Monday, January 5, 2009

She was bored!

My life as a girl began when I was just five years old. My sister, who is seven years older than me, was often given the task of babysitting. My mom is an emergency room nurse and often worked overnight leaving me in the care of my sister. We were and still are very close. She took good care of me and we often played games or watched TV together.

One day in the early spring it was to nasty to go out so we were trapped int he house with nothing to do. Tired of playing the same old games and with nothing on TV we were both bored out of our minds. She decided to straighten out her closets and asked for my help. Let me explain that she had quite a passion for clothes, as many young adolescent girls do, so there was lots to sort out. She pulled out a short garment bag and opened it up revealing her white lacy communion dress. She oo'd and ah'd as she held it up telling me how much she loved wearing the dress and how unfortunate that she couldn't do anything with it anymore.

She jokingly held it up to my small frame and said she thought it would fit me perfectly! Then she said that I must try it on. I didn't think anything much about it but I said okay, why not. She then had me take of my clothes and proceeded to dress me in her dress. After I had the dress on she was a little disappointed and said that it just didn't hang correctly. She rummaged through the closet again and came out with a full crinoline to wear under the dress. We started from scratch this time. I was given a pair of white lacy panties and a matching Cammie top to wear. I stepped into the full white crinoline and it was pulled up to my waist. I was then once again slipped into the dress. I still didn't think any of this was a big deal but with the addition of the crinoline I was beginning to feel different.

She remembered a pearl necklace that she was given as a communion gift from our Aunt Rita and fixed it around my neck. I also was given a pair of frilly white socks and the white patent Maryjane's that competed the outfit. She fussed with my hair a bit to give some curl. She was having so much fun by this time and I guess I was too. We were all giggly as she led me over to a mirror to see myself in her dress. She still wasn't satisfied. She left her room for a minute and returned with a little bag. She proceeded to brush on some light blue eyeshadow to my lids and some light pink blush on my cheeks. Then came the moment that changed my life forever. She took out a tube of lipstick and applied it to my lips. I was mesmerized and remember my breathing became a little more heavy. It was a vivid shade of red and i was transfixed by what I saw in the mirror. I adored it! I saw myself as a girl for the first time and I fell in love with it.
She loved it too! She said from now on she had a little sister to play with and dress up with. She said my name could be Rita, named after our favorite aunt. I spent the rest of the day in that dress and every time we could would find me dressed in one of her outgrown outfits. She taught me many things in those early years and by the time I was ten or so i could polish my own nails, put on my own makeup and fix my hair in a feminine style.
Who would have thought that a single tube of lipstick could so drastically change the course of my life? By the way, the lipstick was Revlon Certainly Red. It is still my signature shade to this very day!
In all other ways, on the outside world, I was just a typical boy with many shared interests amongst my friends. Particularly my closest friend, Danny. We were neighbors and the same age. He will figure more in future posts. On my next blog I will try to recount the teen years where I went from little girl to blossoming womanhood. I hope you enjoyed this and would love to hear from girls with similar experiences.

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