Monday, September 21, 2009

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of!

Did you ever have one of those dreams that just seemed so real, so three dimensional that you could actually feel things? I had one that night that stayed with me all the next day making it hard to concentrate at work. In this dream I walked naked into a room that was almost empty. I say almost because the only thing in it were about a dozen hunky men lying naked on the floor sporting huge erections. I couldn't make out their faces but the bodies were all similar and all looked like Danny! I was drawn to the first cock and slowly sucked it deep into my mouth. As I was giving Hunk #1 a sensuous blowjob I began stroking Hunk #2. After Hunk #1 shot his load in me I stooped over Hunk #2 and lowered my pussy on to him. I repeated this all down the line alternating between sucking and fucking until all the boys had cum in me one way or another. It was the most erotically real dream I ever had. I woke up in a sweat around 6AM and just couldn't get back to sleep. I figured I'd head into work early so I took a nice long shower thinking about the dream "God", I thought, "I really need to get laid"!

It was good being back in work doing a normal routine after the events of the past two days. I wondered how Stacy and Chrissy would be spending the day. I knew I'd be hearing from Stacy soon enough. Bookings at the restaurant were a bit down so the workload was a light. I took advantage of this and, with Paolo's permission, worked on what would be my first signature dish. A salmon and dill mousse. My first attempts were futile getting the right balance of fish and herb to cooperate. My final attempt of the day was greeted with a rather indifferent response from the chefs. I didn't take it personal as I knew it would be better the next time I attempted it. I did, however, bring it home with me. Before leaving for the day Paolo asked me to pick up some herbs and spices at the Chelsea market in the city the next day. I, of course, told him I'd be glad to. Driving back home it dawned on me that tomorrow was supposed to be the first day of girly-girl camp for Chrissy. "Damn!", I thought, "she'll be so disappointed"! Then I thought that maybe she would just come with me. Sort of a field trip. I'd run that by Stacy. My thoughts then turned to the night ahead. Danny and my much neglected pussy!

I went back and forth on what I would wear for him that night. After spending so much time with Chrissy I decided on something youthful, but in my case something dramatically more sexy. I decided on a tight white crop top that made my breasts look huge along with a ridiculously short tartan skirt that just barely covered my panties. I put my hair in two long pigtails and made up my eyes dramatically. I didn't bother with stockings. Just a cute pair of lacy white sissy socks and a pair of 6 inch stiletto platform sandals matching my top. "Let him see what he's been missing!", I happily thought to myself. I didn't bother with preparing a meal figuring that food would be the last thing on his mind when he saw me. (I hoped!) With time to kill I checked on my e-mail and was happy to see one from both Monica and Laura. Oh, how I missed the girls! Monica and Stephanie were in Switzerland preparing for their wedding. She sent me some stunning photos of the area where the ceremony would take place. There were also a few pictures of the happy couple as well. It was odd seeing Stephanie in slacks and a sports jacket but I knew underneath it she was wearing something frilly. It was hard to believe they'd be a Mr. and Mrs. in just two days. Well, Mrs. and Mrs. but that would take place here at Laurita. I couldn't wait for that. Now more than ever knowing that little Chrissy consented to be our flower girl. I knew Monica and Stephanie would enjoy that very much. I also got an E-mail from Laura telling me she'd be home sometime on Saturday. She told me things were going well. What that meant I didn't know but I did know she was doing something to make her more independent as a real estate broker. Something to do with banks I think. After logging off I put a bottle of Champagne on ice for later. I heard Danny's truck pull up and quickly checked myself in the mirror. "Not bad", I thought, fixing my lipstick, "not bad"! I scurried to the kitchen as he let himself in leaning against the counter. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. We must have stared at each other for a full minute before I lept into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist and mashed my lips to his. Not removing his lips from mine he walked me over until my tush was sitting on the counter, my legs still locked around him. Both his hands came up to fondle my tits and tweak my rock hard nipples. I just moaned into his mouth as I sucked on his tongue. Breaking the kiss he told me he was going to take a shower and for me to be ready for him when he came out. I was ready two days ago! I just nodded like a dutiful housewife as my man went off to get washed up. I stripped out of my clothes in a flash and dove into my bathroom and promptly lubed up. I had given myself a scented douche earlier in the day. I positioned myself on our bed with my hands laid back in complete surrender. My breasts heaving in anticipation. He came out still glistening from the water and reached for my hands. Drawing me up he directed me to bend over on my knees. With a quick fluid motion and no preliminary he buried his hard, hot cock deep in my pussy. I let out a long low moan as his manhood invaded my cunt. He began a slow sensual fucking motion bringing me to the edge several times. It felt so good, so right, to have him in me. Fucking me so good! Every time I felt an orgasm building he would ease up a fraction. He was playing me like a violin. My nipples were as hard as diamonds and my poor clitty was throbbing as he sawed in and out of my much neglected hole. "Tell me you like it, baby", he whispered bending over me. "Oh, I like it.....Oh, fuck me Daddy..", I moaned, almost sobbing. He fucked me good and hard for over twenty minutes slowly building the pace of his thrusts. I felt an explosion in my tummy as a huge orgasm filled my entire body. I sent my sissy juices shooting all over my pillow as I felt his hot load of cum fill my cunt. His rock hard cock continued to invade my pussy with powerful thrusts as he emptied his seed in me. I was just moaning and crying out for him to fuck me harder. My vision was blurry after he pulled out and I inserted a waiting tampon to keep him in me. I immediately jumped on his wet, cummy cock and licked and sucked out every remaining sperm. With both of us trying to regain our breath we collapsed into each other's arms and held tightly. He lay on top of me and I could feel every ripple of his hard chest on my breasts. After a minute I could feel him nursing on them. Oh, that felt soooooo good! He was cupping my right as he sucked on my left. It was wonderful. I loved having big tits! "You wanna fuck them?", I cooed in his ear. He let out a soft moan around my engorged nipple. I continued to tease him. "I want to squeeze your cock between my tits and have you cum all over them. Would you like that.....hmmmm, Daddy?" I reached down and began stroking him to hardness once again. He was ready. I jumped up and gave him a slow handjob until he was as hard as a pipe once again. I placed him between my tits and squeezed them around his cock. I slowly fucked him with my tits as he lay back in utter bliss. "That's it, baby, fuck my tits, fuck my big soft tits with your hard cock", I moaned. "Cum all over them....cover them in your hot cum so I can lick it off, Daddy". Every once in a while I would engulf him in my mouth to keep him hard and wet, savoring every throbbing inch. I teased him unmercifully until he let go of his load and coated my tits with his manly juices. I even managed to get the last few shots in my mouth, loving every musky drop. We cuddled and slept for maybe a half hour. I was awakened by the phone.

Stacy was full of happiness and it showed in her voice. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything, Rita?", she gaily said. "Uh-uh", I blissfully replied. "Yeah, I'll bet", she giggled. She went on to tell me about her day with Chrissy. Taking her to the mall to pick out the beginnings of a new wardrobe and accessories for her. "I never saw her so enthused about anything in her life", she said. "She dragged me from one store to the next. She must have tried on fifty different outfits! And you should have seen her at the makeup counters! Like a kid in a candy store"! I smiled at that looking over to see my honey breathing deep with his eyes closed. Stacy then put her hand over the phone. I could hear Chrissy in the background. "Rita, she wants to talk to you", she said. Little Chrissy exploded onto the phone excitedly talking a mile a minute! "Rita you should see the cute outfits Auntie (Auntie?) bought for me. They're so cool! I got this purple skirt and matching top and new nighties and pretty dresses and shoes and....Rita, Auntie says I'm too young to wear high heels like the big girls...tell her I'm not, please, please, pretty please"!! I tried to get a word in but couldn't. I just smiled at her youthful enthusiasm. She continued. "Oh and I'm moving into one of Hank's daughters old's so cool and pretty and Auntie is going to pierce my ears tonight and she said I could get my nails longer and, oh yeah, I got some new nail polish and some really good makeup and three new lipsticks...!" She went on and on. I didn't have the heart to interrupt her. I noticed Danny stirring as I sat listening to Chrissy babble on and on. Finally she began to run out of steam and I could get a word in. "That's wonderful news, honey! I can't wait to see your new room and outfits. Remember we have a date tomorrow?", I reminded her. That set her off yet again. "Yes I remember. What are we going to do. Can I wear my "Princess" top"? And then in a whisper she asked if she could learn to walk in heels. I laughed at that remembering asking Denise that same question when I was her age or even younger. "How we couldn't wait to grow up!", I though seeing Danny beginning to stir. I told her that we would be going on a field trip to the city if it was alright with her aunt. I could hear her asking Stacy. I heard Stacy say "sure". Stacy got back on and told me that Chrissy took to being a girl like a fish to water. She had absolutely no qualms about going out dressed in feminine attire. She wore the outfit I had given her as well as carrying her purse all day. She used the ladies room without even a thought. We made our plans for the next day and Stacy rang off. I was looking more forward to it than I was before. But what I was really looking forward to was another go with Danny.

He was propped up on an elbow smiling at me. "That was great!", he said. "Of course it was, silly boy", I giggled. "Hungry?" "Yeah, a bit", he said. I slipped on a short satin robe and padded on down to the kitchen. I filled a breakfast tray with some of the mousse and the champagne. I smiled as I noted the Lilly that Chrissy had left me. When I came back to the bedroom Danny was in the bathroom washing up. I filled two flutes with the bubbly and spread some mousse on pieces of Melba toast. We lay in bed sipping and eating and just basically catching up. "Who was on the phone?", he asked. "Oh, just some project I'm working on", I replied. Quickly changing the subject I asked how he liked the mousse. "It's good", he replied. "Yeah, it is good but it's not great. It's missing something and I can't put my finger on it....yet", I added. "You will, baby, you're the best!", he said stroking my bare thigh. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He kissed me tenderly on the lips. "Let's make love", he whispered. With a sigh I lay on my back as Danny mounted me. We took our time. It was long, loving and very soul satisfying. He brought me to so many bellygasims that I lost count. All the time we talked as we slowly fucked through the night. I remember thinking about the dream I had the night before. I was having trouble remembering it! More soon....comments would be nice!

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