Monday, May 18, 2009

Wishes Do Come True!

After school had been back in session for a couple of days I was asked to report to my guidance counselor. Paolo had made good on his promise to get me involved in the final semester internship program. Beginning the following week I would be reporting to the restaurant at 1 PM. My mind was filled with thoughts for the future. Laura and I saw the need to get all the people involved together in one room and iron things out. We chose a night when everyone would be available. The invited guests included my Mom, Danny (sigh!), Monica and Stephan(ie). Over a rather delicious roast chicken dinner we layed out our plans to purchase our little dream home in rural Princeton. My Mom's main concern was in the timing of selling her house with the purchase of our new home. Laura told her she would take care of all the details telling her she would not have any problem lining up a bunch of probable buyers. Danny was a bit bummed out about losing me as a neighbor but I assured him that after seeing the new house he would be as thrilled as I was. When we were alone I told him more. "We'll have our own bedroom and it will be our room! No more sneaking around. Just think of the nights you'll spend with your big titted, blond wife!" His hands came up to cup my breasts and I let out a low moan. He softly kissed me and it made me blood boil just thinking of the nights that lay ahead for us. I had visions of myself in gorgeous, sexy fantasy outfits that I would wear to drive him mad with lust. I needed him so badly right then but I had a house full of people. I calmed myself down and gave his cock a gentle squeeze through his pants. "Hmmmmm", I thought, "seems he needs me too"! Monica and Stephanie were thrilled with the news and couldn't wait to see the place. Laura and I had planned on giving them all a tour on the weekend. When everyone left leaving just Danny and I alone. I peeled off my panties. seeing this he slowly released his cock from his pants. Lifting the hem of my dress I slowly squatted down over my man. While I gently raised and lowered my hips in a soothing fucking motion Danny played with my breasts. "How big are you going to get them?", he asked. I looked at him through my mascaraed lashes. "How big do you want them, darling?", I cooed. "I've always been a breast man", he replied. I could feel he was about to shoot his manly cream into my pussy. "Well", I said as I kissed him, "I'll make them big (kiss), and plump (kiss) with big, hard nipples (kiss) that'll poke through (kiss) my bikini tops (deep kiss)!" He began to moan with pleasure. "I'd want you to tit fuck me, darling. Would you like that? Hmmmm...I think you would", I teased. With that I felt him convulse and flood my cunt with his manly seed. We came back down to Earth and he left for home. After all it was a school night! I showered but didn't bother douching. I just slipped in a tampon. I always slept better knowing his cum was deep inside me.

Laura and I began keeping scrap books for decorating ideas and color schemes. Each room would be femininely appointed. Soft colors throughout the house. Satin and lace everywhere. Fresh flowers in every room. We talked about everything including the lighting for our bedrooms. "It's going to be so nice having a warm body to cuddle with on cold nights", she told me. I thought she was referring to a boyfriend until she gave me a sly wink. I just blushed at that. When we brought everyone over to see the property they were very impressed. We told Monica and Stephanie that one bedroom would be set aside for them for when they visited us. Danny drove my mother home and us four girls stopped off at a small bistro for a drink. "You have to come up with a name for the house", Monica said. "I'd been giving it some thought", I answered. "There is a lane close by called "Prettybrook". I kind of like that. Laura informed me that there was already a house belonging to one of the private schools in the area that went by that name. "Pink Place" was suggested but we felt that Laura's apartment should retain that honor. Then Stephanie chimed in with "how about Laurita?" Laura and I looked at each other and smiled! "Perfect!", she said. I nodded in agreement. "That's Mommy's good little girl", said Monica patting Stephanie on the thigh. "Speaking of that why don't we head over to Laura's place for some femme fun and games?", she said. Stephanie's eyes lit up. I could tell she was just itching to get out of the slacks she was wearing and into a frilly babydoll.

While Laura and I sat at her vanity and prettied up our faces, Monica and Stephanie were in the other room doing the same. There was an unspoken agreement between us that night that something ultra-fem was on the menu. We all went to the limit on our hair and makeup. Each dressed in reveling lacy little nothings. There wasn't a heel under five inches! I polished my nails a bright red to match my glistening lips. Laura's lips looked luscious in her signature fuchsia shade. Again as in the past we took turns highlighting our nipples in our signature shades of lipstick. "I feel like a princess tonight", Laura sighed. I agreed with her as I dabbed some Chanel # 5 between my breasts. We were reveling in our femininity. "Can you ever imagine that we used to be boys?", Laura said. "I don't remember being a little boy", I replied. "I only remember being a little girl wearing frilly dresses and lipstick waiting for the day I could walk in heels like these", I said extending my high heeled foot. We both stared at each other realizing we both had come so far down the path to being women. We softly embraced feeling our breasts touch each other. Feeling our swollen nipples softly caress. We softly kissed as not to put too much damage to our lipsticks. We both realized that we were hopelessly in love with each other. It was different than my love for Danny. It was more a sisterly love we had for each other, Laura and I. "We're going to make this work, Rita", she whispered. "We deserve this". I enveloped her in my arms taking in her sweet perfume. "Yes, Laura my love, we certainly do".
That night was magical. If anything male had walked in that room they would have been overwhelmed by the absolute femininity in the air. The lovemaking went on to the early hours of the morning. As I lay in Laura's arms sort of drifting Monica whispered in my ear, "the tit fairy is coming, Rita. Very soon". I gazed up through my false eyelashes and asked her how she knew these things. "Monica knows lots of things, my little sissy girl. And Monica makes wishes come true!", she whispered.

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