized. I now would have to position each breast in my bra cups differently. With my bra adjusted I marveled at the weight of my new "girls"! The amount of cleavage I now had was mind boggling! I slipped on my pink tank top and admired my new figure. The top was quite inadequate to hold them properly. I looked as stacked as any Hooter's girl! Amy, the nurse, came in and congratulated me. "He really does a great job, don't you think"', she said. I just nodded my answer. I was still too stunned to speak so Laura answered for me. She told Amy the events of the past few days. The salon visit and now this. "Wow, Rita, you really jumped off the deep end! All that in just one weekend! You've got guts, girl"! A long time ago on a Halloween I dressed as Alice from Wonderland. I remember Danny telling me I had guts. With that memory in the back of my mind Laura and I left the office. "Would you like to do some bra shopping now or would you like to wait, honey?", she asked. Staring down between my new cleavage I told her I'd wait a few days. "I can't shop with this (now) skimpy top on. I was feeling weird. I was feeling self conscious and maybe a little embarrassed. I never expected to feel those things. I just thought I'd feel sexy and female. Laura understood what I was thinking. "Your brain needs to register all this, honey. It'll take a while but you'll be fine. Just think what Danny will do when he sees the new you for the first time. That worried me more than anything else. What would he think? Had I gone too far too soon?

For the next couple of days I sort of moped around. There was a little discomfort but that was no big deal. The salve and the Advil took care of that. I called the restaurant and Paolo gave me the week to recuperate. I spoke with Danny and my Mom daily and put up a happy front. Half way through the week I was feeling a little better. Laura was out showing homes and I had the house to myself. I was watching an old Marilyn Monroe film and caught myself for the millionth time admiring her figure in a tight gown. My brain just sort of registered that I now had a similar figure. I quickly went up to my room and stripped. I stood in front of my full length mirror and assumed a series of posses. I began to hum and smile to myself. I felt my full breasts jiggle as I struck each pose. I was finally feeling liberated from my depression. Still naked I sat at my vanity and applied my makeup to sort of resemble Marilyn. I had done it many times before in my early teens. I applied a very light foundation, some light pink blusher, false eyelashes with dark liner, subtle light brown shadow to my creases and a very red and shiny lipstick. I was giggling all the time I was doing it. It felt like I was thirteen again as I styled my long blond hair to give it the right curl in the right places. I added a black lacy merry widow to pull in my waist a bit. The underwire cups held the "girls" out to perfection. After adding some smoky nylons I stepped into a pair of black patent stilettos. This was fun! I was a young transvestite again and I was loving it! But this time I had tits! Real tits! I spritzed on some Chanel #5 and felt so alive. So sexy! I wore no panties so my clit was bouncing to and fro between my thighs as I pranced around the house. I felt like a young kid playing with his mother's clothes and makeup! I spent at least three hours looking at myself in every available mirror. It was incredible! I was so horny for the first time in days. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to fuck all night! I wanted Danny's big cock to fuck my new tits! I thought of calling him but he was working at his new job. Besides I wasn't in the right frame of mind at the time. I'd fuck the UPS guy if he showed up! I went to my little toy collection and took out one of my favorite dildos. After lubing it up I slowly pushed it all the way into my pussy as I played with my tits and rubbed my clitty. I was a wanton bitch in heat as I brought myself to a mind numbing cum. After that I replaced my cock replica with a butt plug. Hmmmmm...that felt so good and gave me the exaggerated wiggle that I so craved. I was still one horny little t-girl as I minced down to the kitchen in my 5 inch stilettos and made myself a pitcher of martinis. Pouring one in our lipstick decorated martini glasses I wiggled out to the patio and sprawled in a lounge chair. My fanny friend felt so nice as I rubbed myself to one glorious cum after another. Laura could walk in at any time but I didn't care. In between refills I was constantly fixing my lipstick. I was getting a little drunk but I was more than drunk with lust! "Let her find me!", I thought. "Let her see just what a horny little sissy slut I am"! After the third drink I went back to my room for another fuck with the rubber cock. It felt so nice as I pounded my stretched pussy. My orgasm this time was all female. I felt it in my toes all the way up to my extended nipples. I passed out. The next thing I recall was a naked Laura nursing on one of those nipples. She had found me out like a light with the dildo still buried deep between my thighs. Still dressed and made up like a Marilyn wannbe. "Welcome back to the world, Rita!", she said sliding up my body before sticking her tongue down my throat. Coming back to reality a bit I was a little embarrassed. I tried to explain but she just shushed me and kept on kissing me and playing with my tits. We spent about an hour together before taking a shower. She told me that when she found me she was overjoyed to see that I finally came to terms with my new image. We sat out on the patio finishing the pitcher of martinis just wearing our little silk kimonos. "What triggered all this?", she asked. "Marilyn", I replied. "Which one"? "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend", I told her. "Oh, honey, between Marilyn and Jane Russell, you didn't stand a chance". I told her about how, out of the blue, I sort of went off the deep end. She just nodded. "Let me tell you what happened, honey", she said. "You suddenly got this overwhelming urge to play dress-up just like you did when you were a kid wearing your sister's clothes, right"? I nodded, amazed that she could read me like a book. "Then, of course, when you saw yourself all dolled up the hornys kicked in and the results are what I found sprawled out on your bed". "Yes, that's exactly what happened. How did you know"? "Silly girl! The same thing happened to me only it was a Madonna video on MTV that did me in. I, too, felt a little freaky after I had these done, she said hefting her "girls". Like I said the brain had to catch up with the body." "Why didn't you warn me, Laura"? "You had to find out for yourself, honey-bunny, it was the only way. Besides, I wasn't all that sure whether you would be effected the same way." She was so much like a big sister to me. I gave her a big hug and sobbed a bit. "Feeling better now, baby?", she cooed. "Much better, much better!", I sobbed. "Good! Then tomorrow we're going bra shopping. I'm running out of clean ones!", she laughed. And that's exactly what we did.

We hit the mall the next morning and I picked up at least two dozen new bras of all descriptions. But we didn't stop there. After much looking I also picked up half a dozen new bikinis. I also noticed I was getting a lot more attention from men. Too much if you ask me. It was flattering but also a bit unnerving as I felt I was being gawked at. I mentioned it to Laura. She just sighed. "Get used to it, Rita. The combination of blond hair and a good size rack is something you're just going to have to come to terms with. If they stare just stare back. They'll quickly look somewhere else. Most will anyway. But you really can't blame them, can you"? I guess I couldn't. That night Monica and Stephanie made a surprise visit. I was thrilled to see that Stephanie and not Stephan made an appearance. When I inquired as to why Monica told me that she insisted. "Besides", she said, "I drove. She still has a problem navigating the pedals in heels. I was fairly covered up so Monica asked to see my new breasts. I excused my self an slipped into one of my new bikinis. On impulse I added some extra high heels and made my entrance like Miss New Jersey In the Miss America Pageant. Both Stephanie and Monica squealed with glee as I strutted up and down the living room. They both took turns feeling my new tits which I was growing more proud of by the day. I thanked them again and again for their wonderful gift. "Danny is just going to go nuts over you, Rita!", Monica said. I was beginning to think he really would. "Well, I said, "I'll find out soon enough. He's coming over tomorrow night". I had a plan in my mind for my "unveiling".

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