Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girly Camp!

I awoke around 5AM alone in bed. I heard the shower and knew that Danny was getting ready to report to work. I stretched and let out a contented sigh. I felt wonderful and well fucked. My pussy had that nice little ache that comes after a long night of great sex. I smiled at Danny when he walked naked out of the bathroom, his gorgeous cock and balls swinging back and forth. He lay next to me and my hand automatically reached for his jewels. "Got time for a quickie?", I purred. In answer his lips covered mine as his manhood swelled in my hand. In no time I had my legs in the air as he once again entered me. It was slow and passionate and oh so nice! "What a lovely way to start the day", I moaned. When he came it felt hot, almost burning but so good. As he lay on top of me still buried deep between my legs he asked me how I felt. "I'm in heaven, darling", I sleepily replied. "We need to get away. Just the two of us for a couple of days. Maybe my Dad's beach house?", he asked. I tightened my arms around his back. "I'd follow you anywhere, baby. Do anything you want to do. I love you so much". He gave a little thrust that caused me to let out a squeak. He pulled out and I immediately inserted a tampon to keep his manly juices safely inside me where they belonged. After he left I just stayed in bed lazily twirling the tampon string with my finger with a contented smile on my face. I must have dozed off for a bit because the next time I looked at the clock it was almost 7:30. "Chrissy!", I thought. I almost forgot that Stacy was dropping Chrissy off for her first day of "girly camp". I also had to get into the city and pick up some things for the restaurant. I jumped in the shower and washed and conditioned my hair. I stood naked at the mirror to blow my hair out. I loved how my breasts jiggled as I worked. "Wow", I thought, "my hair is really getting long"! It was down to the small of my back. After it was dried I ponied it up and sat to put on my makeup. I wanted to look and feel extra femmy today. Mostly for Chrissy's benefit and yes I admit that I was getting a thrill turning heads when I was out! For an outfit I chose a short white denim skirt and a powder blue blouse with 3/4 sleeves. I thought of pantyhose but decided on a pink garter belt with little black dots and a pair of sheer stockings. I added a pair of 3 inch heels for comfort. (Yes comfort!) I had cinnamon buns in the oven when the doorbell rang. A very energetic Chrissy burst into the house followed by a grinning Stacy. Chrissy was wearing the "Princess" tank top I had given her and a pair of white denim shorts. Her hair was ponied high on her head and she was wearing just a modest amount of makeup. Her lips were pink and shiny. "Rita, look at my ears. Auntie pierced them!", she exclaimed holding her small pink hoops out for inspection. I noticed the inclusion of nail extensions as well. "Very pretty, sweety! And your nails look very nice as well"! She held her nails out and wiggled her fingers. "I'm still getting used to them but I think they're so cool!", she gushed. I gave Stacy a knowing look. "Well, I'm glad you have so much energy today, honey, because our plans have changed a bit". I explained that I had to go to the city on a work related issue. "So, if it's okay with Aunt Stacy, we'll take a little field trip today into New York". Stacy thought it was a great idea but Chrissy was a little less enthused. "I thought we would just practice makeup and stuff today", she said. "And we will when we get back. We'll only be gone a couple of hours and then we can do other things, okay"? "Okay", she reluctantly replied. "But I've never been to New York before. It's kinda scary". "Just stay close to me and you'll be fine", I told her. We had a quick breakfast and headed to the train station. Chrissy told me she needed to use the bathroom so we went to the ladies room where she took care of business. I did as well. After washing our hands I opened my purse and fixed my lipstick. To my surprise and joy Chrissy followed suit. We chatted on the train. Or rather Chrissy chatted while I just listened. She told me all about her new room and the the new clothes she got. Dressed as a boy she was quiet and shy but as a girl she was bubbly and full of energy. It was remarkable. Whenever she made a boyish gesture I quickly corrected her. By the time we reached Penn Station she had the hand movements and gestures of a girl her age. As we walked through the station I knew we were getting plenty of looks from the men. At least I was and I was learning to except that fact. Big breasted blonds tend to draw attention to themselves. It comes with the territory. Chrissy was all wide eyed as we flagged down a cab. We made our purchases at the market and stopped to have a bite to eat. During lunch Chrissy brought up the subject of high heels. She was upset that Stacy wouldn't allow her higher heels feeling she was just too young. I, on the other hand, sympathized with her on the subject remembering myself at her age wanting to master the art of walking in stilettos. After lunch I reached for my purse to get my credit card. Chrissy took this as a sign and reached for hers as well. She dutifully powdered her nose and touched up her lips. I just had to do the same. Lipstick and compact in hand I smiled at her "This is fun, isn't it?", I whispered. She just smiled back and nodded her head letting out a little giggle. As we were walking up Park Avenue I noticed a small shoe store with some very pretty pumps in the window. Chrissy noticed too. "Want to go in?", I asked. "Oh, yes, yes!", she responded. We were immediately approached by a salesperson asking if we needed some assistance. "Yes", I said, "my little sister her is attending a formal function in a few weeks and she needs to get used to wearing heels. Maybe a three, three and a half inch? Any suggestions"? I heard an audible gasp from Chrissy. For the next half hour she must have tried on at least two dozen pair of heels. We left with a pair of basic black patent pumps with a three inch heel. Chrissy happily swinging the bag as she walked hand in hand with me.

We made it back home by 2:30 and she immediately wanted to wear the heels. I coached her on not only walking but in being comfortable in wearing them. She stumbled a bit in the beginning but soon adapted to the new height. I must have made her go up and down the stairs fifty times but she was a very willing pupil. "The heels will stay here for now. It will be our little secret, okay?", I told her. She agreed. We spent time working on her makeup application skills as well as how to correctly remove it and cleaning her skin. I left her changing her nail polish when the phone rang. It was Laura asking me to pick her up at the airport later that night. She had apparently finished up early and just wanted to come home. I readily agreed and she gave me her flight information. While Chrissy was busy attending to her manicure I put her hair up in two cute pigtails. She loved it and insisted on keeping it that way for the rest of the day. Stacy came by to pick her up at 6 and we filled her in on the day. (Omitting the high heels!) We discussed the wedding and the need for Chrissy to get a dress. Stacy told me she would take care of it. With hugs and kisses all around they set off for home. I took the time to freshen up my makeup and headed out to the airport. On the way I stopped by the restaurant to drop off Paulo's items.

When I saw Laura in the terminal I ran to her giving her a big welcome home hug. We chatted on the way home and I filled her in on my little project. She found it rather amusing and told me she was not at all surprised. "I actually met Chris a couple of times at the salon. I always thought he'd make a cute girl. Apparently he does. And he wants to be the flower girl at the wedding"? "She does", I answered. "Well this ought to be fun and you know that Monica will be thrilled having a little sissy flowergirl", she said. When we got home and Laura was all unpacked and sorted out she suggested that we relax in the hot tub. I was all for that. As I was making us a small pitcher of icy vodka martinis a naked Laura walked by me giving me a pat on my tush. I noticed a fresh application of creamy fuchsia lipstick as she coyly smiled at me. "Don't keep me waiting too long, honey", she purred. In a flash I stripped off my clothes and tied my hair up. After a quick application of my own creamy deep red lipstick I joined her in the tub. We clinked glasses and drank. We talked about our week. I filled her in on my fantastic night with Danny all the time we played footsie in the warm water. "I love seeing you with tits, honey", she told me. With that we cuddled and began making out. Our lipstick went to hell but it makes for such a sensuous sissy kiss. For the next hour we drank and kissed and talked. After that we walked hand in hand to her bed and did what all good little sissy girls do. It was so nice having her back home and back in bed! More soon! Drop me a line!


  1. OMG im like sooo loving this, i can relate to all the characters at some point, i see a lot of chrissy in me now, and sweetness, im so into it, i cant wait for the next chapter and the next and the next, you got me hooked girl!!!
    You are an amazing storyteller and i for once im a loyal reader and follower....

    love ya

  2. Thank you, honey! I won't disapoint you! Stay tuned for the wedding!


  3. Inserting the tampon is super hot! Are there any pics of you on this blog?

  4. Love your blog, i can't wait for the next entry. Crissy is the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like you to take her under your wing. God knows most of us floundered around out in the wilderness trying to find figure out our true gender when we were that age.

  5. Thank you for answering me, i feel so special, and i agree with kimmy, chrissy is like the luckiest girl in the world for having people like you and her auntie in her life, and we all wish we were in her 3" heels.
    I can´t wait for the wedding i know its gonna be amazing, i'm so exited about it!!!
    Thank you for everything...

    sissy kisses

  6. Dear, dear Lindsay-Marissa,

    Honey, you are special and I totaly thank you for your comments. I will be writing about the wedding soon. It was amazing. So was the party the night before!