Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm A Gold Digger! (Or.. You're So Vain!)

Let me explain. I've been avoiding this blog for sometime because of "writer's block." I write everyday (and I mean everyday) for my profession. Reviews, recipes, criticisms, what have you. I never have a problem with that and for the most part it pretty much always pays the bills. I've pretty much gone as far as I can relating my own life and that of those who are near and dear to me. When I decided to do some fictional pieces, mostly to keep myself amused, I was treading on new ground. I wanted only to present fiction that I think is well written and arousing to myself but also to those select few who would appreciate it. I know that some writers of TG fiction crave feedback and I'm no different. Some quit after not receiving any and that is why most of your favorite stories die on the vine. My problem is keeping up the quality and moving things to it's conclusion. I alike it to digging for gold. First you have an idea and then you begin to flesh it out. Suddenly you strike a huge vain of gold and you're overjoyed. It's so simple. As quick as you dig it all out the vain gets thinner. Now what? Read it over and rewrite...and suddenly...another huge vain. Well, at this point my vain is quite slim at the moment but that doesn't mean I'm dropping my shovel. I probably will continue with "New Girlfriends" at least one or two more parts. I'm also still contemplating going in to depth about my friends. Stephanie would obviously be next. Th only thing that keeps me from it is that she is very closed about her earlier years growing up. Danny is off limits. He's just to precious to me. Some things you just don't kiss and tell about. As you can probably tell I'm getting my itch back and am feverishly looking for that new big vain of gold. Kisses, Rita!

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