Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting Back To Normal?

I was once again the first to wake up. Danny was sleeping contentedly on his back. I carefully pulled the sheet back to reveal his naked body. I sat for a minute and studied him. Not too hairy. Great muscle tone. Gorgeous cock. I didn't think I could have done any better in the boyfriend department. I didn't want to. His flaccid cock was hanging between his legs. I playfully reached over and tickled his balls with my long red nails. They'd have to come off at some point today but while I still had them I'd make the best of it. I softly held his cock in my hand and brought it to my lips. After planting a light kiss on the head I took it full into my mouth. So soft. He was beginning to stir as I ran my tongue up and down the shaft. He was starting to get hard as a result of my actions. It was the most incredible feeling, girls. He was getting hard in my mouth! "wha...."?, I heard him mumble. By now I was giving him a proper blowjob. I tried to get as much of him in my mouth as possible. He was now fully awake. I was frantically sucking his cock for all I was worth. "Cum for me, honey....give me your load"! I could feel him tense up and within seconds he was flooding my mouth with hot gooey cum. Hmmmmm....morning wood! There's nothing better in the world! I swallowed his entire load. I sat back with a broad smile as I licked my lips. "Good morning, sweetheart!" "Oh, baby, you're going to kill me", he said. "But what a way to go!

I giggled and fell into his arms giving him a deep french kiss. "I could stay here all day in your arms, baby", I moaned. "Sounds like a good idea to me", he replied. But there was a lot to do. My Mom would be home later and I wanted the house put back in order. However, we did manage to get through a "shower" together. I just couldn't get enough of that boner of his! I slid on a pair of daisy dukes and a white Cami top. I ponied up my hair and prettied up my face. I made us both some french toast. As we ate we mapped out the day. I'd get the bedroom and kitchen in order and he would mow the lawns, both his and mine. I told him he'd have to do that shirtless, though! After that we'd have some lunch and then fuck like maniacs. Sounded like a good plan.

Well, we kept to the schedule. Especially the fucking part. It was glorious. On our second go around. I sat on his lap and bobbed my pussy up and down on his cock. It was mind blowing. We were trying to get as much "in" as possible. Although his parents weren't do back until the next day we wouldn't be spending another night together for the foreseeable future. He went home around 7:30 that night but not before just one more delicious blowjob in the hallway. (Leave them smiling when they go, girls!)

I resigned myself to removing my nail extensions. I think I cried. Not that my Mom hadn't seen me where extensions before but I think they might have looked a bit out of place at school. I was beginning to hate having to live this double life. After this school year maybe things could be different. When she came home I was in the kitchen whipping up a crab cobb salad in case she was hungry. We sat and she told me about her weekend while we ate. I related to her how much I missed my big sister. She told me that Denise missed her little sister too. I smiled at that.

This weekend made me feel a little introspective. I was a sexually active woman now. I could never go back. I had to get some answers to things that had been on my mind lately. "Mom, why did you so easily except me the way I am"? She just looked at me and smiled. "You seem different somehow, Rita". "I can't put my finger on it but I sense something different about you". I knew what was different but I couldn't tell her just yet. "Why, Mom?" "Other mothers would have just freaked out". She told me why.

While in her first year as an emergency room nurse a badly beaten young woman was brought in. Well at first it appeared to be a young woman. It turned out she was a young t-girl like myself who ran into the wrong guy one night. When he found out her "little secret" he became enraged and beat her to within an inch of her life. She was also sodomized. She would require many stitches and had suffered a broken collar bone. When her parents were notified they were horrified. Not by the injuries but by the fact that their child would disgrace them in such a manner. They made a terrible scene at the hospital and basically disowned her. My mother was outraged that a parent could treat their own child in such a manner. Mom spent a lot of time with Gloria, as she preferred to be called. She found her a very nice, witty young person. When she was to be released Mom surprised her the night before by giving her a pedicure. (Isn't she the best?) She never forgot Gloria. Years later when I made my feminine debut Mom remembered and instead of forbidding me, while at the same time not encouraging me, she knew I would be destined for a feminine roll in life. She had read up on it so she could better understand Gloria. She knew there was no "cure" for being transgendered and more harm would come if she tried to dissuade me. She had tears in her eyes when she finished and so did I. Poor Gloria. I wonder what ever happened to her. I silently thanked my lucky stars I had Danny!

"But what about you, Rita"? "Where do you intend taking all of this"? I told her I didn't know and that I'd be in a better position to decide after graduation. Then she hit me with a bombshell. "Are you still taking birth control pills"? She knew! Oh, shit! "I'm not a complete idiot, you know", she flatly said. "Take your top off, young lady." I did as I was told. She examined my chest in a clinical manner. "Yes, the estrogen did it's job alright". "Not big but certainly an "A" cup". Very foolish of you to do something like that without proper medical supervision". "Well, the damage is done." "What about your penis"? Oh, this was embarrassing. "What about it"?, I whispered. "Can you get an erection"? Worse and worse. "Yes", was all I said. "Okay, here's what were going to do". "I'm making you an appointment with one of the resident gynaecologists at the hospital to examine you and do some blood work". "You have no say in the matter". "When we get the results then we'll know where we stand, is that clear"? "Yes, Mommy." She smiled and hugged me. "I love you sweety, and I want you to be happy." I burst into tears and hugged her back. "Oh, Mommy, I love you so are the best"! I went to bed that night dreaming of Danny and imagining that someday he'd be my husband for real. I also wondered what this examination would be like. Would they put my legs in stirrups? I hoped so!

I spent the next day shopping for clothes for school. (Yuck!) Chinos and shirts and a new pair of loafers. I was gagging! In the shoe store I looked longingly across the aisle at the high heels. I saw a stunning pair of 4 inch heels in a pretty magenta tone. I loved them. It took all my reserve not to buy them instead of the "sensible" shoes I did buy. What a waste of money! Well, I had to be practical, didn't I? I spent most of my time gazing into the windows of lingerie stores and dress shops. In every department store I just had to walk past the cosmetics department. In Lord And Taylor a perfume salesgirl asked if I'd like to sample a new scent. I said sure. She spritzed my wrist and I said thank you, it's lovely. Maybe she assumed I was a girl. I'll never know. I guess I confuse people sometimes but it gives me confidence in my ability to appear as a young lady when I want to. Well, I did buy a new pair of earrings. I mean, I just had to!

I spoke with Danny on the phone that night. We both agreed it would seem odd sleeping alone. We had gotten so used to it so quickly. He laughed when I told him it would seem even odder taking a shower alone! I showered and douched, slipped into a favorite nightie and rubbed myself to a gooey cum. I dutifully licked my fingers clean. "Not half as good as his", I thought. Oh, well, school tomorrow. I just hoped they wouldn't assign one of those "what I did on my summer vacation" papers. I couldn't fib, could I?

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