Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Queen Returns! - Part 2

As I sat applying a pair of ultra-length glamour eyelashes to my heavily lined lids Stacy was busy lining her lips with a deep burgundy lipstick. Laura was in the bathroom ponying her hair on top of her head. I felt such at peace primping and getting all dolled up with two other girls who had a similar upbringing as I. In some weird parallel universe the three of us could be watching a hockey game and swigging beers as we scratched our balls. Luckily we were making ourselves pretty for a seductive night of girly-girl sex! It's always such a pleasure getting all dolled up but it's even more exciting having other girls to do it with. I watched as Stacy prepared to fill in her lips with her lipstick. I wiggled over to her taking the tube from her hand and slowly applied a deep rich coat to her lips while staring deep into her sexy made up eyes. She let out a soft moan as I colored in each of her stiff perky nipples with the same deep shade. She leaned in to kiss my, as yet, unmade up lips when I pulled back. "Not yet, darling", I whispered. "I want us to have a wonderful lipstick lesbian evening together", I purred as I quickly flicked my tongue across both her stiff ,burgundy colored, nipples. Laura made her presence known with a fake little cough breaking the spell. She held up her fuchsia lipstick and gave me a sly wink. I immediately grabbed my own signature shade of Revlon Certainly Red. After a quick tongue kiss we began the ritual of slowly making each other's lips lush, moist focal points. I complemented her on how beautiful her eyes were done. Deep and subtle shades of blue eyeshadow brought out the blueness of her eyes. Long fluttery lashes that rivaled mine in their length. These special ultra-feminine nights were indeed special to all of us. I was so happy to be sharing it all with Stacy. As I was coating the last of Laura's nipples in creamy color, and she mine I looked over at Stacy who was watching with undisguised lust in her eyes. "You must think we're a bit crazy, honey", I said to her. "Uh-uh", she whispered. I noticed that she had two long nailed fingers buried in her cunt.

When we were all properly painted and perfumed we each slipped on some "barely there" babydolls and high heeled boudoir pumps and swished down to the living room where we found an equally stunningly dressed Monica stretched out on the love seat. Her eyes lit up at the sight of her sissy companions entering the room. The wonderful, feminine scent of our mingling perfumes was intoxicating. "Where's the lovely Stephanie?", I asked. "She'll be along in a bit but in the mean time why don't we relax in the hot tub and and get cozy?", Monica said. We did just that, doffing our silky cover ups and lowering ourselves in the warm, soothing water. I saw that Monica had a small hand held phone of some type with her. After about ten minutes of idle girl talk about the cosmetics we had chosen and the perfumes we were wearing Laura inquired about our missing girlfriend. Monica reached for the phone and hit a button. "Princess, be a dear and bring out some refreshments for the ladies. Yes, precious, just the for glasses for now". It didn't take long to figure out what Stephanie and Monica had planned and when she finally appeared to us it wasn't such a shock. Standing demurely before us was the vision of the perfect French maid. Her black satin uniform glinted in the light. Her short flared skirt held out by stiff ,white petticoats. Sheer, black stockings held up by satin bowed garter tabs. For this evening it was decided that Stephanie would be a brunette as her long wig hung saucily around her bare shoulders. As usual her makeup was dramatic and flawless. Long seductive lashes and bright red luscious lips. She minced over to us on her 5 inch stiletto heels and, from a tray, handed each of us a flute of sparkling wine. Monica then spoke to her in french. "Oui, Madame", she replied and wiggled back into the house leaving us all staring at her swaying hips and butt. We all looked at Monica. "It was all her idea", she told us. "She'll join us in an hour or so but remember she has a very big submissive streak and she so enjoys serving. How could I say no to her. Just enjoy and don't hesitate to ask her for things. You can bet that under her petticoats is a huge hardon"! Laura and I looked at each other knowingly. "Huge indeed!", Laura giggled. Stacy gave us a quizzical look but we said nothing more on the subject not wanting to spoil the surprise. As we sipped our wine and played footsie Stephanie made several more appearances. First bringing fluffy pink towels as well as refilling our glasses. She was in her glory serving us, the smile never once leaving her prettily made up face. After she brought out a second bottle of bubbly she returned with a humidor. I wasn't at all surprised and was sort of looking forward to a good smoke. The contrast of the ultra feminine and a touch of masculinity seemed like a good idea. Monica was the first to make her selection as our dainty maid offered a cigar to all of us in turn. I saw a moments hesitation from Stacy but then, she too, chose a long slender Havana. Stephanie then turned to Monica once again holding a slim silver lighter. "Madame?", she inquired. Monica handed over her cigar and, to my delight, we watched as Stephanie held it between her ruby red lips and gently lit it for her mistress. She in turn did the same for all of us. As we sensuously puffed on our lipstick stained cigars Stephanie stood with her hands folded in front of her. After about five minutes Monica turned to her. "That will be all for the evening, Princess. You may change and join us", Monica said with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Oui, Madame!", Stephanie chirped and minced back into the house. "You never let her do that before", I said to Monica. "She gets rewards for being a good girl", Monica replied as she blew a smoke ring in the still night air. "I'm even willing to share her other talents with you as well", she added gazing over to Laura. "Laura's mouth formed a perfect fuchsia "O" as the meaning of her cousin's remarks sank in. Ever since Laura first laid eyes on Stephanie's "talent" she was dying to get fucked by her. It looked like that dream would come true!

Stephanie returned to us about 20 minutes later in her sheer cover up. She was no longer a brunette. When she took it off and stood naked in front of us I heard Stacy gasp. I heard Laura giggle. I felt Monica smiling. And I felt Stephanie blush! As we sat in the still warm water I noticed how both Laura and Monica were getting closer to Stephanie on each side. I also noticed that Stacy was right next to me. When I felt her hand rubbing my clitty I began getting excited. I returned the favor by fingering her cunt and playing with it's lips. We began kissing. Our lipsticked lips sliding over each other in a building hunger. I could hear soft moans and gasps of pleasure from the trio on the other side as Stacy painted the roof of my mouth with her tongue. I peeked over to see Monica and her "bride" in a passionate embrace while Laura kept a slow pumping rythym on Stephanie's raging boner! As all of our passions increased it became clear that we needed to abandon our watery fun and get down the the real thing so with gentle touches we all dried off with the towels that Stephanie had provided earlier. We were delighted to find that Stephanie had not been idle with the time she spent away from us while we were enjoying ourselves in the water. Some living room furniture had be moved aside and the floor was covered in soft fluffy pillows and cuddly fur throws. We all formed a circle and hand in hand sank down on the floor. Monica quickly buried her tongue in her sissy's mouth and Laura wasted no time gobbling up Stephanie's enormous cock. Stacy and I lay arm in arm and watched the scene unfold. We watched as Stephanie's manicured fingers went up to gently cup her DD false breasts, moaning ever so slightly. I felt a kiss on my cheek and fingers squeezing my nipples as I turned to see Stacy's beautifully made up face descend on mine. As we swapped fluid and lipstick I felt her fingers slowly rubbing my engorged clitty. "Fuck me Rita", she moaned in my ear. I wanted to. I had done it with Monica in the past and though I preferred being the recipient I just couldn't say no as I felt my clitty twitch in Stacy's fingers. I pushed her down on her back and as soon as her legs were spread I mounted her. An odd feeling but the minute our breasts touched I knew I could really do it. This was still girl-on-girl sex. I was surprised that her pussy was wet as I entered her. Not as wet as Monica's had been but still it was easy to glide into her. I tried to think of how Danny would build his rhythm when he fucked me and match it. It became easier and the fact that Stacy was moving up to meet my thrusts told me I was doing something right. It felt good. In fact it felt real good. When our nipples rubbed together it sent little shocks through my body. We kissed and moaned into each other's mouth as we slowly fucked on the floor. My instinct was to keep my pussy in the air while in this position on my knees. I so wanted to have Danny's hunk of man meat buried in me. I could still hear the sounds of ecstasy coming from behind me. When I looked over my shoulder I saw Laura on all fours with Stephanie positioning herself with that huge cock aimed at Laura's rosebud. Laura's wish was finally coming true. Monica was no where to be seen. When I heard Laura cry out in a mixture of both pain and pleasure I knew that Stephanie was slowly sinking into her. I turned my attention back to fucking Stacy as she gently massaged my tits when I felt something drop next to me. I looked down to see my lipstick and a compact lying on the floor. At the same time I felt something cool and slippery working it's way into my pussy. I knew Monica had returned when I heard her encourage Stephanie to fuck Laura slowly. I heard Laura let out a long moan as more cock entered her love hole. Monica was slowly moving fer finger in and out of me keeping time with my own fucking motions. I whimpered as she removed her finger but soon gasped when I felt a strap on cock entering my poor, neglected cunt. There were moans of pleasure coming from all over the place. With Monica fucking me I knew that I would reach a gooey climax. I so wanted to cum inside Stacy. She was grinding into me at this point and knew she was about to cum herself. I could feel Monica's breath on my ear. "Long way from playing in the ladies room, isn't it girlfriend"? I felt her nibble my earlobe and I turned my head for a quick kiss. I spotted Laura out of the corner of my eye. The look on her face was priceless. I knew she'd be walking funny for a week after tonight. I could feel an orgasm building in my belly and knew I would be spewing my sissy juices in a matter of seconds. Monica was plowing into me and it felt so good. When the inevitable happened I cried out as I shoot my cum up into my new hairdresser. I collapsed onto her heaving breasts feeling mine heaving as well. Monica puled out of me and Stacy and I lay in each others arms. I remembered the lipstick and mirror. I slowly pulled out of Stacy and she lifted her pussy in the air. I wanted that cum. I quickly applied my lipstick and made a bee line for her bald cunt. I licked and slurped until all my juices were devoured. The look of her wet, bald cunt covered in my lipstick was a wonderful sight! I then rewarded my lover with a nice cummy kiss. Laura and Stephanie were still fucking like bitches in heat as I made my way to the bathroom to survey the damage. Stacy was content to just lay there and bask in the afterglow as she watched the action in front of her. I reapplied some of my makeup and went off in search of the missing Monica. I found her sitting contently on the patio with yet another cigar. "These things are becoming addictive!", she said to me as she waved it in the air. "Want one?", she asked cocking an eyebrow. I declined her offer but greeted her with a lingering kiss. We sat and talked for a bit when I reminded her she hadn't had a nice cum all evening. "Oh, I'll get mine later but if you're so concerned you could get me started!", she said with that wicked smile of hers. I took the hint as she spread her thighs exposing her glistening cunt to my eyes. I leapt between her legs and spent a good 15 minutes eating her pussy as she sat smoking. Every once in a while she would murmur encouragement. "That's it, my little sissy girl, that spot there.....ohhhh...yessss.....lick it like a good little girl...."! I loved it when she called me a sissy at times like this. After I felt her spasm a few time she gently pushed my face away. "Let's see what's going on inside, honey", she said. When we entered we found both Stacy and Laura double teaming Stephanie's cock back to life. Laura's, now gaping, hole was dripping with cum. Monica put her arm around my waist as we watched the combined efforts of both girls try to bring Stephanie to full mast once again. When that task was complete Monica took charge. "Thank you ladies but I think I can take it from here", she said as she slowly sank down on her bride's manly meat. We admired the young couple for a bit and then we retired to the patio for some brandy. This time I brought out my Virgina Slims and we all enjoyed a smoke before freshening up a bit and enjoying each other's bodies until the wee hours. As Laura swallowed my clitty and I nursed on one of Stacy's nipples I thought about what Monica had said earlier. It certainly was a long way from playing in the ladies room. The events of the evening were so good, the sex, the makeup, and the girls! I was so happy the Queen had returned!

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