Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inspected, Injected And Neglected!

Back to school. It was kind of nice being back in a regular routine again. Classes during the day and working at the library at night. It gave me the perfect opportunity to study and finish homework. If I was at home I would have probably been distracted. On Friday night after school started Danny came over to hang out after my Mom went to work. It felt so nice being in his arms after not being together all week. It felt even better when he was inside me. Friday nights became our night to be together that year. It made for some very intense fucking sessions. I felt so neglected all week! It was also a chance to girly up to the max! It meant changing my regular spa night from Sunday to Thursday but a girl has to make some sacrifices for her man, doesn't she? So on Friday night after getting in from work there would be a flurry of activity as I dressed in something sexy and prettied up my face. He was never disappointed. Some nights I was so desperate for him I would yank his pants down in the foyer and give him a blowjob before even saying hello. O, sweet youth!

My Mom had arranged for me to see her gynecologist at the hospital. I was told I would be given a thorough examination. I wasn't exactly looking forward to it but I knew it was necessary. On the day of the exam I wore a pair of my plainest panties. It was obvious I was girly and I had no problem with her doctor knowing that. After all, this was what it was all about. I sat in the outer office filling in the usual paperwork when the receptionist directed me to the examination room.

I was told to strip down and don a pink hospital gown. A nurse then weighed me and took my blood pressure. I was fidgeting with the hem of my gown when the doctor came in. I'll call her Janet. She was very nice. She put me at ease by telling me that I wasn't the first genetic male to be examined by her. She had me slip my gown off and examined my breasts all the time asking me questions. She paid particular attention to my nipples all the time jotting notes on my chart. She asked how long I was taking estrogen. It had been about 3 years at that point, almost 4.

"Okay", she said, "hop in the chair, feet in the stirrups". Oh, boy. Well, it wasn't like I had never spread my legs before, right? (evil grin!) She poked and prodded my clitty and purse for a long time. "Rita, can you achieve an erection"? I nodded. "Good", she said, "because I'm going to ask you for a sperm sample as well as blood samples". I blushed to my roots. She then put on the dreaded rubber glove and shoved it "you know where". Again, not like something's never been shoved there before, right? (eviler grin!) When the time came I thought about Danny fucking me in the shower. That usually does the trick. She got a good sized sample! When the exam was over I was led to her office for a "chat". I was admonished for taking low dose estrogen without a doctor's supervision. I said I was sorry and would stop. She said at this point there was no need to as my body had become used to them. She told me depending on the lab results I'd probably be seeing her on a monthly basis. I loved her. She was so non-judgemental. She even referred to me as Rita. I was again reminded that I was far from being the only "boy" in this situation. Before I left she said that she usually recommended her patients treat themselves to something pretty after an exam. Looking directly in my eyes she said, "I'm prescribing the same for you, sweety, okay"? What a doll! I would have the test results in a couple of days. On the way home I stopped by Macy's and picked up a new nightie. It was black, sheer and oh soooo sexy......and it was Friday!!! (I'm such a girl!)

That following Monday I was back at the doctor's office, this time Mom was with me. The test results were mostly good. I did have a high estrogen level which I sort of knew would be the case. My sperm (so clinical) level was very low. I was told that even if I stopped taking my pills it would be difficult or very unlikely for me to father (me!) children. Then she asked the big question. "Rita, how long have you been sexually active"? Uh-oh! "Not very long", was my answer. Mom didn't say a word. More questions about my sex life followed. "Using contraception"? "Yes". (I know, I know, it's a lie!) "Can you achieve orgasm"? "Oh, yes." "Multiple partners"? "No." And on and on. Well I was given a clean bill of health and I was referd to a clinical psychologist who specialized in gender issues. We set up an appointment for the following month and we left.

"So, who's the guy"? "Do I know him"? She said it so casually. When I told her who, I think she felt a bit of relief. She liked Danny, always did. I said I was sorry. "Oh, Rita, what am I going to do with you"? "I can't fault you, it would be too hypocritical of me." "I was having sex at your age." (Too much information!!!) I was told to be careful and given a lecture on hygiene. I assured her that was high on my list. She told me that she would have a long talk with Danny.

I was working one night when I noticed a new girl in the office of the library. Since the new school year started they were adding on extra staff. She was sort of pretty with nice olive toned skin and long brown hair. She was introduced to me as Monica. We would be working evenings together. She was a quite girl. She told me she was a sophomore in college and she was fairly new to the area. She lived with her father and grandmother. I showed her around telling her what our duties were. Once in a while I would catch her giving me funny looks. At one point I asked her if anything was wrong. "No", she said, "I was just admiring your eyebrows". "Do you tweeze them"? "A little, I like them this way". As I was saying this I thought it wouldn't hurt if she tweezed her's a bit. "Don't you tweeze yours?", I asked. She said she did but that it hurt too much. I let that drop. She then complimented me on my hair. I returned the compliment telling her I wished mine was as thick as hers. We were getting along well, I thought. We were taking a break when she asked me if I had any cigarettes. I happened to that night so I gave her one and had one myself. "Virgina Slims"?, she asked with a slightly raised eyebrow. "I..uhh..nicked them from my Mom", I replied. "Oh". "Do you have a girlfriend"? "No". "Boyfriend"?, she giggled. "". "Too bad, you're kinda cute." I thanked her. We returned to work. She was still giving me funny looks.

Over the next couple of nights we chatted about school and things. She would ask me my opinion on different things. She asked me if I liked her earrings. I told her they were very pretty gold hoops. "Try them on.", she said. "Huh"? "Yeah, just try them on, I want to see how they look on you." So I did. "You're right", she said, "they are pretty". I was going to take them out when she touched my shoulder. "I dare you to leave them in"! I just shrugged my shoulders and said okay. "You're fun to work with", she said. "You remind me of my cousin". "Is that a good thing", I asked. "Oh, yes, she's fun too". So for the remainder of the night I wore her earrings. I loosened up around her and let down my guard a bit. I became more animated with my hand gestures. She then complemented me on my nails. They were at that time about a 1/4 inch long. I always kept a clear coat of polish on them to protect them. "You're a femmy little thing, if you don't mind me saying so." I told her I was used to it. "Just the way I am, I guess", was all I said.
Over the next few nights she brought me a pair of earrings to wear. One night she asked me to take my hair out of it's ponytail. When I did she brushed it out and ponied it higher on my head. (This was all done in privacy, by the way. You can always find an empty spot at a library.) "Much nicer, don't you think"? Feeling my hair tickling the back of my neck I had to agree. "Anything else", I jokingly asked. "Just one more thing", she grinned. She reached into her bag and took out her mascara. "Are you kidding me"?, I stuttered. I didn't say another word as she stroked the wand on my lashes. "Very pretty", she said as she handed me her compact mirror. She was right. My lashes looked pretty. I'd have to find out what brand of mascara she used. I was too nervous while she was applying it to ask. I playfully dabbed my nose with her pressed powder. She giggled at that. "Care to put on some lipstick", she asked. I so did want to. "Uhh, maybe some other time." I was buzzing. Luckily it was almost closing time. "Yes", she said, You're so much like Laura. "Laura"? "I told you about her, she's my cousin". I failed to see her point. As we parted company that night she said, "Oh by the way, the mascara is called 2000 calorie by Max Factor, in case you're interested". I was.
That night I was chatting on the phone with Danny. I was telling him about Monica. He said it was fine having a girlfriend. I took that in the sense of her being a girl friend. He then said something that gave me pause. "Maybe her cousin Laura is a girl like you." Hmmmmm....he's so wise. I reminded him that tomorrow was Friday and asked if there was anything special I could wear for him. He said he's never disappointed in my decisions. We then spent the next half hour having phone sex. As I was liking my cum of my fingers I thought about my new black see through nighty. Hmmmmmm....and maybe a new mascara?

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