Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Blissful Life Of A Suburban Housewife!

I woke to the sound of birds chirping. I looked at the clock and saw it was 6:45 AM. Danny had rolled over and was soundly sleeping on his side. I was tempted to wake him for a good morning fuck but decided instead to take the opportunity to spruce up a bit. I quietly slipped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I would wait till later to shower but I brushed out my hair and brushed my teeth. I removed my tampon (Ouch!) and proceeded to give myself a much needed douche. Ahhh! That felt good! I slipped back into my red lace babydoll and was ready to slip back between the sheets with my lover when I decided to put my hair in pigtails. In just 5 minutes I had two sassy pigtails on top of my head tied off with lacy red ribbons. So adorable! I wanted to add a bit more sparkle to my pedicure so I grabbed a bottle of top coat and sat cross legged on the bed. He was still sound asleep. I carefully applied the clear coating to my red nailed little tootsies. I was just going over the events of the past 24 hours in my head. Could I ever go back pretending to be a boy again? School was starting in a few days. How would I handle that? This was a make or break year for me. I really needed to concentrate on my studies, particularly chemistry and business management. I also had to pick an elective. I should probably choose home economics. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Danny stirring from sleep.

He rolled over and opened his eyes. With nail brush still in hand I leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips. "Good morning, sleepyhead! Sleep well"? He yawned, scratched his butt and said, "What's for breakfast"? "Me, if you want"? He made a grab for me and I admonished him that my toe nails were wet. I managed to lay in his arms without undo damage to my pedicure. My hand instinctively found his cock and I began to fondle it lovingly as we kissed. It was responding nicely to my attention. I looked down to see my long red nails gently tickling his balls. "Mind if I eat first", I cooed in his ear. "Ladies first", he replied. I looked lovingly at his, now fully erect manhood. I gripped it at the base and licked at the head as if it were the sweetest lollipop in the world. And it was. I began taking it in inch by inch in my waiting mouth. Hmmmm! It felt so warm. So hard yet so deliciously soft. He whispered words of encouragement as I lovingly gave him a long sensual blowjob. I could feel him tense up and knew it wouldn't be long until he blew his load. I pulled it out of my mouth and started jerking him off. I looked him in the eye and said, "Give it to me baby, cum for me". When I knew he was at his peak I swallowed it again. I read somewhere that the first load of the day was the sweetest. Well it certainly was the biggest! My mouth was rapidly filling with his cum. I swallowed as quickly as I could but still couldn't take it all. I pulled my mouth off and continued jerking him, milking out the last drops. It was running down my hand and onto the sheets. What a waste! I dutifully licked up the last vestiges of my breakfast. Danny reached over and tugged on my pigtails. "Cute." was all he said. He headed for the bathroom and I began stripping the bed. We had another night together so I wanted fresh sheets. When he came out he began to dress. He said he was going to run home to check on things. I told him I'd make us a proper breakfast while he was gone.

I put on a pot of coffee for him and heated up a kettle for my morning cup of tea. I was preparing omelets when he came back. He told me he got a call from work asking him to come in for a few hours because they had a couple of call outs. He told them he'd do it. I was a bit disappointed and I pouted a bit while we ate. "It's only until 5 o'clock", he said. Well I guess that was okay. It would give me time to straighten up and make myself presentable for what I hoped would be a long night of love making.

After breakfast I headed up to take a shower. As I was adjusting the water I heard the stall door open and looked around to see him naked and with another full erection. "Must be my cooking", I thought. He sheepishly smiled at me and made a comment about not wasting water. I grabbed a loofah and began soaping him up, paying particular attention to his hard cock. He reached for my hips and rubbed his hardness on mine. I felt his hand cup my tush and felt a finger slide into my pussy. Ohhhhhhhh, heaven! "You're going to be late for work", I softly moaned. He was drawing his finger in and out of me. "Yeah", he said, "that would be a pity."

With that he turned me around and slightly bent me over. He guided his cock to my rosebud and in one swift motion impaled me. I let out a scream (of pure lust) as he pumped his cock in and out of my quivering pussy. Oh my God! Was this what real fucking was all about as opposed to making love? I felt a real good way. He was really letting me have it. I had to brace myself against the tiles to keep from slipping. It was exquisite. He pounded away for another few minutes. I was rubbing my overloaded clitty for all I was worth. My body was getting tingly all over. I could feel a big one beginning in my tummy. It felt sensational with the warm water spraying down on me. His big hard cock pumping in and out of my cunt was taking it's toll and I was soon cumming both from my clitty and that amazing full body sensation I first felt when he was nursing on my nipples. Finally with one big trust he came in my gaping hole. He groaned so loudl and so forcefully I thought the glass shower stall would burst! I was seeing stars! He pulled out of me just a quickly as he plunged into me. I sagged to my knees. He helped me stand and held me in his arms. "Wow, what was that all about,"? I mumbled. "You looked like you could use a good fucking and I 'm a little short on time right now." "Right, well...thank you", was all I managed to get out. "Wow", I thought, "he can get pretty aggressive when he wants". Shakily, I finished showering off and so did he.

When he left I began laundry and cleaning up the dishes. It was about 10 AM. With both the sheets and dishes in their respective washers I had a little down time. I was sitting in the kitchen flipping through a Victoria's Secret catalogue promoting an end of summer sale. Big reductions on swimwear. Hmmm. The bikini's were cute. Would be fun to have one. Suddenly I got the urge to slip into a bikini and lay out in the backyard to get some sun. I ran up to the spare room where some of Denise's clothes were still stored. As luck would have it I found a couple of her old swimsuits. One was a black and white strip one piece that I remembered her wearing a few summers back. Ah! The other was a two piece that would "suit" me nicely. It was white with little red hearts. The bottom was pretty skimpy so I'd have to tuck my clitty well back. The top was basically two triangle patches which would just cover my nipples. After pulling it on I clipped my hair high on my head and put on some lipstick to protect my lips from chaffing. I slipped into a pair of wedgies and headed out for a bit of well deserved sunbathing. After all, I had worked pretty "hard" already today. Not too much sun as I had very sensitive skin but just enough to get a bit of a tan line. In the kitchen I smoothed on some sunblock, grabbed some ice tea, a copy of Cosmo and a cordless phone. I stepped out the sliding doors and arranged myself on a chaise lounge. Of course I had on my new femme sunglasses. The sun felt warm and inviting on my skin. I gazed down my sleek smooth legs and wiggled my cute toes with their vibrant red polish. I glanced at my beautiful long fingernails feeling a twinge of regret that I'd have to remove them at some point tomorrow. Well, at least I could dig them in Danny's back tonight! I gave my Mom a call to check up on her. She didn't call me so I was a bit worried. When I got her on the phone she assured me that all was well. They'd all gone out to eat the night before and got home late so she didn't want to wake me up. She asked what I was up to so I told her I was doing laundry. "Good girl", she said. She's so sweet, isn't she? She said to expect her home around 9 o'clock Sunday night. That was good. Plenty of time to get the house, and myself, back in order. I then spoke with Denise for a bit. I missed her. We assured each other we'd carve out some time together around Thanksgiving. We'd speak before that. After we hung up I was idly flipping through my Cosmo. "This is bliss", I thought. I felt like a well pampered housewife. After a morning of really great sex here I was leisurely basking in the sun. It was one of the most happiest moments in my life. My "husband" was off to work and all I needed to do was to make myself as pretty for him as I could. After about an hour I heard the dryer go off and went back inside. Still in my bikini I made the beds and put all the clean dishes away. That reminded me that I didn't make any dinner arrangements. That wasn't good. I checked the fridge and decided it would have to be a potluck casserole dish that evening. I ate a light lunch, took another shower to rinse off the sweat. (Oops! Women don't sweat, we feel the heat!) Another thorough douching and I was feeling much better down there. Wow, could that guy fuck! I'm going to be walking funny when I go back to school on Tuesday. Since Danny thought my pigtails were "cute" I decided to braid them. No real need for the glamour girl thing tonight but I added all the appropriate war paint. A simple short denim skirt and a pink halter top would do.

I'd wait until he came home to start dinner so I made myself a cosmo and sat back out in the yard. Sipping my drink I again reflected on how much I loved the role of a housewife patiently waiting for her man to return from the world of work.

He came in around 5:30. I was on my second drink and was feeling a bit giddy. (Shouldn't drink in the sun!) I made him a drink and we chatted about the day. I asked what he would like for dinner when he asked if I'd like to go out somewhere. Out? I could do out! I've done out! Sure! Where? Just maybe for a drive to the beach. An early evening picnic. Bring some sandwiches. Sounded great to me. I wouldn't even have to change. He went off to take a shower and I busied myself pulling everything together. It took a strong will on my part not to repay the favor he did me this morning in the shower! It was only a short 30 minute drive to a spot we both had frequented in the past to go fishing. (In another lifetime, it seemed!) We knew we'd have some privacy. Maybe the occasional person walking their dog or something. We spent a glorious evening just sitting and talking, mostly about the upcoming school year. I brought along a thermos of cosmos and was getting a bit of a buzz. He nursed one single beer all evening. We ate egg salad sandwiches and basically enjoyed a romantic interlude. When the sun was on the horizon I was starting to feel a bit chilly. With our arms around each other's waists we made our way back to the car for the trip home. The combination of sun and alcohol had their effect on me and I was soon dozing with my head on Danny's shoulder. I could feel his arm draped around mine. When we got home he helped me into the house. He literally carried me up the stairs and laid me on our bed. (Yes, our bed!) He quickly stripped me naked. I was just sleepily enjoying it all. "Looks like someone got a bit of sun today", he said. Huh? I walked to the mirror and saw the results of my sunbathing that morning. Hmmmmm....nice girly tan lines! That woke me up a bit. Good thing we didn't have gym class in senior year! I was feeling more awake. I went in the bathroom and prepared for an evening of furious fucking. Just a slight touch up on my makeup and a spritz of #5. Danny was already naked when I came out wearing a short white nightgown. I knelt between his spread legs and took his gorgeous hard cock in my mouth. It was starting to feel quite at home there. Before I could get out of hand he pulled me away and laid me on my back. Hmmmmmm....we were going to make love again! Without a word between us he slowly entered me. Oh, I could get used to this. A slow and sensual fuck. Kisses on my neck, lips and breasts. It just felt so right. He had a lot a stamina and we fucked for what seemed like an hour. I had a few belly-gasims as I had come to think of them. When it came time for him to shoot his load I asked him if he would pull out and cum on my breasts. He did. Hmmmmmm! That felt nice. I rubbed his cum all over my little titties and licked it off my hand. I also cleaned every drop from his wilting erection.

We cuddled and rested. Hardly talking, just savoring the moment. My hand possessively rested on his spent manhood. Eventually he was showing signs of resurrection. We began some serious making out. I instinctively knew when the time was right. I got on my knees with my arms resting on the bed. He got up and scooted behind me. I just looked over my shoulder and said, "Fuck me." He entered me slowly like the last time. I let out a deep satisfied moan. Pretty soon he was pounding my pussy with every fiber of his being. In this position he was insatiable. Talking dirty, calling me his bitch, a cunt, a slut, a whore! It drove me to new heights of passion. Making love was great for the soul but this...! His thighs were slapping rhythmically against my cheeks. I would cry out every time they did. He was an animal and so was I. A real bitch in heat. The dirty talk was contagious. I'd scream out for him to fuck me hard, I was a slut, I was a whore. It was mind blowing. When he came, he came harder than the first time. I swear I could taste it in the back of my throat. After that we were both exhausted. My legs were so wobbly as I made my way to the bathroom to put my tampon in I had to sit on the toilet seat to regain my senses. He was lying on his back breathing hard. (911, I thought!) "Danny, what gets into you when we do it that way. Not that I'm complaining any"? "I don't know. It just feels right." As far as I was concerned it felt more than right. It was the most thrilling thing I'd ever experienced! It wasn't long before we were both dozing off for the night. Just to think that in a few short days I'd have to go back to being a high school senior and not this well fucked suburban housewife! Life is funny that way.


  1. Rita,
    A very well written and erotic story. keep writing! we're all enjoying it...

  2. Wow Rita! That's so Hot! (Sorry Paris.). I see we have something in common.

    We both like Big Rods! And Erotic Fantasies!

    You have quite a talent... Young Lady!