Monday, September 14, 2009


On the day that Monica and Stephanie left for their wedding in Austria I had my checkup with the doctor concerning my implants. I had healed perfectly and was given a clean bill of health. I was also shown how to do a self examination on my breasts and told what to look for. I had a couple of days off from the restaurant and Laura was in Boston on business. Danny was working a weird shift so my chances of seeing him later that day were practically null. I was feeling kind of lonely and at a loss for something to do. I thought about visiting my sister and my new nephew but I figured she needed the time on her own to adjust to motherhood. I found myself in Stacy's (my new hair stylist) neighborhood and thought I'd drop in on her and have a cup of tea if she wasn't busy. I tried opening the door to the salon when I realized they were closed. As I dejectedly turned to go back to my car the door opened and I heard Stacy's voice. "Rita, is that you"? I turned and saw my pretty stylist standing in the doorway. Her eyes went wide when she took in my new breasts. I gave her a big smile and struck a pose. "Well", I said, "what do you think"? "Oh, they're gorgeous, honey, simply gorgeous!", she gushed. "Come on in out of the heat. I'll fix us some iced tea". "I thought you were closed", I said. "Well I am to the public I just came in to catch up on the wigs that need to be styled. I was getting a bit behind". We walked to a back room where I saw about seven or eight wigs sitting on their blocks. "Wow, why so many wigs?", I asked. She explained that they belong to a local theater group and she was contracted to keep them in shape or change the styles to suit various productions. We chatted for a bit and I was bringing her up to date about the wedding plans when I heard the front door open and a voice call out. "Aunt Stacy, I'm back!" "I'm in the back, Chris", she answered. I turned to see a young boy come in. He must have been about 12 or so. It struck me right away the he was kind of cute, sort of pretty actually. He was slender with below the shoulder length blond hair. "Rita, this is my nephew Chris. Chris this is my friend Rita". I held out my hand and told him I was happy to meet him. He shyly took my hand and mumbled something. " is the dry cleaning ticket, Aunt Stacy. They said to pick it up on Thursday". "That's great, honey, just one more thing and then we can start work back here, okay?" She wrote some things down on a notepad and handed it to the young boy. "Make sure the milk is not past date, okay baby?" "Yes, ma'am", he shyly said and was gone again. Stacy let out a small sigh. "He's my sister's only child. I'm watching him for a bit while she gets her act together in rehab. It's a long story, Rita and I don't want to bore you with it." I assured her that if she needed to talk I would lend a sympathetic ear. In short she told me of her sister's fight with pain killers and alcohol. She had also had many bad experiences with men. "I'm not even sure who Chris's real father is", she told me. I wasn't sure if I should pry into the situation but my feminine intuition won out. "Chris seems kind of...uh...delicate", I said. Stacy looked at me and slowly nodded. "Well, that's the other thing. My sister thinks he my be following in my footsteps. Despite all her troubles she loves that boy to pieces. She remembers all the abuse I took growing up and doesn't want to see that happen to him." I was reminded, once again, just how lucky I was growing up. Stacy told me that one of the biggest reasons she was taking him in was to find out just how far down the satin and lace trail Chris wanted to go. "Have you come to any conclusions yet", I asked. "Well, he's only here for about a week so I'm not sure. But you can see he's very shy and, as you said, quite delicate. But he absolutely loves baseball. He's a huge Yankee fan. "Well", I replied, "that's no big deal. So am I. But I still do my nails when I watch a game"! She laughed at that. "The only thing he's shown enthusiasm in as far as anything feminine goes is allow me to use him as a wig model.

"A wig model?", I asked. "Yes. It's much easier styling wigs on a human head as opposed to the wig blocks so yesterday he let me slip some wigs on his head so I could work easier. While I'm working he just stares in the mirror with that look on his face. Do you know what I mean, Rita?" I did. It's a blissful zoned out look. I've had that look in my eyes thousands of time in my early teens when I got my makeup looking just perfect or saw myself in a form fitting dress. And, of course, that night in Denise's wedding gown. "Does he know about your past, Stacy?" "Yes, he is quite aware that I used to be a boy like he is". "Like he is?", I asked with a raised eyebrow. Stacy blushed and said, "well, that's what I need to find out". I told her that I would help in any way possible. "That would be a big help, Rita, I'd like that more than you know", she said as she took my hand a gave it a little squeeze. We made eye contact and I once again felt that little spark of excitement in my tummy. "Stay a bit", she whispered. I nodded my head.

I made appointments for all the girls for the day of the second ceremony we were going to have at Lorita. Stacy was over the top to be a part of the big day. I so wanted her more a part of our little sorority. Chris came back a little while later carrying a couple of bags of groceries. We sent out for sandwiches and had our lunch while we talked about baseball and the Yankees. Chris was starting to come out of his shell a bit as we talked. I studied his mannerisms and facial expressions all the time we chatted. Nothing overtly feminine but no real macho kind of gestures either. After we finished Stacy announced that it was time to get back to work. Chris gave me a timed look. "Ready, Chrissy?", Stacy said. "Aunt Stacy!", Chris replied as he rolled his eyes in my direction. "Sorry, baby", Stacy said. "That's just my little nickname for him, Rita", she continued. "Oh, I think it's kinda cute for such a cute young man", I replied. Chris blushed to his roots but he was smiling. "Good, he responds to flattery", I thought. When he was settled in the styling chair Stacy put the standered pink smock around him. She quickly pinned his hair on top of his head and secured it with a nylon wig cap. She picked up what appeared to be a page boy cut wig in a bright pink tone. With trained fingers she slipped on to his head and settled it into place. As I sat and watched her style the wig I noticed that blissed out look creeping onto Chrissy's face. Yep, definitely Chrissy. Like I said I knew that look intimately. "That's an adorable shade of pink, Stace. I think it matches my lipstick today. "Really", Stacy replied, "let's see." I reached into my purse and took out my lipstick. I could see Chrissy watching out of the corner of his eye as I slowly twisted the magenta pink lipstick upwards. I could have sworn I saw him shudder under his pink smock. "Oh, yes, that's an almost perfect match", Stacy gushed. "But it's kind of hard to be sure without actually wearing it though. Too bad", I said. "Chrissy, would you mind?", Stacy said in a teasing way. Poor Chrissy. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Uhhh...I don't...uhh..I don't think...", he stuttered. "It's okay, sugar, It washes right off", Stacy continued. He sat stock still as I slowly coated his lips in the creamy pink lipstick. I could feel him trembling. "Oh, Rita, you are so right that shade is a perfect match for Chrissy's new hairdo. What do you think Chrissy". The poor boy was lost in his reflection. Finally he said it looked"okay" and asked if it really will wash off. We assured him it would. After about 15 minutes of pinning and shaping the wig was done. All the while he stared at his reflection with a glazed expression. After removing the wig Stacy told him to leave the wig cap on as she had one more to do. Chrissy mumbled something about needing to use the bathroom and left the room.

"Well, what do you think", Stacy asked me. I just smiled and nodded my head. "There's a girl in there somewhere but I don't think we should push it too much. Just see how Chrissy reacts. After about 20 minutes Stacy called out to him. "Hey, honey, are you okay in there"? Chrissy reappeared looking quite flushed. Stacy gave me a knowing look. "Feeling better now, baby?", she asked him. "Yes", was his simple reply. We both noticed that he made no attempt to remove his lipstick. "Well", I thought, "I wouldn't have either!" The second wig was a long auburn color with gorgeous waves. Again little Chrissy was lost in a pink fog somewhere. I complimented him on how that particular color suited his skin tone much better than the pink show wig did. He nodded in response not once averting his eyes from his girly image in the mirror. As Stacy worked she asked me what my plans were for the week. I told her I was off the next day and planned to do some gardening. "What about you?", I asked. She told me she had to buy supplies for the salon after getting things running for the day. "Tuesday's are a bitch here. Senior citizens day. We go through tons of hairspray". "What about you, Chris, (I decided not to push the "Chrissy" thing too much) what are your plans. Still in a fog he replied, "nothing much I guess". "Too bad", I replied, "I sure could use a bit of help. "That's a great idea Rita! Chris, honey, would you like to spend some time at Rita's house tomorrow and help her out. Before he could answer I told him if he wanted he could bring his baseball glove with him and we could shag balls. He looked at me as if in shock. "You have a baseball glove?", he asked with a shocked expression. "Sure, I do. I told you I love baseball. He looked so cute with his pretty pink lips! "I'll take that as a yes then, Chris. We have a date!" With that I took my leave telling Stacy I'd give her a call later that afternoon to go over a few things with her!.......More soon!

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