Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Hard Man Is Good To Find!

Once I started working at the restaurant time seemed to fly by. My duties were, primarily, to prep for the other chefs. I chopped my fair share of vegetables but I was also expected to fillet fish and cut all forms of meat. I also learned to make pasta from scratch. Once in a while Paolo would have me prepare lunch for the staff. I loved doing that. It gave me the opportunity to show off my cooking skills. One day I made them a salmon mousse that really went over well and was rewarded with a spot on the weekend menu! Plans for buying "Laurita" were also moving forward. Laura and I continued planning out the decor on almost a daily basis. On weekend we'd drive out to look things over. Every room and window was carefully measured. I spent a great deal of time in the kitchen going over exactly how I wanted it set up. This was to be my domain, as it were. A room just off the front entrance was to be set up as an office for Laura's real estate business. She had decided the time was right to go out on her own as she had amassed an impressive client list which would enable her to work from home. I was surprised to come home from work one day to see a For Sale sign in front of our house. As I was making dinner that night my Mom told me she had two calls that day alone. She referred the people to deal directly with Laura.

Danny and I managed to get a "dirty weekend" together during the Super Bowl. We went to his parents beach house and had a wonderful night together. It was a weekend of fantasy and football. I surprised him by wearing my skimpy little French Maid outfit and served him hand and foot. I'd bring him drinks and snacks, massage his shoulders and light his cigar. He doesn't smoke but for effect I talked him into it. He seemed to enjoy watching the totally feminine image I portray lighting a cigar. When I did it he immediately got a hard on. I smiled as I playfully took a puff and told him I'd rather be smoking what he had between his legs. Handing him the cigar I quickly took him into my mouth and gave him some award winning head. A talent for which I am very proud! During half time he just bent me over and fucked me until I screamed! We enjoyed it so much that we make it a yearly thing. Each time I dress in some sort of fantasy outfit and serve my lord and master. I've been a cheerleader, a naughty nurse, a little girl with pigtails and a frilly sissy dress, a school girl, Playboy get the idea. On occasions like these I would refer to him as "Daddy." He loves it! I really get into my role and get very flirty and submissive. The year I wore the school girl outfit I thought his eyes would pop out of his head. "Rita, honey, you are so bad!", he said. "I am bad, Daddy. I've been doing really bad things", I said as I produced his cigar and brazenly lit it while he watched. I noticed that his cock looked huge tenting out his sweat pants. I put the cigar between my red pouty lips and slowly drew in the fragrant smoke all the while keeping firm eye contact with him. "Bad little girls need to be punished", he told me. "Are you going to punish me, Daddy?", I whined. He got up and walked towards me. "Put the cigar down, young lady", he ordered me. "No, please Daddy!", I begged. He took it away from me and lay it in an ashtray. He then put me over his knee lifted my short skirt and proceeded to spank me! Not hard but I certainly felt it. I was so turned on and so was he. I cried out kicking my legs up and down as he warmed my tush with his hands. "I promise I'll be a good girl, Daddy!", I called out. "Oh, yes you will. You will not steal any more of Daddy's cigars will you"? "No, Daddy, I promise I won't", I pleaded. When he felt I had had enough he stopped. My panties were wet. I must have came in them. I felt his lips gently kiss both of my slightly sore cheeks. When I stood and straightened my skirt he asked me what I was going to do with the cigar. I looked at it with my lipstick on the tip and thought "what the hell". "Mind if I finish it. I'm kinda in the mood." "Sure", he said. I picked it up and walked out on the patio. It was chilly but I was feeling all warm inside. I re lit it and enjoyed the fresh air as I slowly finished my cigar. I do enjoy one every so often. A habit I picked up from the girls. I thought about what had just happened. It was so naughty! I enjoyed being the submissive little sissy girl with him! And I know from the size of his erection that he liked it too! "I have to do something about that erection", I thought to myself. I walked in, fixed my lipstick, and found him naked on the couch. His hand was stroking his cock. Was he masturbating? His eyes were closed and he was breathing hard. I playfully smacked his hand away. "No, Daddy, that's my job!" I replaced his hand with mine and continued to stroke him. I could tell that he was ready so I took him in my mouth just in time to receive a very large, hot dose of his cum. The combination of cigar taste, lipstick and cum was delightfully delicious! I left him drained and went to shower and change to get the smoke odor off me. I wasn't at all surprised to find him getting in the stall with me. He was hard again! "How do you do that?", I asked. "Do what"? "Manage to get hard all the time". He smiled at me as he embraced me. "I'm always hard when I'm around you", he whispered. "Now turn around and bend over"! I did as I was told. "A hard man is good to find", I said as he slowly entered me.

I know I got a little side tracked but I just wanted everyone to know what we get up to on our Superbowl Sunday fantasy sessions. Most of the time our sex life is pretty ordinary. It's fun to let loose every once in a while. We find that we learn new things about each other. Well that's about it for today. Duty calls. Lots of good things coming up so stay tuned. And please, share your thoughts with me!

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