Thursday, October 20, 2011

The New Girlfriends: Part 4 - Two Little Flirts!

"He's too old for you, you know". I said as I was applying a second coat of black mascara to my already long lashes. Karen was busy checking for wrinkels in her sheer taupe stockings. "Whatever do you mean, Jessica?", she nonchalauntly replied. "You know exactly what I mean, hunny-bunny! I saw the way you were practically drooling over him this afternoon", I said as I leaned away from the vanity mirror admirering my sexy made up eyes. Karen sighed as she moved to sit next to me on the little padded bench. "I just couldn't help myself Jess. He is very cute and I know he's way too old for us but I can't help wanting to look pretty for him". I leaned over and kissed her on her rosy cheek. "I know doll face. I feel the same way.It's a girl thing, I guess. Help me pick out a sexy dress. One that shows off my tits to the best advantage. I want both of us to be just dazziling tonight"!
After spending most of the afternoon in our skimmpy bikinis frolicking in the pool splashing and playing touchy-feely we were now primping for our guest tonight, wanting to make a good impression. Shane was a nice looking guy but he also made a very pretty woman in his own right. We were both hoping he could point out any flaws in our pursuit to be pretty girls ourselves. Karen and I browsed the racks of dresses and gowns in the sanctuary of my mother's studio looking for the perfect feminine confection to compliment the sexy lingerie we had already adorned. I was wearing a waist cinching bustier which would alow me to find someting strapless while Karen was adorned in a matching lacy black bra and panty set along with a matching garter belt to hold up her smooth sexy stockings. With most of our makeup already applied in seductive evening shades it was just a matter of the perfect dresses and heels to complete the picture. Along with jewelry, of course. As Karen bent in front of me to check the hem length on a very cute LBD I fought the urge to cup her creamy globes in her panties. "Must stay focused!", I thought to myself. At that moment the most gorgeous, feminine dress caught my eye! It was a stunning strapless rose colored wet dream of a dress. The bodice was covered with intricate flowers cut off by a tight belted waist and flowing into an abve the knee flairing skirt. I couldn't wait to wiggle myself into it. Karen, meanwhile had zeroed in on a cute little black dress with the most adorable ruffled short sleeves. It was perfect for her. I'd already worn the dress myself several times before. I selected a pair of strappy silver 5 inch sandels which would allow my pretty red toenails to be on display. Karen chose a killer pair of black patent leather "come-fuck-me" pumps that matched mine in heel hight. After spending about fifteen minutes browsing all the wigs and getting used to walking in those skyscraper heels I decided on a long wavey auburn wig that would cascade across my bare smooth shoulders. Karen selected a shoulder length blond wig. It was perfect and would frame her pixie face beautifully. We sat side by side at the vanity putting on our earrings, adorning our necks with glittery necklaces and spritzing on our perfume. I was admiring the results so far when I felt Karen's long red nails tickle my bare shoulder. I turned to her and without a word she planted her lips on to mine. "You look stunning",she whispered as I felt her silky warm tongue invade my willing mouth. "I have to have!", she moaned as she slid down between my legs and flicked up my short skirt. I felt her pull aside my panties and lick my balls and cock. I just sighed and let her have her way.I would pay her back in spades later on. As she greedily gobbled on my cock at the same time playing with my garter tabs. I picked up my lipstick and applied a generous coating to my pouty lips. As I was coating my lower lip in a shiny gloss I felt the stirrings of a delicious cum in my belly. My breathing became ragged as I felt my hot cum churning in my balls. "Karen!", I gasped, "don't get cum on your dress"! It was the best blowjob ever! I must have blasted my load for what seemed like forever. Karen sat up next to me with her lips pursed and her cheeks puffed out. I knew she wanted to share the goodies so to speak but I had just done up my lips to perfection. I put a long red nailed hand on her breast to stop her from leaning in. "No, honey. Let me see you swallow. I want you to drink down all of my love juice...slowly". She opened her mouth to show me my creamy white load. She locked eyes with me as she let it all slide down her throat. "Hmmmmmm", she moaned, "Now I have all your little spermies swimming in my tummy!", she said with a cute giggle. Then as if nothing happened she turned her attention back to her pretty face. "Mind if I use the same shade of lipstick as you?", she sweetly asked. "Of course, dollface, but I'll keep it in my purse for touch ups later"!
As we wiggled our way into the living room I realized that we had about half an hour before Shane was due to arrive. Karen was busy preening in every mirror she could find as she practiced walking like a supermodel in her stillettos. I set about getting the lighting in the room just so. In the back of my mind I was imagining being seduced by him on the big sofa in the center of the room. As I opened a bottle of Cabernet I saw myself with my dress hiked up and my legs wrapped around Shane as he hungrily buried his cock in my ass. I noticed that Karen had a bit of a bulge pressing out the front of her dress. I guess she was thinking the same. At about that time the door chimes rang. Karen and I stared att each other wide eyed for a second before coming together for a sisterly hug and air kisses. Smudged lipstick at this point would heve been a terrible disaster. Composing ourselves we walked to the door and opened it. Shane looked great in a pair of tight jeans and a leather jacket. His expression was priceless as he took in the sight of the two of us. Karen's smile could have lit the room and from the tension in my jaw I knew mine could as well. "My, my, my, just look at the two of you! You two are the most gorgeous girls I have seen in a long, long time! Jessica, that dress is simply stunning! I'll have to ask your mother to make one just like it in my size! And Karen, what can I say! Your body was just made for little black dresses! Oh and the shoes, just to die for! We both went to him and each linked our arms with his as we lead him into the room, grinning ear to ear! "Would you care for a glass of wine, Shane darling?", I asked in my best feminine voice as I turned to give him a better view of my ass as it swayed in my skirts. Trying to be the perfect hostess I turned and saw he had sat on the couch. I also noticed that Karen was sitting next to him still linked with his arm. Her thighs were pressed tightly to his staring at his profile with a hungry, puppy dog look on her face. I felt a pang of jealousy as I poured out the wine in crystal stemware and brought the back. I sank down on the other side of him and matched Karen for closeness. He took a sip then asked us to stand in front of him. "Move for me, show me what you have". Karen and I took the hint and began walking as sexily as we could in our high high heels around the room always making sure that our hips were swaying in a sexy manner. For fifteen minutes he put us through our feminine paces. Sitting, standing, walking and various feminine gestures. The way we held the stems of our wine glasses, the way we gestured with our eyes and flipped our hair back. All the while both Karen and I were shamelessly flirting with him. He knew it and was playing into it to see if we reacted the way any flirtty girl would do. He watched intently as he had us sit, smooth our skirts and reapply our lipstick. The way I offerd the tube to Karen after my application seemed to please him. "Jessica I know you've been at this for awile now and you are just perfect". I looked over to Karen and she had this little pout on her creamy red lips. "And you, Karen, are you sure your new to this? It's just so hard to belive that someone less that 48 hours ago can master walking in heels that high and with that much grace. You have either done this before or you are a born natural. "I really haven't Shane, I...", she stammered. "Come here, both of you", he said as he stood and opened up his arms. We scurried into them as if trying to get out of a sudden downpour. He hugged us close and I could feel my tits press into his side. He kissed both of us on the forehead. I yearned for a more intimate kiss and I'm sure Karen felt the same way. "Let's talk", he said breaking the embrace and the moment. We sat sipping our wine for over an hour as he asked us many questions. He asked about the feelings we have while dressing, styles we prefer, makeup, wig selection. Finally he asked a rather pertanant question. "What do you plan on doing with your lives"? We didn't really know how to answer that one. "Well, the way I see it the both of you are girls...Girls! You have talent. It should be nurtured and left to blossom into womanhood. I will help you all that I can. Jessica, I know Raven knows all about you. (That was an understatement!) Karen, you can't hide this stunning beauty that you are". I could feel the heat radiating from Karen's blushing cheeks. I'm sure your sister will fully understand and support you. She's working with Raven so that should be enough. Let her see waht a pretty sister she has. Promise me that"! Karen nodded with much enthusiasim. "Well, it's been an interesting evening but I have a late audition to do so I must say goodnight for now. Both are faces took a crash dive. He giggled when he saw us. (Such a cute giggle!) We'll be seeing a lot more of each other in the future, I'm sure", he said as he stood to go. Both Karen and I immediately jumped to his side as we escorted him out the same way we lead him in. We snuggled up to him at the door and looked up expectantly. I tilted my head and looked into his eyes. "Please?", I murmered. He smiled and gave me a deep kiss on my lips. I felt my legs turn to jelly as I felt his tounge snake into my receptive mouth. I could hear Karen's heavey breathing a she looked on lust. He broke the kiss and I whimpered out my disappointment as he turned his attention on her smooth red lips. As soon as he lips touched hers she let out a moan that would wake the dead as her arms went up around his neck. I swear she was dry humping his leg as they kissed. I heard more moaning and realized it was coming from me. I made a move and strocked his cock through his tight jeaans. He was as hard as a steel pipe. He broke the kiss and moved my hand away. "Now, now girls we better cool our jets before this gets out of hand. We're not at the point of this relationship were we can do certain things. Jessica", he whispered,"I have too much respect for your mother". I nodded, although reluctantly.
When he left Karen and I just stood and stared at the closed door, each in our own thoughts. I felt Karen snuggle up to me. "He was right. We did need to cool our jets", she sighed. I looked at her like she was crazy. "Fuck that", I laughed as I pulled her up the stairs to my mother's bedroom. As soon as I shut the door I took charge. "Help me out of my dress", I demanded. Karen was quick to oblige. As I was stripping off her dress I told her to find a sexy babydoll to put on. "Find something that's going to keep me hard all night. Fix your makeup and don't you dare take off those heels!", I exclaimed as I was busily fixing my lipstick. "Jessica...I..", she whispered. "Just do it, dollface! I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight and then your are going to fuck mine out"! I was operating on pure lust filled with adrenaline and perhaps a bit of jealousy. As she hurried to comply with my request I quickly donned a short, very sheer, very lacy babydoll nightie. "Fuck being a boy! Shane is so right. I'm never going back to living a lie. I'm a girl, we're girls and that's just the way it is, Karen. Fuck school, fuck what other people think and fuck you Karen"! I turned and saw her with a sad expression on her face. I melted. "I mean I want to fuck you Karen. I mean I want to make love to you in the most special way. I realize that I wasn't jealous of you tonight. I was jealous of Shane holding and kissing you. I love you Karen"! She smiled and jumped into my arms kissing me all over my freshly madeup face. "Oh, Jessica, I love you too. I adore being a girl. I can't thank you enough. You're so right. Fuck everthing!", she said grabbing my hard cock and directing me to the bed. She lay in the middle and spread her legs. With a seductive wink I mounted her. "Yes, fuck everything and now please fuck me"!

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