Thursday, February 26, 2009

Through The Looking Glass...Darkly

The afternoon of the party, we were all to meet at Laura's to get ready. I was the first to arrive. When I asked Laura where Monica was she told me that she had called and would be by later as she had some things to do. Danny would pick us up at 8. "I'm so looking forward to finally meeting him, Rita, and I know that Monica is as well". We had about 6 hours to turn ourselves from "respectable" girls into slutty, wanton, cock hungry whores. Laura put on some music, poured some wine and we began our transformation by adding long nail extensions. We both agreed that this would be time consuming and it would be best if we got it over and done with first. It might make dressing a bit more cumbersome but the both of us were quite used to working with longer nails. After mine were painted a deep glossy shade of red and Laura's were similarly done in hot pink we stripped and headed to the shower. After we were thoroughly clean and smooth (with a bit of clitty and nipple play) we powdered each other off with a sweet smelling scent. Pedicures were both done the night before. It was time to enhance our figures a bit. Although Laura was pretty well endowed in the breast department I needed some help. She had me lay flat on her bed as she attached my breast forms. When my breasts were firmly attached to my chest I slipped into a low cut black demi bra that was trimmed with red lace. Laura excused herself telling me she had a little surprise for me. While she was gone I admired my new shape in the mirror. I loved the way my nipples would poke into the top I was planning to wear. The extra weight and bounce were just dreamy! She returned holding an assortment of what appeared to be vagina's! "We need to wear a gaff anyway so I thought these might be a bit more fun", she said. "Oh, they are so cool", I gushed. We picked out ones which closely matched our skin tones and helped each other slip them on. Standing together at the mirror we both stared in fascination at our new pussies! It was surreal. I was all giggly while Laura had a wistful look on her face. I added an open bottom girdle with padding for my hips and fanny. Laura added a similar girdle with a bit more padding. Her figure was stunning. We slipped into short silky robes and headed for her vanity. This was going to be the most important makeup session of my life. Things had to be absolutely perfect. We each helped each other smoothing on our foundation and setting it with loose powder. When our complexions were perfect canvases we began the long task of making up our eyes into sexy, smokey, long lashed attention grabbers. We both opted for long false lashes and plenty of eye liner. Dark sultry shades of shadow had our lids practically drooping under the weight. We each took turns sculpting our cheekbones to perfection. When we were satisfied with the results we clipped on our hair nets and brushed out our wigs. Sitting at the vanity again Laura ceremoniously fitted my long bouffant blond wig to my head. It gave me goosebumps. I returned the favor transforming my pretty blond girlfriend into a sexy red headed siren! We sat in silence for a few seconds just taking it all in. "This never gets old for girls like us, does it Rita"? She must have been reading my mind. I hadn't had so much fun dressing since those early days alone in my old boy's (yuck!) bedroom. My clitty was beginning to squirm in my new pussy pantie. To prove that Laura was in fact reading my mind she slid to the floor and pulled the pantie down. My hard clit sprang forth and Laura engulfed it entirely in her mouth. As she was hungrily bobbing her head up and down I just gazed at my reflection in the mirror. She was giving me so much pleasure. Batting my long black lashes at myself I came in buckets (or so it seemed) into her eager mouth. She then stood and french kissed me full on my unyet painted lips. Both Laura and I share the view that the absolute last thing we do is apply our lipstick. Good thing! After our cummy kiss I returned the favor. With the edge taken off a bit we were able to finish dressing. Lingerie was next. All black and lacy for me and all pink and lacy for her. We slipped into our heels and dresses, applied our perfume in all the strategic spots and sat together to transform our full lips into cocksucking perfection. As we were applying a shiny layer of gloss over our lipstick, (Revlon Certainly Red for me and Gentlemen Prefer Pink for her) the doorbell rang. Glancing at the clock we realized it was almost 7:30! Where had the time gone? Laura got up to answer it. I was still glued to the mirror, fussing with my hair and earrings. I was startled to hear Laura say...."Oh, my God! Monica is that you??!!

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