Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hot Fudge Saturday!

School work was becoming a bit more intense. My grades in chemistry, however, did begin to pick up thanks to the tutoring. The weekend was such a relief. I would dream all week of my Friday nights with Danny. He loved the way I looked in my hooker costume so I would try different variations on that look. Bolder makeup and higher heels. It was so thrilling to sit and transform my "girl-next-door" face into that of a wanton slut. It was like the old days when I was first experimenting with makeup. Only now I would have a captive audience to appreciate my handiwork! The built up horniness of the week would have us panting with lust by Friday night. I would usually have his pants around his ankles after only 5 minutes. It was during these sessions that I perfected my ability to deep throat his gorgeous cock. We were like animals with so much pent up emotions. We needed release. Often I couldn't wait any longer. His cock would pop out of my mouth with a sound reminiscent of a champagne cork. I would immediately get on all fours and beg him, and I mean literally beg him, to fuck me. And he would, hard and fast. I would scream when I felt him cumming buckets in my pussy. This would go on for hours, it seemed, until our initial lusts were satisfied. Then we would cuddle and kiss and talk about our week. I asked him how he really felt about Monica and Laura. "Do you think they're pretty? What about Monica? Do you think she's pretty"? I knew I was putting him on the spot but I couldn't help myself. Ever since Halloween I was getting jealous of Monica. Something just struck me when I saw her and Danny dancing together at the party. I know it was silly of me. My first thought was that they made a cute couple. And she was a real knockout that night. I'd never seen her look so damned sexy before. Just something I had nagging in the back of my mind. Our evening together ended as it usually did with tender love making. It was during these tender moments that I knew that he and I would be soul mates for life. The feeling of his cock as he slowly entered and exited my cunt was exquisite. The tender words we shared and the enormous feeling of love that radiated from us left no doubt in my mind. He truly was my husband and I was truly his wife. Well, on Friday nights anyway!

The next day I was busy doing housework and laundry when Monica called. She asked me about my night with Danny. "Let's just say I have an extra wiggle in my walk this morning", I told her. I again felt that pang of jealousy. "I bet you do. He's such a good looking guy, you're so lucky", she replied. I was getting a bit ticked off. "Lucky"?, I stated. We have to keep our relationship a secret. I can't just go anywhere with him in public holding hands or anything and you think I'm lucky"? Silence. "I'm sorry Rita, I didn't mean to get too personal". I felt guilt wash over me like a tidal wave. This wonderful, thoughtful, understanding girl who had given me so much comfort, not to mention the sex, in the past couple of months was just doing what all girls do when talking with another girlfriend....trying to get the juicy details. "No, Monica", I said trying to keep from crying. "It's me that's sorry. I don't know what's got into me lately. Maybe the pressures in school or trying to maintain a double life. I didn't mean to snap at you", I sobbed. "Oh baby, that's okay, that's okay, calm down. I just wanted to touch base with you about tonight. Laura's so much looking forward to our girl's night together. And so am I". "Yes, me too", I answered with a smile in my voice. "I'll pick you up at 8 o'clock, okay? I've got a feeling it's gonna be a chocolate ice cream night tonight"! Monica laughed. "That's my girl!"

The three of us did a lot of unloading that night. We vented all our personal frustrations and along the way bonded even stronger than before. Being transgendered in a society that treated us with disdain, the men in our lives or lack there of, the unfair promises that mascara ads make, school, work, family. We let it all out. We must have went through a whole box of tissues. We also went through a whole lot of ice cream. Of course, me being me, we just weren't going to pop the lid and pass the container around. I insisted on making us all hot fudge sundae's. We all promised to each other that no matter what happened to us in the outside world we would always find comfort with each other. I recounted my sexual exploits with Danny from the previous evening. I was told it's quite normal to have pent up sexual frustrations and to have them explode upon release. Monica then said, "I could sure go for some of that release"! "Maybe I should lend him to you sometime", I joked! Hmmmm...I said it and didn't feel any jealousy what so ever! Ice cream really does have healing power! Laura joined in and said, "That's not really a bad idea. If Monica hooked up with Danny then you'd all be big one happy family"! We then (jokingly) mapped out a scenario where in Monica and Danny married and I would be his mistress. The best of both worlds. Laura even suggested that her and I would be bridesmaids at the wedding. "Yeah, but which one of us goes on the honeymoon?", Monica asked. The both of us, I replied. Monica and I looked at each other. We both began to smile. Still looking at me she said, "Anyone interested in something different to eat"? Laura and I took the hint and we retired to her cozy bed for some girl on girl on girl loving. After a lovely time of tender kisses and caresses we lay in each other's arms. While nuzzling Monica's neck I whispered, "If we go through with this would it make us related somehow"? "Darling", she replied, we already are a family". I felt such love for her at that moment. With Laura gently rubbing my clitty I could only feel the same affection for her.
The next day I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from my sister, Denise. I hadn't spoken to her in a couple of weeks. We brought each other up to date. She was tickled about my Halloween adventure on the streets of New York. She also said that she and her husband, Mike, would be coming for Thanksgiving. Mike was a nice guy and he knew my situation. I could tell that he wasn't all that comfortable with it but for the sake of his marriage he took it in stride. Denise told me she had a big surprise for me when she came. I pressed her for details to no avail. "Actually", she said, "I've got more than one surprise". With that she begged off telling me to be a good girl and stay out of trouble. Me? Trouble? Perish the thought!


  1. Great story, great pictures, where did you get that last picture of the guy/girl putting on makeup? Is that really a guy in drag? Very Sexy.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying it. As for the picture how can you be sure it's not really me? (wink, wink)