Friday, October 16, 2009

More Eye Candy-For Lipstick Lovers!

Here's some creamy pictures of our favorite cosmetic!


  1. Rita,
    Thanks for this post. Some of the pics are sooo kewt! Keep Posting!!!

    Love Ya Gurl,

  2. Ohhh Rita!!!! My Gosh... mmm i'm not lying when i said i touched my lipstick at least three times just watching your fabulous pics after reading the wonderful new instalment, my lips feels slick, soft creamy and soo femenine, my clitty is jumping in my pink panties and my nipples are hard as diamonds and its all your work sweetheart, you make me feel so special everytime i read one of your chapters and i and i know most of the girls would like to thank you for making us feel like that... love you hun...