Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A New Flower In The Garden!

I thought about little Chrissy for the rest of the afternoon. Not in a sexual way. He was only a kid but I couldn't stop thinking about how I felt at that age. I was still doing "boy" things like playing baseball and fishing. Mostly with Danny. But at night when I was alone in my room or with Denise I became the person I was truly meant to be. I remember at that time trying to take things to the extreme regarding outfits I would wear and how my makeup looked. That was done mostly in private because I was beginning to get a very strong sexual charge out of dressing as a girl. All those nights that my stiff clitty would tent out my babydolls as I read those sexy stories on line. There weren't as many sites as there are now but the ones that were there were a source of extreme erotic pleasure to me. I can't remember the first one that made me cum in my panties but I do remember cumming hard. All the sexy thoughts that began to gel in my mind. Like the first time I tasted my sissy juice. At first I didn't much care for it but I always felt in came with the territory. After that it didn't take long for my fantasies to involve strong muscular men making passionate love to me attired in the most seductive of lingerie with my face made up to perfection. All those nights in front of my vanity (actually it was my desk with a small mirror) practicing, practicing, practicing. Getting my eyeliner right, making my cheekbones pop with the right application of blush, getting the most out of my plump lips with lipstick. All the hours perfecting my ability to strut in the highest of heels and move gracefully. And then all the time thinking about Danny and how I would dream that he would take me in his arms and make mad passionate love to me. I was obsessed with him by the time I was 14. I stated in a previous post how I openly flirted with him at one point with my long hair draped around my shoulders instead of the loose pony tail I usually kept it in. Looking back I realized just how brazen I was. But, again, I was lucky. We all know how things turned out, don't we? (Wink, wink!!)

With all this in mind I just wondered if Chrissy wasn't feeling the same things or was he repressing them. That little trip to the bathroom after the first wig didn't fool Stacy or me. The flushed expression on his face and the fact that he kept his lipstick on spoke volumes. Well, his future sex life was his business. My concern was with his feminine life and helping him handle the pitfalls that come with it. I wish I had Monica to consult with but she was in Europe with Stephan(ie) preparing to get married and Laura was going to be away until the weekend. I did, however, give Stacy a call and we went over the earlier events of the day. "How's he doing", I asked. "He's okay, he's playing his Nintendo. Oh, Rita, you have a fan! He talked about you all afternoon! He kept saying he couldn't believe you own a baseball glove"! I giggled at that. I actually had two of them. "Is he still wearing the.....?" "In a way he is, he must of just blotted it but you can still see some color. What are you going to do with him tomorrow?", she asked. "Just what I said we were going to do. Work in the garden and shag some balls. What did you think I was going to do? Put him in a party dress and teach him to curtsy?", I giggled. Stacy laughed. "God, I wish someone did that with me when I was his age!" I held back on commenting on that one. "Bring him over around nine and I'll make sure he has a good breakfast before we do anything else. I think by the end of the day we'll know what we're dealing with but don't be to surprised if you see some subtle changes in him when you pick him up. Or not, it's entirely up to him." Stacy rang off and I padded to the kitchen to make myself an omelet.

Danny called me around 8 that night to check in. He sounded beat. I tried to persuade him to come over but he was about 50 miles away. Since graduation and my move to Laurita our sex life together was taking a major hit. I hadn't had a good long fucking from him in 4 days! I was one horny little bitch in heat! I tried my best even telling him he could fuck my tits but he was just too tired. I forgave him like the good little wife I am but warned him that he would be walking funny for a week the next time we hooked up! I read for awhile and than thinking about the time I was a young teen rubbed myself to a delicious (and I mean tasty!) cum. I slept well after that.

The next morning I was up at 7:30, showered and ready for the day. I chose carefully what I would wear. Nothing overtly feminine but not too butch either. I decided on an exercise tank top with a pair of black Capri pants with sandals. Just a hint of blush and mascara was all the makeup I applied. I did however apply a skin toner that had a hint of color to it. Mostly to protect my skin from the sun. I decided to lay out an outfit for Chrissy to wear as well. Again nothing too femmy but not boys clothes either. I chose a pair of white shorts with a cuff around the leg and a loose white blouse to keep him cool in the sun along with anther pair of sandals that were definitely girly just to see how he reacted. I brought my makeup bag to the kitchen and began making waffle batter. I also decided to make a brioche to do something with for lunch. If Chrissy didn't do anything else today he was going to eat well! They arrived just at 9. He was wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a Yankee shirt. Stacy greeted me with a hug and a quick kiss on the lips. (I got a little tingle south of the border from that!) I gave the the 10 cent tour of the house and I invited Stacy to stay for breakfast. She begged off as she wanted to get her staff up to speed so she could head out to buy supplies for the salon. At the doorway she again embraced me and thanked me for helping her out. She was both nervous and excited about how the day would turn out. So was I. She again kissed me but let her lips linger for a few seconds. I didn't pull away. We looked into each other's eyes. She smiled and then she was gone. "Wow", I thought, "thanks, Stace, you got my horns worked up"!

Chrissy was busy attacking his waffles. I noticed he ate like a typical 12 year old boy. "Easy there, Chris!", I admonished him. "Nobody's going to take them away from you!", I laughed. He blushed. I liked it when he blushed. It made him look pretty. His baseball glove was on the counter so I picked it up and slipped it on my left hand. "Nice glove, well broken in", I said. He smiled. I noted that he had dimples when he smiled. As you can tell I was making mental notes on everything. We talked about what we had to do that day. I told him I wanted to put in some small lattice work to give my zucchini plants something to cling on to. "It will only take about an hour and then we'll toss the ball around, okay?", I said. He nodded his head. "One thing, though, it's going to be really hot in an hour so I laid out some cooler clothes for you to wear. Just some shorts and a cooler shirt. This way your clothes will be clean and dry when you go home. How's that sound?" "Sure, that's okay, where are they?" I crooked my finger at him as I lead him up to the guest room. I pointed to his outfit and told him he could change in the bathroom. He didn't even blink as he picked them up and closed the door. "Maybe he didn't notice?", I thought. Well they were on the asexual side. When he came out I had to stifle a laugh. His boxers were peeking out from the legs of the shorts. "Uh, Chris, your undies are showing". He looked down and began blushing again. I thought quickly. The first real test. I could have given him a plain pair of cotton panties but I wanted to take the bull by the horns. As I rummaged through my pantie drawer I noted that his legs, although shapely,were showing signs of hair growth. That's a big no-no in my pink world. I'd have to figure out a way to deal with that little issue, for sure! I found what I was looking for. Pink, high cut, lacy panties! The dripped with femininity and just screamed "Girl"! I just hoped he wouldn't scream when he saw them. Holding my breath I held them out with the tips of my bright red nails. His eyes went as big as saucers. "Uhh...those are...those are...for girls....I can't...!" I cut him off. "Sure you can, nobody's going to know. You'll be wearing your shorts over them. And besides, it's just girls who live here. There are no boy clothes". Well, that was a bit of a lie. Danny's underwear would have probably done the trick but that was not the point, was it? He reached out and took them in his fingertips as if they might burn them. I took a quick note of his nails. About a 1/4 inch past the tips. He quickly dived back in the bathroom. He was in there for about 5 minutes. In the mean time I ponied up my hair high on my head and applied a thick coating of my signature red lipstick. As I was pumping up a little volume on my lashes he slowly came out. I ignored him for a minute as I concentrated on my lashes. I knew he was staring at my new appearance. "I spun around, mascara wand still in hand and smiled a red lipped smile at him. "Well, all ready, Chris?" He just stared at my face and nodded. As we entered the kitchen I noticed he was barefoot. "Where are your sandals, honey?", I asked. "Cute toes", I noted to myself. "Oh, I didn't think those were for me", he blushed. "Sure they are, can't have you stepping on sharp rocks, now can we?" He retrieved them. Again, they were pink and much more girly than the pair I had chosen for myself but he put them on. "We have to get that hair off the back of your neck or you'll get all sweaty, sweety!", I giggled. He laughed at that. "Good, he's relaxing", I thought. I ponied his hair up like mine and held it with a bright pink scrunchy. "Sit", I directed him as I opened my makeup bag. I took out the tube of moisturizer and rubbed it onto his face. "Sun protection", I told him. The lotion had a subtle flowery fragrance and just a hint of color. It was like a very light weight foundation. Which is what it really was. His skin was flawless and I hoped he wouldn't have acne problems as he got older. Once again I held my breath as I contemplated my next action. "Your lips are going to need a bit of protection as well", I said as I uncapped the lipstick I was wearing. Again he had that shocked look on his face as I twirled the lipstick. When he saw the deep red color his jaw dropped. "Oh, my! What was I thinking?", I laughed. You can't wear this shade!" I thought I saw a hint of disappointment in his expression. I choose a light pink shade. Even lighter than what he wore yesterday. "Do you mind, Chris? You don't have to you know". "No, it's okay. It's not like anyone will see and I don't want sun burnt lips". "Good girl!", I thought to myself. "Do you want to do it or shall I?", I asked with a raised eyebrow. I noted that his were kind of wispy. "I can do it!", he (much to) quickly replied. I watched as he slowly applied his own lipstick knowing now that he had done it before. I was sure of it. Chris was gone for the day and Chrissy had taken his place.

When we reached the garden I handed him a pair of gardening gloves. Pink of course. (There's not alot of masculinity at Lorita, girls!) "We have to protect our hands and nails, hon. We don't want to get our skin all rough, now do we", I teased. "No, we don't", he sheepishly replied. We began our task and as we worked I felt Chrissy really loosen up. She (yes, she!) was very talkative. Telling me all about school and friends and her Mom. I told her about being an aspiring chef and my boyfriend, etc. Leaving out most of the details. Dear Chrissy still thought I was genetically female. She was blooming out there in my little garden. Like a pretty new flower that just bloomed. I loved the way she tilted her head back and forth making her ponytail sway. Every so often she would scratch her legs. "Are your legs itchy, sweety?", I asked with concern. "A bit", she replied. "Well, we could take care of that after lunch if you want, okay?" "Sure, but how?, she innocently asked. "Leave it to me, honey", I said. It was really beginning to warm up and we had most of the work done by 11. "Let's take a break for lunch, okay"?, I said. I walked to the house with my new little friend by my side happily swinging her pony tail back and forth.

I made us some grilled cheese and with panchetta and poured out two big glasses of iced tea. As we ate I noted that Chrissy would occasionally glance at the rim of her glass noting the lipstick print she was leaving on it. Breaking a moment of silence she suddenly spoke. "Did you know that my Aunt Stacy used to be a boy"? I chocked on my tea. "Ahh..yes I did Chrissy. As a matter of fact I used to be a boy too and in some ways I still am". The look on her face was precious. I smiled at her. "Yes, honey, it's true!" I went on to tell her a brief and very censored account of my life as a girl beginning with that fateful day when Denise dressed me in her frilly white communion dress. Going out as a girl on Halloween dressed as Alice from Wonderland and dressing as a girl all the time I was at home. She listened intently to every word. "You went out on Halloween dressed like a girl?", she asked. I nodded. She then mumbled something. "What was that, Chrissy?" "I did too", she whispered. "Oh, you must tell me all about it", I said. She did. It was two years ago when her Mom suggested the idea. "At first I didn't want to but she told me it was all we could afford and that she had to borrow the things for me to wear". She than described the outfit. Pink party dress with a long blond wig, tights and a pair of low heels with a matching pink purse to put her candy in. "Did you have fun?", I asked. She nodded her head up and down. "I did too when I went out dressed up. It was my first time and I adored it", I gushed. "Me too", she shyly said. "Ever do it again?", I pressed. "What?", she asked. "Dress up, of course!", I asked. "Yes", she mumbled. "You won't tell anyone, will you Rita", she said with a hint of panic in her voice. "Of course not, sweetheart, who you tell is up to you. It's perfectly fine to have those feelings. I should know. "What feelings", she asked. "Girly feelings", I replied. She sat in thought for a minute. "I sometimes wish I was a real girl. I guess I do have girly feelings". I saw a tear come to her eye. I hugged her close and told her that every thing was fine. That not all boys were meant to be boys as well as not all girls were meant to be girls. As long as we were good to people that was all that mattered. "Wanna throw the ball around for a bit?", I asked as I freshened up my lipstick. She watched intently. Suddenly she got up and retrieved her lipstick and applied another coat with out any direction from me. "Naw", she said, "too hot and my legs are still itchy". "Let's do something about that, honey!", I said as I held my hand out. I led her up to the master bathroom and began filling the tub with hot water. I added a handful of lavender bath beads and soon the tub was brimming with fragrant bubbles. "Strip!", I said. She stood frozen in place. "Honey, it's okay, you don't have anything I haven't seen before or still have, okay?" She nodded and slowly took off her clothes. She stopped at the panties and covered her crotch with her hands. "Come on sweety, you can't wear your panties in the tub, you know". "Could you turn around first?", she timidly asked. I did. I knew what her problem was. She was "excited". I knew that from my own experience. Once encased in the warm bubbles I had her lift first one than the second leg out as a deftly shaved off all the hair. I was humming to myself as I noted her with her head back, eyes closed in a state of total relaxation. While working I studied her toe nails and thought why not. After emptying the tub I had her shower off and wash and condition her hair. When she came out she had the towel wrapped around her waist. I took it and tucked it up under her arms telling her that this was the proper way to do it. That got a big smile. I sat her at my vanity and smoothed on a soothing lotion onto her now smooth legs. I noted the little tent in her towel. I left her to contemplate her new smooth skin while I found her some fresh panties. On a whim I also found one of my old matching bras. Without comment she slipped the panties up to her slender waist. They were white with pink lace as was the bra. "Ever wear a bra before, honey?" "Not as pretty as this one, no". I gave her a short pink satin robe to wear while I blew out her hair. Hair done and laying loose around her shoulders I attacked her toe nails with a bright magenta polish. She watched with that zoned out look. "Spread out you fingers for me, girlfriend", I said. She giggled. A quick shaping and she soon sported 10 shiny magenta fingernails! "Makeup?" "Yes, please!", was her reply staring at her now very feminine fingers. I kept it simple. Unlike me at that age who had mastered the art of applying false eyelashes I wanted her to look no older than 16. A bit of foundation, some blush, liner, mascara, soft toned eyeshadow and a matching lipstick for her nails. After padding out her bra a bit she was dressed in a short denim skirt with a deep pink tank top with the word "Princess" embrodered with sparkels. Simple hoop clip on earrings and a necklace with a single heart, a spritz of perfume and she was almost done. I found some tan stockings with a stay up band and rolled them up her smooth legs. (She loved that!) Some cork wedge sandals and my little princess was ready to see herself. I walked her over to my full lenght mirror. She was stunned.

"Oh, my God, I'm a girl", she moaned. "Do you feel like one Chris", I asked moving next to her. "Yes", she replied, "I do". We went downstairs and spent the rest of the day talking. Ocassionaly we ventured outside so she could get the feel of being outdoors as a girl. She loved it. I know I sure did at that age. It was getting close to pick up time and I asked if she was ready to change back. Without hesitation she told me no. "I want to show Aunt Stacy", she gushed. "I think that's a pretty good idea, Christeen". "Christeen? I like that"!, she smiled. I smiled too. I was beside myself with happiness for this new girl. I couldn't wait to see the expression on Stacy's face when she meets her new niece. More soon.......comments please!


  1. What a wonderful way for you to return!!!
    Love this story...
    Keep it going as long as possible...
    each detail you present is so full of life and excitement...


  2. I'm loving it, just when i thought your story couldnt get better, you bring Chrissy!!!! OMG its soo beautiful the new found femeninity, and i can feel it in me, i just wish i had somebody to help me like that when istarted, ireally love every line you write, i truly do!!!!