Friday, October 9, 2009

The Queen Returns! Part 1

The following Wednesday I got a call from Monica. She and Stephanie were back in New York from their wedding in Switzerland. I was thrilled to hear her voice again and invited them down to spend the weekend. "That's a great idea, Rita. I'm dying to get all my girls back together. It seems like forever"! "Great! I'll make something really special and we can all catch up over dinner"! I told Laura of our plans and she was just as thrilled. I also called Stacy to invite her as well. She of course was as equally over the moon. Previous to this I managed to squeeze in another day with Chrissy for "girly-camp". There was no doubt in my mind that she would be the perfect flower girl for the ceremony. She brought over her new gown and we practiced walking in heels in a long skirt. The gown was gorgeous and she looked just so cute in it. Stacy had put her on a summer reading program which included the "American Girl" series as well as a new subscription to "Teen Cosmo". Her makeup skills had improved dramatically. At times I had to admonish her not to overdo it but in the end, remembering the way I was at her age, I just let her have her fun. Exploring with makeup at that age is just too much of a temptation so I just let her go for it. Of course we toned it all down by the time Stacy came to pick her up.

That night Danny surprised me with an unexpected visit. So did Laura's newest beau. It was an awkward moment for both of our men for a bit but after a couple of glasses of wine we all loosened up and enjoyed some good conversation before retiring to our separate bedrooms. Laura usually keeps her sex life pretty much close to her chest (outside of the sorority) so it was a bit of a surprise to see her arm and arm with a guy. I didn't get much detail from her that night only to find out his name was John and they had met through business. I can only speak for myself on what went on behind closed doors that night. Sex with Danny is something you just have to experience for yourself. (Not that I'll ever, ever let you!) At this time we had only been intimate for about ten months. (It seemed like years!) To this day my heart beats like a hammer when he is about to enter me. Absolutely nothing makes me feel more like a woman than when he is buried snugly between my thighs. The saying, "One is not born a woman. One becomes one" rings crystal clear at times like these.

The next morning over breakfast I asked Laura if she had a good time the night before. She was reading over what looked to be a contract of some sort and gave me a sly smile. "Probably as good a time as you had, honey", she said with a wink. She didn't continue so I turned to other topics. The weather, the house, the ceremony, etc. I was spending that day, as per Paolo's instructions, with Nona in her kitchen going over the proposed menu for the new restaurant. I was still a little intimidated by Nona. Ever since I first met her at Christmas I was in awe of her. Her age and wisdom aside, she had such a presence. Hard to describe really but when she spoke you tended to hang on every word. I knew that she had the power to make or break me in my future career as a chef. Also she was Monica's grandmother and that gave me another reason to do my best. That Friday I made sure all the linens and towels in the newlyweds' room were changed and fresh. I also laid in some fresh flowers to welcome them. I prepped a beef Wellington and put some Dom on ice. I would be at the restaurant early the next day but would return early enough to get dinner started. Laura would be home so she would take care of setting the table with our finest Lenox dinnerware and crystal. The dress code would be elegant and feminine.

By the time I got home around 2:30 the girls had arrived. All except Stacy who would be coming around 4PM. With hugs and kisses all around we sat outside sipping Prosecco and chatting. Both Monica and Stephanie were dressed in white sun dresses. Monica's in a crochet halter style and Stephanie's in a more traditional light cotton. They told us stories about the wedding, the shopping and all the little details of their big day. I couldn't help noticing how totally feminine Stephanie was in her demeanour and movements. She was so graceful and girly! She confided with me as I put the beef in the oven just how relieved she was to have the wedding over and done with. "Oh, don't get me wrong, Rita, it was a wonderful time and I'm just so happy that Monica and I will be together for ever but having to wear icky men's things all the times was bringing me down. I was so missing the freedom of wearing a dress"! "But you had your dainties on most of the time too, right?", I asked. "Yes, but I had to do without my makeup, perfume and heels for the whole trip!", she sighed. I sympathised with her. "Well, not anymore, honey. You're home now and can indulge yourself to you heart's content". With that she came around and gave me a hug. I could feel that monster cock between her legs stirring to life. "Save it for later", I thought. The doorbell rang and Laura went to let Stacy in. This was to be a surprise for Monica and Stephanie. Monica had already met Stacy a few times at the salon and was happy to see her. A stunned Stacy was then introduced to Stephanie who, oddly enough, gave her a slight curtsy. I couldn't help thinking of Chrissy at that moment and stifled a giggle! After another drink I checked on dinner. Everything was timed perfectly. "Ladies!", I announced, "I believe it is time we all dressed for dinner"!

Laura, Stacy and I went to my room to dress while Monica and Stephanie adjourned to theirs. The three of us unconsciously stripped naked and began adorning ourselves in our foundation garments. When we noticed Stacy slipping down her panties both Laura and I moved in for the kill. "Show and tell time!", Laura giggled. Stacy smiled and squatted down spreading her new cunt lips. We ewwed and ahhed over her hairless pussy until she stood up and told us we could explore more later. We then turned our full attention to glamming it up for the night. It was understood that we would all wear white in the spirit of the recent wedding. I opted for a white bustier that just dripped in lace. The bra cups holding my "girls" out proudly but keeping my nipples exposed. As I sat to dramatically make up my eyes Stacy came up behind me and swept my hair up on my head strategically pinning and spraying it in place. She affixed a wide black satin band to hold it off my face. The effect was stunning! It was a flurry of activity after that. Finishing dressing, final makeup touches, checking our stockings, spritzing on perfume, strapping on our heels, primping, posing and pouting in the mirrors. Laura was right when she once told me during a similar dress up session that this never got old! When we were done three stunning ladies minced back downstairs. I went to open the first of many bottles of bubbly and to check on the meal. "Plenty of time", I thought. When I came through I noticed that Stephanie had joined us. She was dressed in a frilly white dress that almost resembled a young girl's party dress! It was simply gorgeous! Sleeveless and satin with a gauzy overlay and an empire waist accenting her (false) breasts. She was wearing a long blond wig that fell in waves around her shoulders and down her back. Perched on 6 inch platform sandals she dropped us all a cute curtsy. We, in turn, all curtsied back giggling like school girls. "Where's Monica?", I asked. Steph was about to speak when Laura interrupted her. "Oh, the Queen wants to make a dramatic entrance, doesn't she Stephanie"? Stephanie let out a giggle and blushed. It was then that we heard Monica descending the stairs. As she regally entered the room she stunned us all by her appearance. She was dressed from head to toe in a shimmering black satin gown that reminded me of the gown worn by Rita Hayworth in the movie "Gilda"! Her long brunet tresses hanging down around her shoulders in a similar style to Stephanie's. Her makeup was dramatic with smoky eye shadow and bright red lipstick. There was no doubt that the Queen was truly home among her girls and was waiting to be honored! As if we were of one mind we all bowed to her. Stacy included. Such was the powerful feminine force of her presence. She gave us a wicked smile. "So nice to be back with all my little sissies!", she said. My heart swelled upon hearing those words spoken from those lush red lips. They were spoken with true love for all of us. I felt Stacy's hand on the small of my back. "Wow, what have I been missing?", she whispered in my bejeweled ear. Monica broke the trance. "Let's have a drink out on the patio in the shade, ladies", she said as she turned and sauntered outside. Her four "ladies in waiting" dutifully followed her lead. She sat in one of the larger patio chairs adjusting her dress and crossing her long nyloned legs. Stephanie immediately sat beside her while Laura and Stacy sat as well. I retrieved the bucket and bottle and poured out the vintage Dom Perignon. Standing before the newlyweds with my glass held high I proposed a toast to a long life together in womanly bliss. Monica then toasted us. "To my girls. I'm so proud of each and every one of you for having the courage to shuck off your phony and useless masculinity and be who you truly are. You are more than mere sissy's. You are truly beautiful women and I'm proud to call you all my sisters. Welcome to the sorority Stacy"! We all cheered and drank. Everyone took turns giving Stacy a sisterly kiss in welcome.

Dinner was a huge success which I knew it would be. We talked about everything. Since Stacy was the new girl we bombarded her with questions about herself. (I will write about those at another time!) She was open and honest. It was during desert out on the patio that we sprung our little "flower girl" surprise on the unsuspecting couple. Stacy and I had prearranged this moment. We began by talking about the timeline for that day. "....and this is when the flower girl will make her entrance", I threw in. "Flower girl?", Monica asked. I slid her a picture of Chrissy in her gown that Stacy had taken. Monica looked it over critically. "She's adorable but who is she?", she asked looking at us. "She's my nephew Chris", Stacy quietly answered. Monica looked again. "Nephew? I answered for her explaining the circumstances. Stacy showed her another picture of Chrissy in boy mode. Monica sat looking at the two pictures side by side. Suddenly her face lit up. "Perfect, this is just perfect!", she beamed. She looked at me with a gleam in her eyes. No words needed to be spoken. The message was clear. "Well ladies, that was a wonderful surprise..but I think it's time we get down to business. Let's all get comfortable. That hot tube looks inviting, don't you think"? We all agreed. We all went to primp and freshen our makeup and perfume for the long night ahead! Luckily we were all great multi-taskers!

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  1. OMG OMG OMG, this is soo cool, im loving it, and i cant wait for the next one, Rita once again i tell you, i´m your number one fan, love you and love your story, im like sooo addicted!!!!