Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Brief Career As A Streetwalker!

I couldn't believe my heavily made up eyes! Monica was a vision I hardly recognized. She was decked out in a shimmering white satin skirt and blouse. Her legs adorned with seamed stockings with little black heart patterns sewn in. Her open toed white heels were to die for. Her blouse was very transparent leaving nothing of her gorgeous breasts to the imagination. Her face was so artfully made up it just had to be done professionally. "Monica", I breathed, "You are absolutely stunning! Your eyebrows! Did you..."? "Yes, Rita, I had them waxed", she smiled. Her hair was pulled up in a french braid and she was wearing the most adorable white satin pillbox hat with a flirty veil hanging over her eyes. A strand of big pearls adorned her neck with matching earrings. As Laura and I gazed in wonder at our girlfriend she just laughed. "You didn't think I was going to let you two little sissy whores steal all the spotlight, did you"? Shaking her head and giggling Laura went off to pour us all a glass of champagne. As we toasted each other the doorbell rang yet again. "That has to be Danny", I said. "Or the vice squad", Laura added. I ran to get the door. When I opened it there stood my man. Oh, he looked adorable in his white sailor suit. He was a bit stunned at my appearance. "Close your mouth, sailor boy, you might swallow a fly", I told him. He looked over my shoulder and his eyes grew even wider as he took in the two other extremely feminine people in the room. I made the introductions. I noticed that Monica held on to his hand longer then I thought necessary. He was still kind of shell shocked. "Are you okay, hun?", I whispered. He just nodded and said he was. As we gathered our coats and purses (all three of us in short fur coats, rabbit for Laura and I and what looked to be real mink for Monica) I heard Danny mutter, "What have I gotten myself into"? He was smiling though as he said it. We piled ourselves (arranged would be a better word) into his car and headed into Manhattan. I, of course, sitting in the front close to my honey. We all made small talk as we waited to get into the tunnel. Usual stuff. "Rita's told us soooo much about you, Danny. She's a very lucky girl"...etc. etc. Monica was particularly flirty with him, touching him on the shoulder a few times. I didn't mind too much. I knew where his loyalties lie! We found the place quickly as it was very close to the tunnel in the West Village. Finding a parking garage only a block away we headed towards the building where the party was held. It was such a thrill to be dressed the way we were hearing three pairs of heels clicking along a city street! We were getting some looks but not anything outrageous. After all this was lower Manhattan on Halloween. As we passed the gallery where Monica had been earlier we learned just where she got the inspiration for her costume. It was an exhibit of pinup art. Laura was thrilled as she's a collector. We all checked out some of the prints in the window vowing to come back and take in the full exhibit. We entered the building and a doorman directed us to the 27th floor. When we emerged we found ourselves in a huge party space that took up the whole floor. The place was packed with some of the strangest people I had ever seen! I made that comment to Monica over the loud music. "Have you looked in the mirror recently, sweety?, was her laughing reply. We carved out a space for us to sit and get comfortable and soaked it all in. We certainly weren't the only "hookers" present that was for sure. It was hard to determine the sex of a lot of people but who cared. There were plenty of dominatrix' with their "slaves", sexy vampires, cowboys, goths, togas, and a few more sailors. We managed to get a round of drinks going and chatted with our neighbors, as best we could. There was a terrace open to the roof for smokers. Everyone was complementing everyone on their costume choices. Monica was getting plenty of compliments. I felt so proud of her.

Soon we were all dancing and drinking and having a great time. I dragged Danny out on the dance floor a lot. When the drinks kicked in I was getting bolder grinding myself into him. He was having fun. I was worried that this might be too much for him. I must learn to never underestimate him in future. I made sure he danced with both Monica and Laura. I was asked to dance by other guys and in the spirit of having a good time I did. During a smoke break with Laura we compared notes. "If another guy asks me how much I charge for a blowjob I think I might just tell him", she said. I gazed inside and watched as Danny danced with Monica. She was leaning a little too close I thought. I told Laura about it. "Oh, you know Monica, Rita! She's just having a good time. She feels like a star tonight. She'd never do anything to hurt you. Let her have her fun. She deserves it". I thought about it and had to agree. Monica and I had become very close friends and she's done so much for me. The least of which was to introduce me to Laura. We went back inside, refreshed our drinks and rejoined the party. We had a blast!

Around 3 AM things were beginning to wind down. We collected our coats and began to head home. Traffic near the Holland Tunnel was so backed up that we decided to head uptown to the Lincoln. I don't know who came up with the idea but soon Laura and I wanted Danny to pull over so we could experience life as actual streetwalkers. "Just drop us off and drive around the block and pick us up again", Laura asked him. Maybe it was the drinks, but I thought that would be such a rush! We asked Monica to come with us but she didn't want to. "Live out your twisted little fantasies, ladies"! So Laura and I hit the street. It was a deserted street but that didn't matter. I just hoped a cop didn't come along. We sashayed and wiggled our asses up and down for a bit. Finally, bored, we found a doorway and lit up a cigarette. "It shouldn't be taking this long to just drive around the block, should it"?, I asked. We were beginning to worry. It had been about 15 minutes now. Finally a car did come by. But not Danny. It was a gypsy cab driver asking us if we needed a lift. From the way he was looking at us we could tell he had more than a ride on his mind. Couldn't blame him though. I mean under the circumstances. We told him we were waiting for our pimp to pick us up. We were off duty. When he heard the word "pimp" he quickly took off. Finally after about 25 minutes I saw Danny's car turn the corner. When we got back in I asked what had happened. Monica was laughing. Laura and I were shaking. "Tenth avenue is all torn up", Danny said. "They're replacing a water main or something. We got stuck behind a cement mixer. Sorry". I was so relieved. I thought Monica talked him into leaving us behind. I remonished myself for thinking that. Shame on me! Anyway, Laura and I got that out of our system for what it was worth.

We dropped everyone off and Danny drove me home. Mom was still in work so I invited him in. "Just how much do you charge for a blowjob", he laughed. "Fifty but since you're in the service I'll do you on the house. It's my patriotic duty"! Well, I didn't dress like a hooker for nothing so after a long slow blowjob on the couch we sat and reviewed the evening. He told me he really liked my friends. They were a lot of fun. "How about Monica"?, I asked. "She's very nice, she thinks the world of you, you know? And by the way, so do I". Awwwwww...soooo sweet. "I just love a man in uniform", I said as I lay my hand on his crotch. "Take me around the world, sailor boy, we have just enough time."

It had been a very intense evening. I'd have to tone it down next year. Maybe a nun? Oh, that's right, they don't wear heels!

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